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*** Monday 3rd Tri ***

Morning everyone! Well I am finally feeling very pregnant. Can't get comfy, fat fingers, sore knuckles and aching hips. Joy! Thank  god I only have 8 working days left. I cannot wait to get away from this place.

Hi to all that follow x



  • Morning,

    LP I hope your last few days go quickly then you can put your feet up.

    AfM I've decided I'm not leaving the house today. Staying to to try to get up to date on all my washing and ironing.

    Got a few last minute bits for baby over the weekend so starting to feel more organised. Still need to pack a bag though

    JT 36+4

  • Morning All,

    LP- I'm joing you on the very pregnant bench! It has been quite easy so far but over the past week it just seems to have hit me. My engagement ring went a month or 2 back but now my wedding ring has gone too :( And I think I pulled a muscle under bump last night which meant tossing and turning in bed/ getting up for a wee/ getting up for a drink was all very uncomfortable. At least the end is in sight!

    JT- Sounds like you are having a week of organising! Hope you get all of your washing and ironing done quickly and can put your feet up.

    AFM- 7 working days including today and can't wait! I think baby has the hiccups at the minute as feeling teeny movements in my belly? Don't think I've felt her have the hiccups before though so I have no idea! Had a fairly restful day yesterday but took the dog on a really good walk (well.. he walked, I waddled) which tired me out. Feeling sleepy today so will make sure I take it easy at work! I really can't wait to finish now.

  • Morning all

    LP - not long now, I with you on feeling uncomfy, mine seems to have got a lot worse the last week.

    JT - well done on getting organised, I need to start doing that!

    Sam - make sure you take it easy today, seems to be a few of us that only have a few days left at work. Hope they go quickly for you!

    Afm - very uncomfortable at the mo, not sure what position baby is in at the mo but got the midwife tomorrow so will have a good chat with her. Got loads of decorating done at the weekend and going to order our wardrobes this week. After that I feel I can start getting organised for baby because at the mo I'm not remotely organised. Even my H has said we need to get sorted which isn't like him!!


  • Banzy- Looks like big fat pregnancy phase has hit us all at the same time! I was having a moan to H last night and he said 'surely it couldn't have changed that much over the past week'.. no, it really can!! haha Sounds like things are really coming on it the house now, making me feel very disorganised again! We still have no handles on the doors upstairs but I did sort out what baby stuff we still need over the weekend so some things are getting organised!

  • Morning everyone!

    LP- that does not sound pleasant! i hope the next 8 days fly by!

    Jellytot- that is a good decision! make sure you don't over do it!

    Sam- only 7 days for you! so jelous!!

    Banzy- i hope baby shuffles around soon for you!

    AFM- Im knackered! If it wasn't for needing the loo, im not sure I would have gotten out of bed this moring! Its going to be a long day! Ive started to get a stitch on the right side of my bump when Im walking now which is a pain but only lasts 5/10 mins luckily otherwise my 30 min walk to work would be uncomfortable.

    I felt lots of movements yesterday that seemed to be lower down and more internal, if that makes sense. I couldnt feel them with my hand on my bump. I guess that means baby was feet down and kicking away!

  • MrsBass- Hope you manage to find some energy to get you thought the day. I know what you mean about the stitch, I get the same on my right hand side if I try to walk any quicker than snails pace!

    I saw your post on the weekend thread about the changing bag- which one is it you have your eye on!?

  • I wonder why its the right hand side?!

    Its the messanger bag from M&Ps so not a 'pretty' one.

    It comes in lots of colours but as our pram is a teal colour I  think we'd have to get it in black!

    I think £31 is a bargain so will probably get it and use the Boots one for shorter trips!

  • Looks plenty big enough so would probably be good for getting all the 'essential' new born stuff in when attempting the leave the house! haha I was lucky in that my sister just chose and bought mine as a present as I think I would have been completely baffled with all the options otherwise. I'm indecisive at the best of times but add a baby growing inside me and my brain has turned to mush.

    I was laying all the baby clothes on the bed last night to see what I still need to buy and actually started to get confused about long sleeved and short sleeved body suits, which baby would wear more of and if you put long sleever body suits under babygrown!? Everything just seems like a complete minefield!? haha

  • Just popping my head in to say hi to you all girls. I'm on my phone so I can't do personals at the moment.

    Hope you are all alright?

    Poppy xxx

  • What is this boots bag everyone is going on about?

  • LP- See MrsBass' thread r.e changing bag. If you sign up to the Boots Parenting Club and buy some pampers nappies you get a changing bag worth £30.

  • p.s I plan to do little- zero work today so everyone feel free to keep me entertained!

  • LP- this is the thread

    I was trying to decide if i should just stick with the free one or get a bigger one! I seem to be quite fussy when it comes to changing bags so not sure Id want to leave it to someone else to choose!!

    Sam- you sound like me today, havent got a whole lot to do but im trying to look busy! Is it too early to eat my lunch? I have a marmite bagel in my bag i think im going to have to crack open!

  • MrsBass- I have left my lunch in the car so that I don't eat it super early and then have nothing to eat for the rest of the day. I have just had 2 custard creams (they were offered and it would have been rude to refuse) and also have a packet of niknaks in my bag which I am thinking about opening.. Luckily my desk is in the corner and in view of no one so I look busy typing away, if only everyone could see where all my typing efforts were going today! I think everyone does actually see that I have completely given up now though and just want to finish.

  • ive stil  got 2 months left so i can give up yet!

    (the bagel is being consumed!)

  • I gave up when I was about 10 weeks! haha Not really (kind of) but it does feel like I have just been going through the motions for the past few months and not actually pushing to do above and beyond what is necessary. I have been exceeding targets though somehow which a) makes it looks like I've been doing loads of work and b) means that I will be getting a nice bonus on 25th October right before baby is due!

    (NikNaks also being consumed..)

  • Morning all, I didn't get on at the weekend, hopefully I didn't miss anything!

    LP - Sorry you are suffering with multiple pregnancy ailments! I finally gave in and took my WR and ER off at the weekend, feels horrible not wearing it.Woooo to only having 8 days left at work, hope they go quickly for you!.

    JT - I made exactly the same decision about not leaving the house today. It's probably more because I can't be bothered than actually wanting to get stuff done though. Hope you get everything done.

    Sam - not long left for you at work either, hope it goes quickly. I must have the most hiccup-y baby in the world, sometimes 3 times a day. It was really strange at first but I love it now, it's quite distracting though.

    Mrs Bass - the stitch sounds uncomfortable :( I have had to give up and realise that I really can't walk as fast as I used to or I get an achy bump. I'm normally a proper power walker so it's hard to get used to! Hope you have an easy day if you're tired.

    PS - morning!! How are you doing with your little one? Hope all is ok x

    Banzy - Sounds like you had a productive weekend, it's nice when you feel like you're getting somewhere. Hope it goes ok at the MW tomorrow and she can tell you where baby is laying.

    AFM - had a really lovely weekend. After H telling me he was taking me for afternoon tea at the place we had our wedding reception, I turned up and my best friends were all there! Turns out they had organised a surprise baby shower for me! I am really not in to things like that normally (I didn't even have a proper hen do when I got married) but it was so lovely. They are not baby people at all so it meant a lot that they were making a fuss of me like that. So I ate a LOT of cake! Then yesterday I decided that I need to do as much as possible to get baby engaged so went for a really long walk and am still shattered now. Today will be mostly bouncing on my yoga ball and watching old films I think :)

  • Popcorn- Your baby shower sounds so lovely, what a nice surprise!

  • I only have 1 event on my plate at the moment and thats in a couple of weeks so i think im just going to be assisting others until I go!

    Not much motivation!

    Popcorn- im not a fast walker really, and ive been getting slower as Ive got bigger! Its easier when i walk in alone as when i walk in with H, i tend to try and keep up with him and i end up exhausted!

    What a lovely treat from you friends, sounds lovely!!! Sounds like you have a perfect afternoon planned too!

    Ive just called the surgery too book my whooping cough and flu vaccinations and my Glucose tolerance test.

    I have to be nil by mouth from 10pm the night before my GTT, then have a blood test, go away for 2 hours and drink some lucozade, have another blood test then I can eat!!!

    No idea how im going to cope! My first blood test is booked for 9:30 then i have midwife appt at 10 then the 2nd blood test at 11:30 when i 'll also get my whooping cough. I know someone who had their WC vaccination recently and felt awful after it :-( then 2 days later i get my flu vaccination!

    So not looking forward to that week!

  • Mrs Bass that sounds like a tough day for all those tests! I have no advice about the GTT but for the WC jab, my arm really ached for a couple of days but otherwise I was fine, hopefully it won't be too bad for you.

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