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*** Tuesday 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies

How are we all? Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday, was a non-stop day - congrats to you on the great news AR! What a relief for you!

I had my booking in yesterday, all went well and the toddler was so well behaved. Only thing was that I can't go to birthing centre (MLU) as I bled so much after my erpc, and they'll put a cannula in my hand when I go in as a precaution in case I need a transfusion. But she says likelihood of it happening again is low. 

12 week scan is 3 weeks today, looking forward to that. tired today, think I overdid it yesterday so will be as quiet a day as I can manage today! Got Ms new car seat being dwlivered so need to wait in for that, plumber coming this morning too, so friend coming for a visit with her kids. After that, need to go to Tesco as the cupboards are bare, got an order to pick up from next....and early night, yawn! 



  • Morning!

    I'm feeling better today than yesterday so hopefully I can be a bit more productive at work! My 12 week scan is 3 weeks on Thursday so that will be an exciting week WE!

    Try and take it easy today - it sounds pretty busy to me though I'll be trying to get away with staying at my desk as much as possible and avoiding everyone else unless I have to take a meeting!

    Hope everyone is good today and AR is still on cloud 9

  • Morning!

    Glad the booking in went well, sorry you can't use the mlu though but at least they're on the ball. That does not sound like a quiet day mrs!!

    13 weeks today :D the end of first Tri is in sight! As much as I'll miss you ladies in so ready for second Tri and feeling more human. I also need to get some food today, we have nothing in and boy is in preschool this afternoon. H is away weds-fri this week :(

  • Its as quiet as it gets with my toddler in tow! Every time I sit down she demands I do something with her.

    Grif I'm glad you feel a bit better today, hope you get peace and quiet at work x

    Isis, almost into 2nd tri, a third of your pregnancy is over! Enjoy a quiet afternoon. Where do you live? Being nosey as I assume everyone is in England but English schools/preschools are still off aren't they??

  • Hello ladies, I tried to start my first first tri (?) thread today but it keeps logging me out and it made me swear!

    It's Tuesday. A bit closer to Friday!

    WE glad the appointment went well, and that they're looking after you. Your day doesn't sound relaxing in the silghtest!

    Grif - glad you're feeling better. I hate working when ill. I think we should just get the pregnancy off on full pay?!

    Isis - 13 weeks today? Wooh. Hopefully you'll get a lovely surge of energy in a week or two. Well, can hope!

    AFM - permanent nausea, I have come in today with a giant tote full of varying snacks! And I'm so very peed off to be wearing a size 18 dress today. Not that long ago I was a 14. Then the wedding and honeymoon weight forced me in to a 16, and the new work dress I bought has growing room in (plus I'm a bit bulge-y at the front) so it's an 18. Grump!

    7 weeks today. Yay! Private scan tomorrow. Desperately hoping all is well.

  • Morning all

    Weekender I'm glad your booking in went well although Shame about the mlu. I completely understand the quiet as it gets with a toddler  problem. I was saying to h this morning that I remember just lying around most of first tri with p!!

    Grif so pleased yours feeling better today. Hope you have a better day at work.

    Isis nearly out of first tri. Such a nice feeling moving into second!!

    Arm well obviously so pleased yesterday went well. Long way to go yet though!! 6+5 by my dates   They did say that because baby measures smaller than it should be it might effect my 12 week scan dates but I'll talk to the midwife at my booking in on Friday. I'm certain of dates and p measured smaller too at her 7 week scan so I'm not too worried about that. Just don't want it putting the next scan back. Sickness has really stepped up a gear. Getting through the days by constantly grazing but completely lost all appetite by the evening. So tired too. Currently back in bed as p has (hopefully!) gone for a nap!!  

  • WE - I asked you in the weekend thread but I don't think anyone went back to it... how do you think your colleague sussed about you being preggers?

  • I'm so slow on my phone I missed you counter! Don't worry about the dress size, comfy is all that matters when you're pregnant. Worry about losing weight after the baby is here! Yay for scan tomorrow. How exciting!!!

  • We're in Lancashire. His preschool is in a private nursery and they're doing a holiday club, it's £3 for 1-4pm so brilliant! His friend is going today and Thursday so he'll enjoy it. He starts school on 10th September.

    AR, thy didn't take the dates on my early scan into account when booking my 12w scan although the dates do match more with my due date than from the lmp date.

  • You're right AR. I need crisp-space built in to all my clothes at the moment! So glad things are good with you. Must have been the worst weekend ever.

  • Morning all

    Another crap day in the office for me! sorry I do not have time for all personals today,

    but glad WE booking app went well and looking forward to seeing your girls 12 week scans

    AFM - was sick last night so that put me on a bit of a downer?  when do i reach my second trimester? my phone app says im already in it but not sure?

  • Nlh it used to be 13 weeks when I had Jude but now it seems to be 14 weeks. Hope being sick was just a blip.

    Oh my H said we can have a private gender scan :) means we can take Jude as he'll be in school for my 20w scan.

  • On my phone so no personals sorry, will try and get back on the pc later to do some. Been having a bit of a mare so been missing a while, had a raging tooth abcess ( that after a course of antibiotics is finally feeling better) however it has ramped up my sickness to the point I am planning what I eat round how horrendous it is when it comes back up as like clockwork 30 mis after food with little to no warning I am sick. Had booking in appointment yesterday and have high blood pressure, was worried about it being high and dont think that helped, now makes my already consultant led and high risk pregnancy ( due to twins and an existing medical condition) even more high risk, sorry for the negative post feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning :-(  

    On a positive note so pleased for AR and hope everyone else is doing well x

  • Morning,

    Weekender- glad your app went well. sounds like a busy day ahead for you!

    Grif- glad youre feeling a bit better. Hopefully work will be ok for you.

    Isis- woohoo for 13 weeks!

    Counter- Hope the snacks help your neasuea, i think I eat something atleats every hour at the moment! dont worry about your dress size, being comfy is most important.

    AR- Wish I was back in bed! Glad that you feel a bit more relaxed now. Fingers crossed they dont move your scan back.

    NLH- Hope your ok. I actually want to be sick now, strange but I would find it reassuring.

    AFM- Well I am just so tired at the moment. Luckily I have a quiet day at work. my boobs arent hurting half as much as they were. Does everyone elses vary day by day? Out for a meal with work tonight, luckily I have to drive home so thats my excuse not to drink.

  • PP - sorry to hear your feeling so low, please try not to stress yourself out, my friend had her beautiful twins yesterday at 33 wks and they are amazing! i know tis a worrying time but you need to loook after yourself and keep that blood pressure down (Hugs)

  • Hi everyone.

    Weekender, hope the next few weeks passes quickly to your scan. Sounds like a very busy day to me!

    Grif, glad you are feeling better today! Hope the time passes quickly for you too!

    Isis, happy 13 weeks! Sorry H is going away, I hate it when my H does.

    Counter, good luck for your scan tomorrow x

    AR, great news about your scan. Sorry you are suffering, I can sympathise!

    NLH if we are going with 14 weeks you'll be 2nd tri on Thursday won't you? Is there just a day between us now? Sorry you were sick again, hope it's a one off. I'm still puking so you aren't alone.

    PP, sorry you are suffering and feeling low. I don't really have any experience with twin pregnancies but I'm sure they will look after you and the babies and everything will be fine. My BP was up at my booking in, but when I do it at home it's much more normal, could you test at home when you are calm?

    Bertie, hello, don't think I've posted on the thread properly since you joined, congrats on your bfp!

    I hope that's everyone, there's lots of posts and I'm on my phone and not with it today!

    AFM, after 6 hours in A&E and EPAU last night I am absolutely shattered. I had a near miss in the car but the seatbelt yanked into my tummy and I was in agony so was advised to go and get checked out. After keeping me there for 5 hours they tried to say I had to go home and come back today but my husband made a fuss and we got scanned last night. Baby is fine, heart was beating away, we saw a few wiggles, and it looked different to last week, you could see the spine and everything. I'm so relieved everything is ok.

    I'm 13+6 today so I believe it's my last day of first tri. Wow that feels weird to say that! Will see you all soon though :)

  • Empty bladder so not the best pic again!

  • Hi OB- Sounds scary but glad you're ok. The pic is lovely :)

  • OB that sounds scary, so glad you and bubs are ok. Make sure you take it easy. I'll see you on second tri next week!

  • Morning all

    WE - Glad booking in went well. Shame you have to be in hospital but at least you will be where all the doctors are!

    Grif - Good that you are feeling better, working when unwell is rubbish.

    Isis - Can't believe we are both nearly in second tri, although one of my pregnancy books says 2nd tri started at 12 weeks!

    Counter - Don't worry about the dress size. Some of it might be bloating at the moment. I'm wearing trousers 2 sizes bigger than my normal size today.

    AR - So pleased about yesterdays scan. I don't think they will change your EDD yet. I told my MW I was a week out after my private scan but nothing got changed and I had my 12 week scan at 11+3.

    NLH - I think offically 2nd tri is at 14 weeks but different apps/books say different things. Hopefully the sickness was jsut a one off.

    PP - Hope you feel better soon. Being unwell is bound to affect how you feel mentally. At least being consultant led you are closely monitored. My firend who is having identical twins is having fortnightly scans so she gets to see the babies regularly.

    Bertie - Yeah all my symptoms varied by day so I wouldn't worry too much.

    OB - Glad everything is ok, at least you got to see baby again. Your H was right to make a fuss! See you soon on 2nd tri.

    AFM - Told my office yesterday and no one was very surprised! Hopefully I can keep it secret for another 4 weeks from everyone else. I am still getting light brown spotting, I know the sonographer said she could see a pocket where it could be coming from but I really wish it would stop. I'll mention it to the midwife if its not gone by next week.

  • looks like the sickness is back with a vengance today :(

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