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*** Wednesday 2nd tri ***


I'm so glad it's Wednesday and the end is in sight for this week! Had an initial conversation with work yesterday about my plans for mar leave, morning is written down but I just indicated about taking my annual leave pre due date Etc. It feels exciting to be talking about it!

I'm still lying in bed and I can feel happy feet wriggling about! :) 


  • Morning!

    Imp - I'm glad the end is in sight too! How exciting discussing your maternity leave - have you decided when you will leave yet?

    AFM - Weighed myself this morning. Eeek. +8.5lb. I'm sure it would be less if I didn't have a full fat drink addiction! I'm still suffering with food aversions too - for example normally I'd have some toast and a cup of a tea for breakfast but the thought of that just makes me feel ill! So today I'm having a cheese and ham muffin with a mug of chocolate milkshake. Oops. Nothing baby wise to report, loving my doppler! Still don't think I can feel any movements from baby yet.

  • Morning pep. I wouldn't worry about the weight gain too much, I bet that's in the normal range. Glad you like the Doppler, it's awesome isn't it? So reassuring. Have you had anymore thoughts about mat leave?

  • It is in the normal range (apparently its 10lb by week 20) but my BMI was around 25.4 so I'm secretly hoping to not put on too much. Yes, so glad I got one! Not really, keep jumping between 9 and 12 months. Its tough, as its guess work with how much money we would have given H is still looking for a job and we don't know how much he will be earning. I've done some guesswork based on worst case and best case, and with 9 months we would obviously have more disposable money, and 12 not as much. Its striking the balance - some days I think money is irrelevant, others I think it would be nice to still do the things we are use to / not worry etc. I'm trying to not think of work and the effect it will have on my career with taking longer, but its hard to always push that out of your mind. When I mention a year to people they then seem surprised that I'd come back to work? Which makes me feel a bit.... unwelcome or something!

  • Morning!

    Imp, great news that you've had a chat about leave with your work, it's all so exciting!

    Pep, sorry you're still no further forward with what to so about your leave. When do have to make a decision by?

    I felt a few more kicks late last night, this baby is a night owl! Doesn't bode well for when baby is born but it's lovely to feel her in there lol  :)

  • Morning both!

    It must be exciting making arrangements for mat leave, Imp.  How early did you tell them you'd be going?  And are you taking the whole year?

    Pep, try not to worry too much about the weight.  If you gain too much weight baby might be bigger, but gaining too little could lead to low weight baby, which then comes with a host of possible health issues.  And hopefully you'll feel movements soon, but don't worry if you don't.  Do you know where your placenta is located?  I didn't know mine was anterior and I was on movement-watch from 16 weeks trying desperately to identify flutters and bubbles, but I didn't feel a thing until after my 20 wk scan!  It got really frustrating for a while and I wish I hadn't been trying so hard because it made me stress a bit..

    AFM, big surprise, but we didn't exchange yesterday.  Am I right in thinking that the term 'release' used by our estate agent refers to the chain being ready?  As in, when everyone in the chain are ready it is released and we can then exchange?  I'm on the verge of a break down if this doesn't happen, I'm so frustrated!  But baby news... nothing much.  I have to pee all the time now, which I think has something to do with the tap dancing on my bladder (or pummeling?).  

    Just realised I've left this window open for over half an hour now, so I've probably missed some people!

  • Ahh, hi Fig!  Glad to hear baby is moving so much, I'm not sure being a night owl at this point will mean a night owl when it's born, though.

  • Morning ladies

    Imp - must be such an amazing feeling to feel baby wriggling around

    Pep - your breakfast made me hungry.  I've gained loads already and I'm only 14 weeks.

    Fig - again must be an amazing feeling to feel she or he move around and kick.

    Wispa - you are right with the release. Means everyone should be free to exchange on the same day.  Did the estate agent tell you why it didn't happen?  How long has it taken so far.

    AFM - now slightly nervous about my weight gain.  Think I'm already 101b and I'm only week 14.  I want to restart a gym and start doing gentle exercises. There's a lovely gym near me but think it's a ridiculous amount of money per month but has a lovely swimming pool which I think will be so nice when I am big in the summer.

    Can somebody tell me about dopplers? are they easy to use? will I get obsessed with it? any recommendations?  It's just to hear baby heartbeat right?  I think I want one

  • Wispa, sorry you still haven't exchanged. Do you know who is holding everything up?

    Ceejay, it's lovely to feel her :) I have the Sonoline B doppler. It's fab and very easy to use, and I like the display that tells you exactly how fast the heartbeat is that you're listening to, so there's no confusion over whether you're listening to yourself or baby. It is addictive though!

  • CJ, our offer was accepted in October, we were told to expect early Jan completion, but still nada.

    I think the gym would be a nice idea.  I just joined one local to us, but it's a strange kind of membership.  I paid a small annual fee, but I still have to pay the fee for access to the pool or for a class, but it's at a discounted rate.  I didn't think I'd be using it enough to justify the full monthly membership, but this way I will probably save a little on the normal pay-per-use rates.  It's nice to have something there to do.

  • Morning everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days, I do read the threads & keep up with you all every day, but sometimes don't have time to post personals.

    Imp - exciting times discussing ML - it makes it all feel very real, and you can start the countdown for how long you have left!

    Pep - if it helps I've put on 2 stone already. :-( I gained over 3 1/2 stone with J but he was only 6lb3 at birth, and I'd lost it all within 5 months, so I'm trying not to stress this time. (Though I look and feel like a bloaty fat whale.) 17 weeks is still fairly early for movements, I'm sure you'll feel something soon though.

    Fig - yay for more kicks. :-) I think the pattern they settle into of sleep and wake in the later stages should be the same when they arrive, but possibly not yet. I thought J would be super chilled based on how he was in bump form, but I was very wrong, so I'm not paying too much attention to it this time.

    Wispa - sorry the exchange didn't happen. These things really do drag on don't they. Fingers crossed it'll happen soon for you. Boo to the needing to pee, it'll only get worse though as baby gets heavier! I saw an amazing animation of how the body gets all squished on the inside when pregnant when I was having J, I'll have to see if I can find it as it was quite an eye opener just how little room the bladder and internal organs have by the end!

    CJ - as mentioned to Pep, I'm trumping your 10lbs hands down, even for the level of pregnancy you're at! Some gentle exercise would be a good plan just to keep active, as the birth should be easier. Is there a non expensive pool near you you could go to instead? I keep saying I'm going to go swimming but keep being a lazy biff and sitting on the sofa instead. Oops.

    AFM, I had a horrid day with J yesterday culminating in me bursting into tears in front of 30 people at a toddler group and feeling like a complete loon, but onwards and upwards, I'm at work today sitting at a desk and nobody is wailing at me or grabbing me to stand up and turn a light switch on and off 46 times, so yay! Plus he slept really well last night and so did I. :-) Babywise not masses to report, lots of little wiggles and kicks. As mentioned I've gained a shedload of weight and feel like a whale, so that is not good. I'm eating far too much rubbish, and doing no exercise (apart from hefting a 2 stone toddler around) so I do need to rein it in a little bit or at this rate I'll have gained 5 stone by the end of the pregnancy, which would be bad. I have fat-lady yoga tonight, so I'm sure the gentle waving my arms around will burn loads...!

  • Fig how lovely to be feeling her so much.

    Wispa sorry about exchange, have they indicated it could be today?  I haven't really confirmed anything.  I just said I would take 4 weeks AL pre my due date, so finish work at 36 weeks but only start ML at 40 weeks.  I will also work part time using my 5th week of AL in the run up to 36 weeks.  That's the current plan anyway.

    CJ I have the same doppler as Fig- it is addictive and awesome.  I love it.

    SG Sorry yesterday was so bad.  Those pesky hormones probably made everything worse too.  Hopefully today will continue how it's started and you'll have a great day.  Enjoy yoga tonight.

  • Morning ladies!

    Imp - I bet you're really excited now it's all getting real!  Loving hearing about Happy Feet wiggling away :)

    Pep - People still seem to be old fashioned when it comes to returning to work, I keep getting a raised eyebrow by my colleagues when I say I'm coming back full time.  Your weight gain does sound normal so you never know, you might just snap back!

    Fig - great you're getting more kicks.  Mine is also a night ow;, starts as soon as I lay in bed!

    Wispa - boooo for not completing, I bet it feels like it's never ending.  Fingers crossed they don't drag their feet too much longer

    CJ - Can't offer much advice about exercise really, this time of year is a bit naf isn't it because you can't just pop for a walk without getting drenched or blown away.  Swimming sounds like a good idea though.  

    SG - Sorry you had a crappy day yesterday, I bet it's not easy being pregnant and having a toddler to contend with too.  The yoga sounds fab, I used to do it pre-pregnancy and it's surprising how much it tones.  Hopefully you'll be all calm and relaxed and 'zenned' out afterwards :)

    AFM - Again nothing much to report babywise apart from the kicks are getting stronger day by day.  I seem to be maintaining my weight quite well but embarrasingly I think it's because I'm consuming fewer calories because of the lack of wine (and gin)!

    Hi to everyone who follows :)

  • imp- i love that you are feeling the kicks

    pep- your weight gain sounds normalto me

    fig - loving the kicks :-)

    wispa- i kow how stressfull the house buying business is, i take my hat off to you by doing it when pregnant!

    CJ-my midiwfe says 30 mins of gentle walking a day  is all thats needed through pregnancy

    SG- i want to try this yoga!

    VT- your so lucky my weight is awful

    AFM iv just got back to work after diabetes appt, they are asking me back to see the consultant next wednesday to review my bloods, booked me in for my ante natal classes, booked me in to see a breastfeeding lady so i can harvest my colustrum at 36 weeks and weighed me - 24 weeks and iv gained 1stone 4lbs, which they are saying is good considering i do technically have gestational diabetes but im just not insulin controlled!

    also got to listen to her heartbeat again which i love!

  • VT - yay for stronger kicks. Lol at weight maintenance due to lack of alcohol!

    Monnie - sounds like everything is going well. Yay for not too much weight gain, and for getting to hear the heartbeat again.

    Here's the animation I was talking about - just check out the bladder by the end!

  • omg, SG that thing is a bit freaky, especially at the end!  Im sorry your day yesterday was so bad.  Feeling better now?

    VT, I wish I could report the same re weight gain, but I didn't drink much BEFORE my bfp, so it's not like I cut anything out.

    Monnie, I didn't realise GT led to more weight gain!  I'm so clueless about most things, though.  Now that you've got all that stuff booked and you're technically viable, does it feel a lot more real now?

    Solicitors have finally come back to say what's holding things up - the top of the chain still have to send a gas certificate, but it should be done today and then everything is ready for exchange.  We have just confirmed in writing our completion date, that we have home insurance ready to buy and can exchange at earliest convenience, and they've asked us to sign and return the transfer of title forms, so hopefully that means they expect exchange today. Sorry for clogging up the tri thread with house woes!!

  • it feels very real now iv hit viability, i think becasue i had a rocky beginning i really never thought id get this far, it still seems like its happening to someone else sometimes though.

    im aready wishing the next 14weeks away though, it feels like forever !

  • Yeah, doing much better today Wispa, thanks! I'm glad everything is looking set to go today for exchange, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. And don't worry about talking about the house lots, it's a very big thing that's happening in your life so it's going to be foremost on your mind. I like that we don't solely talk about pregnancy too, it'd be a dull thread every day if we couldn't discuss anything else!

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