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*** Weekend 3rd Tri ***

Morning campers,

Hope you're all feeling better after a cooler day yesterday and got more sleep last night. I didn't sleep great but don't feel too bad for it.

Had a fab evening trekking around some woods with the lovely Madonna (and bump) having some maternity photos taken, the one I've seen so far is fab! 

Busy day today, am about to go and wake H so he can look after A whilst I get on and finish the patio pointing, then hairdressers, then soft play party then finally on to see 2 houses. Thankfully it's my turn for a lie in tomorrow!

Bump seems to have gone head down and engaging a bit not, I'm now waddling as a result! 

Hoping to see PW's BA this weekend.

BG 34+1


  • Morning BG, photos sound fab (and will be knowing Madonna!) Busy day for you today, definitely deserve a lie in tomorrow!

    We're taking the boys to my mum's this morning then it's off to the clinic for H for the snip - he's absolutely bricking it, as he hates needles and hospitals but I'll be with him as much as I can and he's got some diazepam from the GP to help. This afternoon will be rest for him and I'm taking the boys out in the garden to give the chickens a thorough clean out. No plans for tomorrow yet, likely to be another quiet day at home.

    Lots of baby out vibes for all those who need them!



  • Morning.

    BG  - I saw a pic on fb. You look so fab in it. Hope you do you get your lie in tomorrow.

    Margot - hope your H is ok. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

    Afm I'm exhausted. Between the heat and my spd I got about 4hrs sleep. D woke at 5.30am and H just rolled over and went back to sleep. He will be getting up early tomorrow. Going to a local fete today as it's nice again.

    Lots of vibes to PW x

  • Morning all,

    BG, i would love to have some pro bump shots, i need to get better at just taking them on my phone!

    Margot, hope your H gets on ok. Once this one comes along H is going to have the snip too. Our chickens need a good clean out this weekend, we lost one suddenly this week so now we are down to 4

    Daisy, sorry to hear you are so exhausted, defo get H to get up early tomorrow. Enjoy the fete!

    AFM, girls went off with Grandparents last night and I have already had a massive clearout of their playroom and H is busy filling the cracks in A's room ready for me to paint later. We need to get some new brushes so when he's finished we will pop out to Homebase which is conveniently next door to Starbucks so I will make him buy me coffee which i can drink in peace for once!  My NHS weekly email suggests packing my hospital bag so i might start putting a few things aside. Makes it suddenly feel very real!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,



  • Morning all! It seems a little cooler today thank goodness - I'm going to be spending the afternoon trapped in a classroom on a speed awareness course. Oops.

    BG, hope you will flash some bump shots! I had a shoot done yesterday but it was the tog's first one (he wanted free volunteers) and I think what I was imagining and what he had researched were slightly different. Still, if I get a handful that I like, I'll be pleased!

    Margot, I'm sure your H will sail through it, it'll be the thought of it that will be much worse I imagine.

    Oh Daisy, I hope that baby doesn't keep you waiting too long so you have relief from the SPD!

    Noggin, packing hospital bags at 32 weeks? Eeek, that's scary! I hope you enjoy your peaceful coffee!

    AFM, busy 2 weeks ahead; I'm on annual leave and in the next fortnight I have 3 x hypnobirth sessions, 1 x NCT antenatal class (I'm excited about meeting other local bumps as we have no mummy friends at all!), 1 x antenatal class with our doula, my 28 week MW appointment, plus a lunch out with 2 bump-friends who live 90 mins away, and hopefully a cake date with a local homebirth group. Plus the plasterer is coming to skim the nursery so we can get on painting it, my bestie is coming to stay for the weekend, and I've organised a jumping competition one evening at the livery yard and a dressage clinic the next day! In between, I hope to be resting!

    Suffering really bad heartburn too - it was just at night but now it's sometimes during the day as well, so will try and get into the GP first thing on Monday to see if I can get Gaviscon on prescription.

  • BG, enjoy your busy day. You'll have to flash your photos when you get them back!

    Margot, good luck to your H! He's very brave - my H would be bricking it too

    Daisy, enjoy the fete. you definitely deserve the lie in tomorrow

    Noggin, goodness,  you sound very productive! Starbucks well deserved!

    50s, speed awareness - tut tut!! Recommend getting gaviscon on prescription - you get a mega bottle worth about £10 i think!

    AFM - no movement here. In fact, not even a tiny twinge since last wednesday. We're going for a walk today and then hopefully bounce on my ball tonight. Slept terribly - we live in a terrace and the neighbours were a nightmare last night: one revving his car at 5:30am, and some teenagers having a loud party in the house behind until 4:30am, plus it was too hot to sleep. We've saved up to move house but weren't planning on moving until the spring, but we're thinking more and more to do it asap when we're settled with the baby. Ugh!!

    Thanks for all the vibes! Maybe tomorrow?!?

  • M - hope your H got on ok!

    D - hope you enjoyed the fete. Definitely your H's turn tomorrow!

    Noggin - I need to start thinking about sorting my bag too. Scary! Hope you for your coffee!

    Mrs 50's - what kind of shots was he taking? Hope there are some you like, but at least you've only lost a bit of time of not. Sounds like you have a busy few weeks ahead of you!

    PW - hope the walk has done something positive and that your neighbours are more courteous tonight!

    AFM - am ex.haust.ed. Off to bed now, but have so many thoughts going through my mind about the pros and cons of moving, and where to I can't see it being a great nights sleep.

    In other news my mum popped over this morning with 6 outfits for baby from Debenhams, and none of it was baby pink! In fact I liked them all. May take them back and swap for bigger sizes as I've already been given lots of 0-6 clothes, but I need to sort through what I actually have first. Hoping to make a start next week.

  • Morning.

    Noggin - makes it more real packing bits for hospital.

    Mrs 50's - you have a busy time ahead. I feel your pain on the heartburn.

    PW  - hope last night was a better sleep for you.

    BG - I've never bought a house or moved. Can imagine how stressful it is. We'll be moving in the next few years. The thought fills me with dread.

    Afm - slept so much better last night. So did D. She slept til 6.30am  H and my mum are taking her to the beach to walk the dogs this morning. There is no way I'll manage that do I'll get the hoovering done while they're out. My mum has a huge yellow lab and his hair is everywhere. Fete was a bit dull. Did get some cakes though x

  • So A woke at 6.45, but my plucky H managed to persuade him to come and sleep for a bit longer in our bed, fast forward two hours and they are still both sound asleep and I've been lying here awake for half an hour.

    So often I try to persuade A to come and sleep in our bed for an extra hour but all Inget are demands for milk, cBeebies and 'play games'.

    Glad you had a better night D.

    The problem we have is that we aren't desperate to move, it's just a case of deciding when is best taking into account house prices, starting school etc. and then where too, even though we're looking at double the price of our current house it makes sense to move a bit further away to get a really good sized house, but we're so used to having lots of amenities close by where we are. It's so hard to know what to do.

  • Morning Daisy, glad you had a better sleep and yay for cakes!

    H is doing pretty well after his op yesterday, sore but not too bad. Today we're planning to clean the chickens (weather put me off yesterday), clean H's car and pop out to buy a new kettle as ours is leaking - it's all rock and roll here! Busy week ahead though, last week before baby so lots to do, MW and hospital and trying to get the house up straight and cupboards full before D-day.



  • D rarely sleeps in our bed now. But will cuddle in and watch cbeebies. We live in a village that has nothing. I would love to live somewhere that has at least a shop. I hate having to drive everywhere.

    Glad your H is doing ok. Can't believe you meet baby next week Margot. I'm very jealous.

  • See now it doesn't sound too remote, it's a 15-20 minute walk from the station and co-op type shops, but we currently have all that with 5 minutes. It's also a 15-20 minute drive from the nearest A road, again we're 5 minutes at the moment. It is a lovely house in a [ Estate Agent talk ] Quiet mews of similar style execute homes [ /estate agent talk ]

  • Sorry to crash but how on earth have you got soo pg Margot?!? Very jealous!!

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