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taras temperature is going mad

hi all,

yesterday was a pretty pants day for my poor little girlie. she was in with us the night before last and i noticed her temp seemed a little high, so when we got up yest i took her temp and it was 38.4. we gave her some nurofen, then i went to work (thankully it was ant looking after the girls). well, i got a call at about 12.15 from at saying taras temp had shot up to 40.5 and she was not very responsive and her soles of feet were cold. i panicked and bloody sods law, there wasnt enough staff to cover me at work. if i worked in a shop, id walk out, but as i work in a nursery, i couldnt do it. thankfully i was finished at 1 anyway, so in the meantime, ant rang the docs and was told they couldnt release the appts until after 1, and that all the docs were out on home visits. (all of them??).

anyway, ant picked me up at 1 and we went straight to the docs, to be told the same thing yet again, couldnt believe it, so we asked what we were meant to do. the receptionist said that if we thought she really wsa poorly we should go to the hosp. well duh!! no of course she wasnt poorly, why the heck would we be there??!! ggrr sorry, ranting now

anyway, we went to the hospital and were seen immediately. they were excellent there and did a thorough check on tara. they didnt make us feel like overreacting parents. they gave her more nurofen and asked us to wait for about 1/2 hour to see if it was working. thankfully it did. they said it was obviously the start of something but as there were no more symptoms, to just head home and keep a close eye on her. if she showed any more symptoms, to by pass the docs and take her straight to them.

so far, shes shoed no other signs thank goodness, but her temps been up and down all day, and she just seems, dozy and tired.

sorry for the essay, but does anyone elses children get this?? i remember niamh getting something similar a while back and again, ammounted to nothing more.

kas xx



  • oh bless you mine a a bit old so i cant help you on that one hope she gets better soon

  • mel, sorry, its tara thats poorly, not niamh!! although, saying that, niamh fell asleep this aft which is unlike her.

    i was wondering about chicken pox though, neither have had it yet. hmm, ill have to keep an eye on this. thanks for replying.

    how are you?

  • Hi Kas

    Sorry to hear Tara's feeling so poorly, it must have been so frightening for you all.

    My great-niece had something similar a couple of years ago, they took her to the local hosp too and got her temp down there then a few days later they found out she had tonsilitis.

    Give her a big hug and kiss from me and i hope she's feeling better soon xx

  • Hi Kas, I really hope little Tara's temperature continues to go down. Aaron gets like that. Soaring temperature, with nothing else. Its so worrying. At least she's been checked over and all is well, otherwise.

    Let us know how she goes.

    Take care x

  • thanks dawn,, i was really scared, and very annoyed with work. oh well, i willl have calmed down by next week when i next have to go in.

    she keeps waking up screaming, so i know shes in pain, but like you say, its not like she can say whats wrong. im sure she'll be back on from soon. hows cameron doing?

    lol mel, dont worry, i hope if they do get it, it wont be too bad. i too had it twice, but the second time was very mild. im surprised they havent had it yet, theyve both been exposed to the chicken pox, one little boy had it a couple of days after niamhs birthday party.

  • thanks lucy. its odd isnt it??

    the thing is, i actually got told off by the docs last time, because id left it till after lunch to bring niamh in with a high temp, then this time, taras temp just wasnt important enough. strange. one minute, you are overprotective, next you dont care. ggggrrr 

  • They probably checked this at the hospital, but could she have an ear infection? Aarons last round of 40+ temp, turned out to be an ear infection.

  • It's awful that you couldn't get away when you really needed to image

    Cameron's fine thanks, i had to collect him from the childminders early yesterday because he'd been sick and had a bit of a temp. When we got home he was sick again, but soon perked up after that. He's been fine today, just a little bit clingy.

  • I can't believe the doctors kas ggggrrr. thats made me mad. The only time luka had a v.high uncontrollable temp was with ear infections. I hope she is ok. Take care all of you xxx

  • grrr.. evil useless doctors!! i would just ignore what they say and trust your instincts.. normally the paediatric doctors have an observation unit so they don't even have to admit a child if a mum's worried, but they can just keep an eye on them for a few hours.. i don't think you can be too anxious, as you know more than anyone when your baby isn't well. i'm assuming they checked niamh's ears and throat.. don't be scared to go back if your worried.

    it's rubbish your work wouldn't let you go, they must have some sort of an arrangement for emergencies??

    hope she gets better soon xx

  • Hi Kas hope your little girl starts to feel better soon

    my daughter always gets extream temps and its usually ear infection related she spent almost three days in tepid baths during one bad ear infection 

    have you tried giving paracetamol and nerophen together? they work well together and give a better relief from the pain

    good luck


  • My god Kas poor Tara and poor you and Ant that must have been very scary

    Hope Tara is feeling better now xx

  • thanks girls, well, tara slept well last night and her temperatures back to normal. shes dancing to milkshake at the moment, which is great to see so i think we are getting back to normal.

    lucy, yes, im sure they checked her ears, they did lots of things bless her.

    Dawn, poor cameron, hope hes ok now.

    nicola, i know, gggrrrr!!!

    Jean, have'nt tried the tepid bath, but have been giving para and neurofen together, and that seems to be keeping the temp down.

    thanks simone, it was scary, never experienced a temp that high before, was worried in case she had a convulsion and i wouldnt be there.

    hope you are all well this morn

    kas xx

  • Morning Kas.

    What a scary day you had. I have had a similar experience with Jack when he was about 11 months old, it was awful and it was on a Sunday as well. That night I even slept with him on the sofa so i could keep a close eye on him. Then like Tara he was more or less back to normal the next day, nothing developed. It was very strange.

    I'm glad she seems ok this morning.

    One thing I do to help now with a hot temperature is to place a cold flannel on there head, (for as long as they'll keep it on for).

    Hope you have a better day today.

  • Morning kas

    Glad to hear she's doing better today. Can't believe the Dr were all out at once,we have a dedicated doctor who not only works normal hr's but is also the emergency Dr for the day so if you rush in and need to be seen the other paitents will be made to wait so you can be seen(they dont leave the surgery at all).

    Hope it goes soon and her temp goes back to normal.x

  • Hello. sorry i can help with any advice but just wanted to say hope she's feeling bit better today and give her big kiss from me and jd x x
  • Morning Kas,

    I'm so pleased that Tara's temperature is back down again. The mind boggles as to what the body's doing!!!!!!!!image

    Hope she continues to get better.

    Take care x

  • I'm so glad that she's feeling a bit better this morning.

  • Kas that must have been so worrying for you all, i hope both your girls are ok today and that they dont go down with anything nasty. I have no faith in the doctors as they never seem to have time for babies who are unwell yet have all the time in the world for old people who are hypocontriacts (sp?).

    Anyway hope you are all ok and I'm glad Tara's temperature is better today. xx

  • ahh thanks all,

    shes back on form today no temp, nothing, so am hoping it was just something passing through her.

    hope you are all having good days. im off to a tots group in a few mins.

    chat soon

    kas xx

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