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******Monday 2nd Tri***********

Mornnig all

hope you don't mind me starting the thread, hope your all ok


had a crazy weekend and i'm shattered, think i felt my first proper movement of baby on saturday so thats good, just about to go into a meeting with my manager about how unhappy i am at work!!! wish me luck xx


  • Morning

    NLH - i hope the meeting goes well x

    nothing happening here, no baby related apps for a few weeks. Waiting on my syths toy delivery this morning :-) love online shopping!

    Ck x

  • CK - Online shopping rules! unfortunately it also rules my life!

    had the meeting, Don't think i came across quite how i wanted to and doubt much wil change but we will see!

  • Morning everyone

    NLH - Good news about the movement. At least you have had the conversation. HR advice from me, document what you said in the meeting in case you need to raise it again if nothing changes!

    CK - I love online shopping too! Especially with free delivery and returns.

    AFM - Nothing too much to report. Must be a day of meetings with managers today, I have my annual appraisal this afternoon!

  • Hi all, on my way to centre parcs right now. Hurrah. Everything good baby wise, can't believe I'm almost 3rd tri. Eeek

  • Morning all,

    NLH - well done for having the meeting. I really hope things change for you and you can start enjoying work a little bit more.

    CK - where have you been shopping?? I had a wee look in the Next sale online but nothing really grabbed me. I do love a browse though!

    Mrs V - Good luck with the appraisal - hope it goes well.

    HF - time is flying in! 3rd tri?? Wow! Have a fabulous time at CP!

    AFM - we had a private scan yesterday. She gave us a 4D peak which was out of this world! I have my next MW appointment tomorrow. It's the first one since my 12 week scan. Will she use the doppler? Can't wait!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • thansk All

    Mrs V- thanks for the advice, i have already told someone in HR that i intended on having a meeting with my line manager about how unhappy i was so  i will drop her an email and let her know what was dicussed

    Kind regards

  • seems really quite on here today? is it just me?

  • I’m here! Had a very weird night last night, and feel very strange today. Going back to bed in a bit I think.

  • Hard to explain. Last night I was asleep at the inlaws at 8.30, so H woke me up at 9 and said we should go. I slept on the way home, then when we got back I couldn't wake up properly. Managed to stagger into the house and flopped into bed, H put my pj's on. I literally couldn't open my eyes and felt like I was drunk (I wasn't, I haven't touched a drop while pregnant). Then about 11 I woke up and sat bolt upright shaking and crying (so H tells me). I was having a full on panic attack. Didn't wake up until really late today and I just don't feel right. My head is fuzzy and I've got really bad cramps. I've hardly done anything all day because every time I move I get painful cramps down low. I've put myself back in bed now and can feel my eyes drooping. No idea how I could still be tired though. Very odd .

  • OB I would ring the midwife for reassurance. Especially about the cramping. Hope you feel better soon.

  • just wanted to pop on very quickly and say hi everyone. I had a manic week last week and have definitely overdone it. I'm in a lot of pain in my shoulders, back and hips which with my joints isn't great.  Have had a hot water bottle against my back all day.

    OB if you have cramps I would ring mw for reassurance.

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