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****Fri 3rd tri***

Morning all!

Hope everyone is ok!

No news to report this end, no more plug lost, if thats what it was. Was so uncomfortable last night so went to bed at 8. I slept really well though, so thats something! I just figure im going to be like this for at least the next two weeks! Ha

Today I'm not to up to much, got my bestie coming round after the school run with my 10 month old god daughter, so she will ty to attack my christmas tree! Ha

Have  a good day everyone! Baby out vibes to those needing/wanting them! :-) 



  • Morning Gem, I also slept pretty well last night, hurrah. H has day off work today so we are off to buy Christmas tree and then to figure out how on earth to get it in the house and not fill birth pool with needles, LOL

  • Morning ladies

    Gemini - you must have had every sign of labour except labour!

    Hf- maybe go for a smaller tree! Good luck with that!

    Afm- I slept rubbish (again!). Baby was very quiet yesterday but certainly made up for it by making me very uncomfortable all night. We have a man coming to put down a new bathroom floor this morning so I need to prep for that.
  • Good luck with the tree HF and have a nice day with hubby!

    Ive just text hubby at work as I had a horrible dream that he told me he was going out sat night with his friend and staying over, I then proceeded to give birth to our baby on the kitchen floor, alone! Woke up sobbing! Ha. Hormonal preg woman that I am!

    Custard- try to get some rest later when floor man is done!

  • iam loving the mobile site, i can post while still in bed!!

    Gemini- i really hope it's the start of something! Baby out vibes!!

    HF- yay for sleep! Sounds like an interesting dat ahead, have fun! I need to figure out when to do our tree.

    Custard- hope u manage to get a nap today!

    Had a great time at works xmas meal last night, they were really impressed I made it! Think i have my first couple of stretch marks! Spotten a red/purplish markmon my bump and wasn't sure if it was a bruise but it's def
  • a line and there is another :0( thought id been too lucky so far!

    H has started getting me to spoon him when we wake up in the morning so he can feel baby wiggling!! Im going to really miss feeling baby wiggling!
  • Gemini - you pathetic thing! In the past week I've dreamt that h was dead next to me (I woke up and had to wake him to check!) then several times that I wasn't actually pregnant (woke up and had to put light on and check bump! - the fact I can't roll over should be a give away!)

    Mrsbass - boo for stretch marks :( I have none on my bump so far. Just one on each boob but then my boobs have grown in an epic way! Cute spooning! :) I'll have to try that.
  • Hello ladies,

    I will be joining you next week but meantime I wanted to give you a wee update on Missdeedee. Her waters went just after 6am this morning and she's currently in hospital. I'm sure you'll join me in sending her, her H and baby deedee lots and lots of vibes! I'll post an update when there is one!

  • Custard- ur dreams sound more like nightmares! I was starting to think I'd gotten away with stretch marks, although ive been told that its after the baby when ur belly goes back down that u are likely at getting them!

    Ah sweetpea that is amazing news! Thank you for the update!!

  • Morning Ladies

    Gemini - glad you slept well x

    HF - Glad you also had a good night sleep x

    Custard - sorry to hear you had a crap night, hope the flooring goes well x

    Mrs B - glad you had a good time at the party, so cute that hubby can feel the wriggles to, even though the kicking and moving still freaks me out i think i will miss it

    SP - OOOh Big vibes for Misdeedee x

    AFM - soooo glad its friday! really counting down the days until i leave this poxy place i work in, really had enough at the moment! have a very wriggly baby at the moment who just seems to be running out of room, as soon as i sit forward it goes mental as i think i am squishing it a bit! got a call from hospital to say they have cancelled my physio appointment so i now have to wait another week and half ...........DOH!!!!

  • Ooo thanks for the update sweetpea. MDD is approx 35Weeks isn't she? Bit early or waters, eeek, and presumably her bub still breech
  • Wow, big positive vibes to MDD and her hubby!

  • NLH- how long do u have until mat leave? What a pain about physio, did they give a reason?

    My friends waters broke 5 weeks early, she had a very quick and straight forward labour! Think her baby was still breach!

  • MDD is due 7th Jan! The cheeky queue jumper! Good luck Mrs x
  • Yeah she's 35+ weeks but was measuring 36 at her MW appointment yesterday. Baby still breech so she's been given the steriod injection and is waiting at the moment!

  • Will be back for personals, but thanks for the update sweetpea, was worries about MDD as not seen her about, please send her my love and tell her I'm sending lots of positive vibes xxx

  • Morning!

    Gemini, have a lovely time with your friend!

    HF, for some reason we threw both our trees out when we moved in together so we need to go and get one! Trying to decide on real v fake!

    Custard, hope you sleep better tonight :(

    Mrs Bass, we do that too! lol. Baby really gives OH a good kicking in bed!

    NLH, hopefully the time will pass quickly until mat leave!

    Thankyou for the update Sweetpea and lots of vibes being sent to MissDD!

    AFM, 41+1. Baby can come now OH has finished nightshifts lol. Fed up a bit now, completely different to how I felt yesterday :/ Going to wake OH in a bit and we are off into town, hopefully the walking will help and then tonight it's ER box set with OH, snacks and my ball!

    C x

  • Cheeky queue jumper indeed! Sending her lots of vibes too!

    Chimp- sounds like a good day! Hope it makes u feel better!

    Off to meet the NCT girls after lunch. Think im going to get the bus up the hill and walk back down it!

  • Hi all. Sorry, I'm not a regular third tri poster but do lurk. Good luck mdd! Currently on the overdue too at 40+1. Sigh....

  • How are u feeling mermaid?

    Can't belive missdeedee is a mummy! How quickly did that all happen?!

    Had a lovely NCT meet! There were two 3 week olds and they didn't scare me as much as last time! Their 2 mum's both suggested straws for my hospital bag. They both said they were the best things in their bags, and someone else has said the same so im going to search the kitchen for some, pretty sure we have some!

  • Evening ladies, didn't manage to get on today and I missed MDD's news!

    Hopefully will have more time over the weekend to catch up with everyone on here as H is doing DIY while I put my feet up (well thats the plan anyway!!)

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