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****Thursday 1st tri ****

Hello ladies

Hope you dont mind me starting todays thread with my update yesterday. For those who did not see im not 12 weeks pregnant today but 18 weeks lol....I did say my dates could be out xxx Anyway just wanted to wish you all well and see you all soon in 2nd  tri xxx


  • Abc I'm so overjoyed, how did you react when they told you you was 18 weeks??

    Afm I don't think hubby is understanding how tired and sick I am, and just moaned at me last night for not doing more around the house :-( I set him straight lol but I do feel guilty.

  • Hi ladies, mind if I join you?

    I got a positive CBD this morning, so starting to believe it a lot more! Eeeek!!

    AgentBC, wow congrats! 18 weeks is fantastic, you're 6 weeks closer to meeting your baby :)

    Monnie, sorry you're feeling rubbish, hope H is a little more understanding now. Don't feel guilty.

    AFM, I'm already confused by dates lol. This cycle was extremely short, I ov'd on CD9.  In reality I'm 3+0 today, but looking at some apps I'm actually at the 4 weeks stage, as 3 weeks is when the egg is still travelling down your tubes. I guess when I get a dating scan etc they'll be able to tell me properly and then I'll just go from there.

    H is home from working away all week tonight. He doesn't know yet. Can't wait to tell him!!

  • Morning Ladies,

    ABC - How exciting! Part of me hopes when i go for mine tomorrow i'm further ahead then I think as waiting to be past 12 weeks is killing me. I want to be able to tell people and its going so slowly!

    Monnie - Completley with you. Working full time in 1st tri is hard! I used up all my annual leave when we got married in July so I have no choice but to work through it and I'm knackered!

  • missed you Figaro - Congratulations again! my H is a night worker and I called him and told him. he said it was the worst way ever to find out over the phone but he was still super excited lol I couldnt wait to tell him. if we ever have another baby i'll make more of an effort haha - are you going to just come out and tell him or do something abit funky?

  • Thank you WW! So much of our relationship is conducted via telephone that I wanted to save this for face to face. It's been hard though! I spoke to him this morning after getting the CBD and nearly blurted it out.

    I'm going to give him the CBD test in a little gift bag with some baby socks :)

  • Good morning :)

    ABC I was so shocked at your update lol! Enjoy second tri!

    Monnie totally understand not doing much I really don't have the energy ATM lol  hope H  understands :)

    Figargo congrats  once again, how you are managing to keep it quiet god knows haha I couldn't!  Will be nice for him to find out in person

    Afm not much to report just feeling very tired! I am 12 weeks today and scans creeping up on me (Monday) I really can't wait this week has dragged for me lol.. But finally get too tell people Monday yay!

  • are you going to do  a facebook announcement CC?

  • Yes monnie my family live in Wales we are in Dorset so I don't get too see them much it's just the easiest way to tell them, we don't call or text each other really :) my mum wants to tell my nan and of course I am going to text my sisters pictures etc but everyone else will know via fb!

  • Morning ladies,

    ABC, I commented on your other thread, but wow. I know you said you'd probably rather be 12 than 18 weeks, so hopefully you're not too freaked by being further on. I'm so glad everything was ok though.

    Monnie, sorry you're feeling so rubbish, it's tough isn't it? I'm still at the stage where work is easier than looking after a toddler, but at least at home I'm not trying to hide how crap I feel! Tell the husband to jog on!

    Figaro, welcome, and congratulations again! How far post ov are you? Add 2 weeks to that and take that as your dates - I got my bpf at 10dpo, so counted myself as 3+3. I bet you can't wait to tell your H.

    WW - ooh, not long till your scan tomorrow. How far do you think you are? They're quite unreliable for dating in the early stages so I'd take it with a little bit of a pinch of salt  - I was dated back a week at mine, which would have meant I got a bfp 3 days after oving - not remotely possible! I'm pretty sure I'll be moved forwards again at the 12 week scan (or I hope so anyway!)

    AFM, feeling okish today, normal levels of sick. It's our european team building event today and tomorrow, so I have to be out late, dance, and hide the fact that I'm not drinking and feel a bit crap. Hmm, this will be fun! I've pulled out of the Saturday one, I couldn't face driving an hour first thing in the morning with my sick bucket next to me, then more grass cart driving, and jumping in and out of a large moat.

  • CC - missed you there - so close to your scan now too, you must be sooo excited. I can't wait to tell people, mostly work actually, and stop having to keep it a secret!

  • Haha luckily I don't have the problem with work but bet it must be hard when your feeling so pants!

    I just want to let my friends know so excited! Haha

  • CC, can't believe it's nearly your 12 wk scan already! Doesn't seem like 5 mins ago when you got your BFP. So exciting!

    SG, ah okay, thanks  for that. I'm 12dpo today so 3+5 then? That makes sense, and is actually what one of the apps I've downloaded told me too. Thank you. Hope the team building thing is okay, I don't blame you for pulling out of Saturday!

  • Hi everyone,

    Omg Abc that is amazing news, congratulations! Were you pleased when you found out?

    Dont feel guilty Monnie, men dont realise how hard it is sometimes. Not long to go and we will be blooming apparently and whizzing around nesting!

    Congratulations Figaro! That is such a sweet way to tell H, let us know how it goes!

    WW I know what you mean, good luck for your scan tomorrow - what time is it? I've got to wait another whole week for mine :(

    CC I've been toying with a Facebook announcement too - I've got a lot of family on there I dont really speak to but I just hope they wont be offended finding out that way. It would feel odd calling them out the blue when I dont talk to them usually though.

    Good luck with your do SG. I've got to go on a treausre hunt around Oxford in a few weeks time with work - not looking forward to that, knowing my luck it will rain too.

    Afm, back at work today. Morning sickness seems to have turned into midday sickness and almost had a repeat of yesterdays performance but have managed to eat my way through it. My horse dragged me through a bramble bush too so my face is covered in scratches - I am getting a lot of strange looks from people today!

    Hope you all have good days x

  • Oh my god, I;m the worst wife ever, I told Ant the results of the test via text message!  But he had seen the super faint line on the internet cheapie the day before, so I suppose we both already knew and it was just confirmation.  There was no way I was waiting to tell him, though!

    ABC, wow!!  That's a huge jump forward, congratulations :)  Does this mean they couldn't do a nuchal test?  Could they determine sex of the baby??  It's almost like you've had your 20wk scan instead of 12th!

    Monnie, don't feel guilty for setting him straight.  Or for feeling rubbish in the first place.  It's like you have a lovely little parasite inside you sucking out all your energy, of course you're going to feel tired and sick!

    Welcome, Figaro, congratulations!!  Your GP/midwife will likely date you by LMP, and unless you need an early scan, you'll just get your dates corrected at the 12 week.

    CC, 12 weeks!  i bet you can't wait for Monday :)  So you're announcing it to facebook, eh?  My family are all in north america, so I was planning to skype them all to tell them.

    Spikey, I hope the team building day isn't too much for you and you're able to at least have a bit of fun.

    WW, scan tomorrow!

    And as for me, I've also got a scan tomorrow, but the excitement for that is tempered by also having a crown put in.  Shouldn't be bad, though, especially compared withthe actual root canal treatment.  Quite happy it's a free crown, though :)  And then I'm viewing what could potentially me our dream home almost immediately following the scan in the afternoon!

  • Morning ladies!

    ABC - that's amazing news!!  So exciting!

    Monnie - bloody typical bloke, give him a clip and don't feel guilty!

    Figaro - congratulations!  How far along are you?

    WW - I bet you can't wait for your scan!

    SG - what a challenge!  When I had people to ours and had to pretend to drink, I filled a vodka bottle with water and was ppuring myse'f water and tonic!  I'm 8+4 so very close to you date wise!

    CC - I bet this weekend is going to drag like crazy!!

    AFM - no changes.  My porridge has laid a bit heavy today so I'm a bit queasy but fx I haven't been too bad so far!

  • Hey ladies, sorry to crash.

    Fig- have you taken a pic of the CBD- the battery doesn't last that long on them.  It should last until tonight, but just in case you might want a back up!

  • Aw thanks Imp, yes I have multiple another 3 unused tests so I could always do another before he gets home. Thanks for crashing xxx

    VT I'm 3+5...I think!

    Thanks for the welcome ladies x

  • my car seat arrived and its so cute, i cannot believe there will be a bubba in there !!!

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