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****Thursday 3rd tri ****


Hope everyone well and baby out vibes to mrs p
Afm had a rubbish sleep last night. Have a busy day at work also and a late finish. So im glad its friday tomo. Baby wriggly as usual x


  • morning

    Todays the day MrsP - Good luck, looking forward to your BA xxx

    abc - Boo to rubbish sleep :-( What do you work as?

    afm - All fine, my sister had the kids overnight so will do nursery drop off with Aaron & keep Phoebe until I get back from the midwife :-)  The usual of nothing happening here, very wriggly bump!

    Hello to all who follow x

  • Hi ladies, big wishes to Mrs P for a swift BA!'

    Hope today's not too tough ABC. CK - is it routine MW check?

    I had heartburn hell yesterday, I ventured back to bread with nothing in the cupboard to take for lunch but that. BIG mistake. Agony all day and night. Am being bold today and leaving work early for blood test appt (MW sent me 2 weeks ago!), then tomorrow working at home (YES!!!) as various trades and deliveries due, Sat all day in the office, but Sun = slothday. Can't wait :)

  • Morning!

    Good luck to Mrs P for the induction.

    Abc - Hope work is ok today.

    Ck - bet that was nice having a quiet night. Not long for you at all now!

    Counter - I looove working from home. Sloth day on Sunday sounds good.

    Afm - another very wriggly baby here. No sign of this one settling into position, it's still all over the place and the mw said the head wasn't engaged anymore on Monday. Nothing exciting to report, just work today.

  • Morning ladies

    ABC, sorry you had a bad sleep, hope today goes quickly for you

    CK, oh what bliss not having the kids this morning (maybe my view is skewed by the screaming banshee in my living room who isn't getting everything entirely her own way as quickly as she'd like!) Is mw just routine? Not long till d day now!

    Counter, can you read over the fb message you sent me yesterday and apply it to yourself please! You were supposed to go for blood test two weeks ago and just going now? Grr. Look after yourself and baby. Glad you are wfh tomorrow

    Well for those who didn't see my update last night, I ended up going to work yesterday and told them I didn't want to go off sick but was uncomfortable/anxious about being in the office. So they've agreed I can work from home at least until the 32 wk scan when we will know more of where we are. So dropping M at nursery soon and back here to get in my joggies :) also got a lot of pelvic pain at the moment, by the time I walked to the car park yesterday after work I was in agony. Not to worry, baby is wriggly and seems happy so that's all that matters :)

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx

  • LD, glad you have a wriggly one - not long till term now! Are you organized for baby arriving?

  • MrsP, good luck for induction today! Xx

  • counter - yep just a normal one, maybe my last not sure when she will want to see me again :-/ Hope the heartburn stays away

    LD - eek nearly term for you! yippee

    weekender - excellent news re work, glad they are being helpful, and not too much longer until scan! Did your gold rush come yet? 2 of mine were wrong nappy type - doh!!

  • No they didn't! Hoping today, when did you order yours? I ordered mine on 9th and folks who ordered on 8th got theirs days ago. Saw a post last night saying tbs easy fits are under £4 in wishaw Tesco, bargain! Boyish ones, our Tesco doesn't ever seem to have them. I think I NEED the story ones though Laugh this is going to get expensive, I can tell!

  • It must of came tues but only picked up last night. ordered 8th. There will be new tb prints out at some point before summer so i am looking forward to seeing what appears. And looking forward to destashing as they are outgrown this time!

  • I'm debating whether to get teeny fits or not...M was only 7lb7.5 at birth but was over 12lb mark by less than 3 months, big chunk! And am planning a mix of reusables and sposies to start till we get into swing of things decisions decisions

  • Phoebe was 7lb5 and into easyfits at 5 days. I've only bought some this time as an excuse to buy more lol x

  • Morning.

    Sending baby out vibes to Mrs P.

    ABC - sorry you didn't sleep well :( hope the late finish isn't too late tonight.

    CK - hope you enjoyed the peace and midwife goes well today.

    Counter - you left your blood tests for two weeks? Naughty! Are you getting anything exciting delivered tomorrow?

    LD - you're really close now. Not too much longer to go hopefully!

    Weekender - love your description of M! Glad you've come to a compromise with work, bet you're feeling more relaxed now.

    AFM, lovely midwife appointment yesterday. I met yet another different one and she was my favourite by far. Shame I'm not back at the hospital till my 40-week appointment (which I booked yesterday for my due date which was slightly surreal!). Because mum came with me she got to hear the heartbeat which was lovely. Managed to get a fairly decent nights sleep too which has made all the difference.

    Had a minor panic at how disorganised I feel so have decided to try and start making some decisions about things to buy, and going to start on bits for my hospital bag. I need a trip to Primark and can't face it at the best of times so think I should get it out of the way before I start waddling!

  • Weekender - that's great your work are being supportive. Hope the pelvic pain isn't too bad. I think I am nearly ready now, maye a few bits for the hospital bag but sorted other than that.

    Flossy - glad you had a good mw appointment. It's lovely your mum got to hear baby's heartbeat. Do you have all of your appointments at the hospital. Ive only just started having mine there and it's nice to meet midwives who might be on duty when baby arrives.

  • The hospital does the booking in and 16-week appointment and the rest are at a local community midwife clinic until 40-weeks. Because of having to have the anti-D I had to have my 28-week one at the hospital too. Apart from that I'll see my local ones now who I guess I'll be seeing after the birth too. The hospital is much better organised though so kind of wish I could stay there!

    Based on my experience so far whoever is on duty when I go into labour will most likely be someone I've never seen before!

  • you've all done it again! got on here really early again and now i cant catch up!

    so generally Hi everyone hope you are all ok!

    I am feeling really rough at the min! had loads of braxtons last night and terrible sickness! if this baby aint here in the next week or so i will eat my hat!!!

  • Morning

    I am at work today so don't know if I will have time to reply to everyone! It has been a busy thread already!

    All OK here. BP was behaving itself on Monday- not that it has been up this pregnancy anyway. I was swimming with O yesterday afternoon. Was dressed perfectly fine beforehand. I went to put my boots back on after swimming and one of my feet must have swelled during swimming.....I couldn't get my boot back on! Luckily home was only a few minutes walk away. I looked a right state hobbling home! Swelling (I use that term lightly) is still there so I will keep an eye on things.  

  • Morning all,

    ABC- sorry you had such a rubbish nights sleep

    CK- Good luck at MW

    Counter- Hope the blood test goes well and sorry about the heartburn

    LD- I've heard thy can engage at the very last minute.

    WE-  Glad your employers have been so nice, enjoy your time at home

    Flossy- I'm loving shopping for the baby although I normally hate it

    AFM- Not much to report. My arm is still lumpy from the whooping cough vaccine. We're limping on with the nursery it's so near yet so far. The OH filled some holes last night so hopefully he'll sand it tonight and then we can touch up the pain stick on the last few stickers and we're done!!

  • Sorry NLH, and S4 I missed you on the 2nd page.

    NLH- I told my NCT teacher about the fact I was having 50 BH a day, thinking I might go into early labour. She just laughed, and guess what, I've not had one for 2 days now. So I'll be watching to see what happens to you with interest

    S4- Keep an eye on that foot. My right hand keeps swelling in the night to the point I have to take my ring off, but then in the morning it's fine. Weird.


  • Hi all,

    I doubt anyone will be back so won't do personals. Mega vibes to Mrs P and big hello's to everyone else! Weekender glad you got something sorted with work - that's great news! NLH I am PLAGUED by BH. Some days it's constant! Hopefully yours will settle and your bubs can cook for a mini bit longer with minimal discomfort for you (the dream!)

    Hopefully I'll get on earlier tomorrow for a proper catch up.

  • I'm late on too so won't do personals but hoping to see a birth announcement from Mrs P shortly!!

    I'm getting lots of BH too so glad to know I'm not alone!

    34 weeks today for me, must get hospital bag packed asap :)

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