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****thursday 3rd tri***

Morning all

Its 4:30am and I'm wide awake, mind is ticking over as usual!

Off to the hospital this morning for another sweep and consultants, will catch up with you all later and let you know how it goes

Baby out vibes to those who need them, hugs to those who are having bad days



  • Morning NLH. Good luck with your sweep and consultants appointment. Hope you get some rest before then.

    It's induction day!!! Yay! I'm really nervous but excited. Don't ring the hospital until 12 so going to tidy up this morning and relax. I would really like some sleep beforehand but me and h are both sat in bed wide awake after only getting to sleep at 2am.

    Hope the rest if you are managing to sleep on. x

  • Hey

    NLH hope sweep works today and baby comes soon x

    Little Dude wishing you lots of luck for your induction no wonder you cant sleep :) hope it goes plainly and quickly x

    Afm bought my new kitchen yesterday .. picking it up sat and fitter has come back to me saying he will fit it on monday . Crazy really as a few weeks ago we were not doing anything until summer. So now going to have hetic weekend with step kids and stripping out kitchen. Think i have something every weekend till baby due. Next is my
  • Birthday...following step sons then my h's. Baby wise 35 weeks today. Was having braxtons again last night. Odd pains in pelvis and back. Cant sleep today been awake since 4ish x
  • Morning!

    NLH good luck with the sweep! Hope it works for you and encourages your little babba along! Funny that you think its pink but call your bump he! Can't wait to find out!

    LD I'm not surprised you've hardly slept! How blinking exciting that your baby WILL be here soon! I hope they can take you early and its a speedy process! Will be checking in for news regularly!

    ABC brill news on the kitchen! You are certainly hardy having such a busy time this pregnant but hopefully everyone else is going the hard work! Especially as it's your birthday soon!

    AFM again managed to sleep through (till 530 which is a success!) yesterday made 10 portions of lasagne and 6 of chilli for the freezer as well as getting the cupboards stocked so feeling more prepared that way. I reckon we have about 2weeks worth of dinners! I've also hidden a big biscuit box for guests as I know H would eat them all if he knew we had them! Today I have a breast feeding clinic at the hospital in the Morning and a group physio class in the afternoon  which is birth breathing and positions for labour. I also have 1:1 physio at the end of the day as my back still very painful. So busy day!

    Weekender how you feeling today doll?

    Catch up again later.  

  • Morning all! Nlh I hope the sweep works well today and things get moving. Ld yay to induction day!!! So exciting. I hope it all goes smoothly, can't wait for your BA. Abc glad you got your kitchen sorted, it'll be worth all the hassle when it's in. I think having things planned is great, makes weeks tick by quicker. Have you got plans for your birthday?
  • AFM scan this morning. Hopefully baby is growing nicely and I can be signed off the consultant. Seeing him (well a junior dr I expect!) straight after scan. Oddly I'm consultant led because of p being small but now I'm worried about him being giant. H is coming too and p so hopefully she'll sit still for it! This afternoon going with my mum to get fabric for dining room curtains and other bits. Finished painting in there last night. Just hall and landing and ikea this weekend!!
  • Sweetpea you sound organised with your dinners. It does make it easier x

    Autumnrose hope your well. No plans for my birthday last year i was whisked away for a surprise weekend in a very posh hotel but this year think it will be more subduded x x
  • Missed you sp. Well done on the batch cooking. I'll definitely be going that once works finished. Hope the physio is helpful today.
  • Crashing to say hello!

    NLH - hope the sweep goes ok xxx

    LD - lots of luck for your induction, looking forward to your BA! X

  • Likewise BE! Hello all

    NLH, good luck with the sweep x

    Little Dude, happy induction day, looking forward to reading your BA X

  • AR hope all goes well with the appointment and that your boy is growing well...but not too enormous!! Lol! Hope you get signed off lovey. I'm so impressed at how much you've achieved over the holidays while so pregnant! It'll be fab to have it all done!

    Wavey hello to BE and Mrs P!!

  • Thanks for the luck everyone. I'll be updating you lots today.

    Abc - That's exiting about the kitchen. I think it's better to have lots planned, makes time go quicker.

    Sp - hope the physio helps your back. Good work on the batch cooking. I stocked out cupboards up before the due date and have eaten it all now! However we live right next door to sainsburys so I'm not too worried.

    AR - Good luck for your scan. That's lovely that P is going. Let us know how you get on x

    Hi and thanks BE and Mrs P!

  • Morning ladies,

    Nlh, sorry you had rubbish sleep. Hope the sweep and appt goes well.

    LD, good luck! How exciting you'll have your baby here soon :)

    Abc, you sound v busy! New kitchen sounds fab though.

    Sweet pea that's some impressive cooking lol out freezer isn't big enough for proper batch cooking :(

    AR hope the scan goes well. J was small, just under 6lb, but this one has to be huge, she feels massive!

    I'm still here, so much pressure down low that everytime I stand up....
  • ...I need a wee! So annoying. Think we're going to see the Lego movie today then J is going to my mums again tonight. I'll be trying to get this baby out! 39+2 now.
  • I saw the Lego movie yesterday with my nephews, it's hilarious.

  • Sorry just crashing to say good luck NLH and I'll be joking you all on Monday! Xx

  • Also good luck little dude, I'm being induced too so will eagerly wait for your birth story, hope it all goes smoothly xxx

  • Will catch up properly later (if I can as I have a busy day at work today), but just wanted to say good luck to LD, hope all goes smoothly and will be keeping an eye out for your BA xx

    NLH - hope the sweep goes well today! We must be due a wave of BAs sometime soon!

  • My goodness busy already this morning! I'll do personals later when I can get on the laptop.

    All ok here, another day closer to 36 weeks, baby been wriggling all night - hope that's not a sign of things to come on the outside Laugh bit tired this morning but will have a napllater. Today plan is go buy contact lenses and tidy up kitchen a little bit. I don't know how I'll handle the excitement Laugh

    LD, good luck for induction, hope it's not long since you were already starting to dilate at your sweep

    NLH, good luck for sweep, hope you get a plan of action sorted today

    AR, hope growth scan shows a big bouncing boy growing in there and you get signed off x

    hi to those popping in, see you soon Monnie! X

  • Morning,

    NLH- Good luck today. Hope it all goes well.

    LD- Wooo induction day! How exciting!!! Hope things go smoothl for you and will be awaiting your ba :)

    ABC- I think its good to have lots of plans as makes time go faster. Oooh you will have to flash a pic of your new kitchen once its done.

    Sweetpea- Sounding very organised there! I hope to be like that when on mat leave. Good idea abou the biscuits too! My h would eat them all. Busy day, hope the classes go well and physio helps.

    AR- Be lovely seeing baby again. Hope he is growing nicely but not too large!

    Isis- Have fun at the cinema, my friend took her neice to see that and said its good. Fingers crossed baby will make an appearance soon!

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