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****Tuesday 3rd tri****

Morning all!

Thought I may as well start todays thread as im lying in bed wide awake still, whilst hubby snores like the QE2 next to me!!

I think im paranoid that my waters are going to go in bed, im currently laying on a huge bath towel and a maternity mat, just in case (They're under the sheet). I've  no idea why im feeling this way, I'm only 38 weeks today! Hope the feeling subsides as I cant be like this for up to another 4 or so weeks! I'm not usually as panicky as this, just hoping it's a one off! 

Today I'm hoping to relax a bit more, finish off some ironing whilst watching a christmas film on the tv! Oh, and managing to get some sleep at some point. Currently being a punch bag for baby.

Hi to all that follow when you make it into here *waves* :-)


  • Morning G, I have the same worry about my waters going in bed or on our sofa or something! I ordered maternity pads at the weekend to use nearer the time to try and lessen the worry! I hope you've managed to get some sleep? Christmas film sounds good for today and maybe an easy day!

    AFM I've been awake since half 2 so finally caved and got up. I did try really hard to get back to sleep but it wasn't happening! I'm honestly considering going to sleep in the guest room now as I wake H up then he wakes me up etc etc, it's a vicious circle! Might be easier when I finish work and I'm less bothered as I can have a sleep during the day, we'll see!

    Not much to report baby wise, currently wriggling away here and still very breech, I guess bubs must be happy in that position.

    Hi to everyone, I hope all the other 3rd Tri girls are currently fast asleep!

  • Morning MDD!

    Sounds like we were both in the same boat regarding lack of sleep! Hubby has just got up for work so Im back in bed to hopefully catch a few hours more sleep!

    I hope you manage to have a not too stressful day!

  • Hello lovelies! Don't want to worry you further but I was wearing a pad when my waters went and the bed mat still didn't get it all. I'd rather that than have them go in public though! Xx

  • Hope you get back to sleep. The best I can hope for now is a half hour doze on the train that's if I'm lucky (and even get a seat!)x

  • Morning girls, crap sleep here too!

    With baby 1 my waters were broken in hosp and baby 2 was born in her sac so i have never experienced waters breaking really!

    I have swollen glands today *** sleep too. Urgh

  • Morning ladies! And I thought I was up early! Jeez!!

    I've not slept well due to fear of waters going either Gemini! Ridiculous! My body went ping this morning for 37 weeks so clearly that means my waters are going to go any second! Doh!

    Missdeedee- hope baby does a nice flip for you soon :)

    BE- wave!! Don't tell us that! we're happy in denial! ;)

    Ck- hope you feel better soon :(

    Afm- rubbish sleep, lots of wake ups and I'm getting a cold! It needs to do one before it starts. Bad timing!
  • BE- that's what im dreading, my poor expensive mattress getting ruined ha. Hubby said I can sleep in the spare bed, how kind of him!

    CK- hope you feel better later!

    Custard- I know, I was still awake and hadn't been to sleep yet, even though I'd been in bed since 10! Happy full term to you!

    I'm getting a cold too, well I've had the sniffles since last week and wake up ( when I do actually  sleep) all bunged up!

    Hope you all manage to get some sort of rest today, else we'll all be like walking zombies!

  • Hi ladies

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed. My car wont start :-( It was booked in at the garage tomorrow for "starting issues" but I have killed both batteries trying to get it going today. I'm sure its a glowplug issue - but the garage tested them 2weeks ago and said glowplugs were okay. GRRRRR

    We only have the 1 car, so am now a bit stranded - So fed of the flipping thing. Very very tempted to eBay it, along with my horse trailer and buy a 'sensible' ford focus or something. (As you may have gathered, its not a sensible car, its 2.8L Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4. Japanese import. Automatic. Guzzles diesel likes its water .... but tows 2horses in large trailer (weighing 2.2ton) so beautifully ..........)

    Was going to Tesco, but have done an online Ocado order instead! Made LO walk to town & back and bought veggies from market. Now contemplating some baking with her - depending on what we've actually got it (as first delivery slot i could get was tomorrow evening!)

    If it helps - my waters never went with LO - the midwife offered to break them at 10cm dilated as they were hanging out. You can always claim on house insurance if your matteresses / etc get ruined .....

  • Hi ladies. Just popping in to read what you're all up to. Sorry to hear so many of you are not sleeping well.

    I miss 3rd tri thread. Hoping to hear some BAs soon it's gone a bit quiet.

    Can't believe Maya is now 16 days old. Time flying by. Got all 3 of us out by 10.30 this morning to go to a toddler group. Was very pleased with myself. xx
  • HF- sorry about your car! These things always come at the worst time don't they?!

    Mrs B- *Waves* we all miss you in here, its gone very quiet of late! Can't believe Maya is 16 days old already!!

    I've been very productive today. 3 loads of washing done and drying, dinner is in the slow cooker( beef stew), crusty bread made to go with it and heart shaped chunky choc chip muffins with choc frosting and toblerone pieces..mmmmmm. Might as well the most of eating crap eh?! :-)

    Now chilling with a cuppa catching up on tv programmes.

  • Hi ladies, late again, had uber long day. Im knackered now, thinking of having a bath but not sure if I can be bothered!

    Had lots of wiggles lower down today and against my bladder! The last few days ivebhad an uncomfortableness  in my lady bits. It isnt sore to touch/wipe etc but is uncomfortable when I walk or stand up, I guess its just the weight of baby pushing down.

    Had my first stranger touvh my bump today. She wad a midwifery lecturer so I didn't mind. I was surrounded by them today so bump got lots of attention!

    Sending sleep vibes to everyone!  Ive been ok but I guess it'll be more of a shovk to the system to me once baby arrives!,

  • Hey girls, just poking my head in to say hello and see how you're all getting on. With Mrs B and BE popping in it must be the day for it! I miss being part of a tri thread too!

    I was the same about my waters, we bought a waterproof fitted sheet and a couple of cheap dark sheets as well. Of course, my waters then never broke at all and he was born in them instead! That was a whole 22 days ago now - not sure where the time goes.

    HF you had problems with the Paj a while ago as well didn't you? Such a shame as they are fab tow vehicle. I can't believe you're only 4 weeks off (or 6 I guess if this bump does what the last one did!) Are you getting excited about another homebirth?

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