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****Weekend 1st Tri****

Morning all, happy weekend!

PP - I didn't make it back on last night but I've just seen your scan update. Great photo and pleased to hear all is well. Try not to worry too much about the date they've given you, I always think if it as a rough idea when baby is due anyway! 

What does everytime have planned this weekend? The weather talks of being lovely. We're off into town for a few bits later and then hopefully home to get the lawns cut. Tomorrow my mum has invited us for dinner so I'm looking forward to that as it doesn't happen often! 


  • Morning wg, sounds like u have nice weekend planned.

    I'm working all weekend :-( I'm doing weekends over the next few weeks because H has started a new job and he's doing a lot of hours just to try to get on top if things ATM, he's away next week too eugh!  

    I sorted out isaacs Pre school place yesterday and he starts after Easter, I was so shocked at how he was on his visit yesterday, he was absolutely loving it which is a bonus and I was happy with the setting etc. the thing he lived was his littke coat peg! because hes 'isaac ice cream' he was very excited Laugh he's going for another visit next Wednesday afternoon and having lunch with them and starts about 2 weeks later.

    so roll on the week after Easter Laugh!

    Pregnancy wise occasional yucky feeling but nothing much, but h seems to think iv ballooned Bawl boobs huge too, not sure il fit in uniform :-/

    Hi to all who follow

  • Morning

    WG, thanks, I'm trying to keep in mind the baby is very unlikely to arrive on the DD but they just keep changing it!

    Enjoy dinner round your mums, it's nice to have a lovely meal cooked for you, I find you can enjoy it that much more.

    RF - Aw Issac sounds so sweet! Glad that's he's really excited about it.

    I've got a party tonight & out for a meal with the parents tomorrow & was out for dinner with friends last night so feel like I've got a busy weekend ahead.

  • Morning everyone.

    WG we will also hopefully be cutting the lawns later.

    Rf that's great that Isaac loved pre school, its lovely that he can go for a few sessions before starting properly.

    Pp sounds like a busy weekend! Enjoy your party tonight.

    I've got a weekend of cleaning ahead! After all the toing and froing to the hospital for the CVS that didn't happen and having spent the last 2 weekends at my parents because of my grandad the house has been very neglected. We are off to Scotland for a long weekend next weekend so I need to clean properly this weekend. Just got to find the motivation to get off the sofa and get it done!!

  • Hi ladies,

    WG: Have fun cutting then lawn, you've had nice weather for it, enjoy your meal with your mum tomorrow

    RF: Very exciting for Issac, but it reminds me that I still haven't got round to do anything about preschool for Isobelle, whoops! Hope your weekend shifts go quickly & you start to feel a little less yuck soon

    PP: Sounds like you've got a busy time of it, have you been showing off your scan photo?!! Hope you manage to get some rest time

    Bunny: Hope you've managed to find some motivation to clean & if you have can you send some it this way please!

    AFM: Well after all my worrying about having a late booking in & not getting a scan date my letter arrived this morning (only saw the midwife on Wednesday) & have the earliest possible date they could've given me - Monday 14th April at 8.35am when I'll be 12 +1. So excited & relieved to get a date sorted. Roll on the next 2 weeks! & hopefully in the meantime I can resist the urge to do another pregnancy test just to check!!!

  • Hi all

    WG enjoy your meal at your mums

    RF hope works been ok this weekend

    PP hope you enjoyed your meals out

    Bunny hope the cleaning went well, nice to have Scotland to look forward to

    BK yay you got your scan date, mines 22nd so I'll be counting down with you

    AFM had a lovely weekend so far sorted some bits for our flat and ordered a new wardrobe. Saw Russell Howard at the O2 last night and got back very late so suffering today! I can't handle late nights at the moment. Off to see the MIL and my mum later then hopefully an early night x

  • Morning.

    Bk that's great that you've got you time through so quickly! Hope that the next 2 weeks go fast for you.

    Mrs l was Russell Howard good? I would love to go and see someone like that live.

    Not much planned here. Off to the cinema later, but first I need to finish planning for work next week, although only 2 days as due to the CVS and my grandads funeral I will only be at work Monday and Tuesday, and then I need to clean the bathroom that's the one big job I didn't quite get round to yesterday. Feeling sad today as this should be my first mothers day with k, so I'm going to avoid Facebook and hope that we can avoid it at the cinema! Hope everyone else has a nice day.

  • Hug bunny.  thinking of you today.  

    mothers day is not really a good day here either due to william not being here and also MIL died last year so H doesnt like really to do much at all.  i got some cards and chocs but im working now

    hugs to all who need them today.

    well   i have my scan next sunday Eek, not at local hospital but at big fetal medicine centre in town,  slightly terrified Weep but we will see what it shows and hopefully i can then have a clearer idea of gestation for the Nuchal scan.  

    hi to all who follow


  • Bunny - yes show as fab, I've seen him before a few years ago.

    Thinking of you bunny and RF today xx

  • Rf hope today hasn't been too hard. You don't have long to wait until your scan and at least that will then help you with what to do, when.

    Thank you Mrs l. H got me a mother's day card from k and bump which made me cry and I've had a couple of nice texts from friends which has been nice. Just got back from seeing captain America 2, it was quite good enjoyed it more than the first one. Hope everyone else has had a nice day.

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