***Friday 1st tri***

Morning, hope everyone is OK. I've copied my last reply from yesterday about the genetic midwife appointment as I don't think people saw it. 

It went well, the midwife was lovely, made me cry a bit as she was nice and interested in k. She's booked an early scan for us for next Friday when I will be 9-10 weeks. Then once dated I've just got to text the genetic midwife and she will book us in for a CVS when I will be 11weeks, or as close to that as possible, they won't do it before 11weeks. Hopefully we should have had the CVS and results in 3 weeks time. The initial results come back in 2-3 days then the full results in 2-3 weeks, but the initial results tell you about downs, edwards and pataus. She was saying it can be done at our hospital, its an in and out job and although the national average for miscarriage after the procedure is 2% but at our hospital its 1% which makes me feel better.

Get to wear my PJs to work today for world book day, then we are having bacon sandwiches for lynch yay! 


  • Morning bunny, I'm pleased to hear the appoinment went well yesterday. Not too much longer to wait. Enjoy working in your pjs and yummy bacon sarnies for lunch. I'm well jealous hehe!

    I've been awake since before 5am this morning. Doesn't bode well really as we're going out tonight so will be late to bed - might have to sneak in an afternoon nap. Today is housework day whilst F is at nursery so I've got quite a list of things to do, especially as I took it easy last week after my spotting.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  • Happy FRIDAY!!

    Bunny - that's so sweet of your MW. Good that you have a plan.

    WG - has the spotting stopped completely now? Hope you get your jobs done but take it easy.

    AFM - nothing much to report, bit tired today but I am feeling better. Going out for lunch a lot this weekend as it H's birthday next week, so we are seeing friends on Saturday and my parents on Sunday. Also going to finish off the bathroom, painting one wall and the woodwork. THREE sleeps til scan, starting to get nervous now!!

    Hi to all that follow x

  • bunny - pleased the midwife appt went well. it all sounds really positive :) I'd love to go to work in my jammies right now. Would be so much more comfortable.

    WG - Enjoy your nap this afternoon! Like gavi said, do take it easy. you don't want to over do it xx

    Gavi - 3 sleeps!!! Mega exciting!!! Enjoy your weekend, sounds like a busy one :)

    AFM - this insomnia sucks. wide awake at 2.30am this morning!! What is wrong with me! I'm lying in bed now trying to nod off but it's not successful.  Also, sorry to share this, but i have really bad trapped wind!! Its so so so painful! I wish I had something more.positive to say instead of just whining!!

    Hi to all that follow :)

  • Gavi - I've not had any spotting since the little incident last Friday (touches wood). I hope that was the last of it! Enjoy your lunches out this weekend.

    Boo - I've not managed a nap today, been ploughing through my housework <yawn> Feeling rather satisfied with myself for getting loads done though. I hope you soon get a better night's sleep, insomnia is awful. I'm finding that I'm waking up a lot during the night and then once I'm awake I have to get up to wee!

  • Not many of us here today!

    Weather girl have you managed to squeeze in a nap now? Enjoy your night out.

    Gavi enjoy your lunches out. I love eating out! It will help distract you during the week end before your scan.

    Boo hopefully the insomnia will do one this weekend and you catch up on sleep.

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