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***Friday 2nd tri***

Morning all

after a beautiful, Albeit too hot a day yesterday it's raining here this morning boo! Talk about extremes. 

Didnt feel quite myself yeterday I was so tired I didn't know what to do with my self and baby's wriggles were actually hurting so I had a cry on Hs shoulder to make me feel better. I did go and view a wedding venue with my sister which was stunning and they have a suitable date available so it looks like all systems go for them. 

Not sure what to do today. Can't meet up with my friend this week as both her LOs are poorly. Hope everyone has a great day. Hurray for Friday!! x


  • Arrghhh i just wrote a great long post/reply and then my laptop switched itself off before i hit send. GRRR

    Its raining here too MrsB. Although i like it, it was 31degrees here yesterday and far too hot. Pick-you-own was great. LO ate her way round. I think she enjoyed it!!

    How much weight has everyone gained? I weighed myself this morning and I'm concerned that i've only put 6lb since getting pregnant. (I hadnt quite lost everything from baby#1 tho) but my current BMI is 24.8 - should I have put on more!?  I put on about 4stone with #1. At least a stone of that in 1st Tri......

  • Morning Mrs B, we are forecast rain for today too, I don't mind now, I'm happy for the heat to break a bit!

    Hope your feeling better today and exciting news for your sister.

    Nothing much from me, my boots order from the weekend arrived yesterday, it was so lovely seeing the little baby stuff! I've allocated it all to a drawer in the spare room at the moment, it really does make it all feel more real! Still having little flutters and had one slightly more noticeable feeling last night but looking forward to feeling a proper kick!

    Last day at work for me for two weeks today! I soooo can't wait!!

  • Sorry HF missed you! Glad you had a good time yesterday. I also weighed myself this morning as I've only put on 4 or 5 lb too, I didn't expect it would be much more than that?

  • I haven't weighed myself/been weighed since 12 week scan so I'm not sure. I only put on a stone and a half with Isla in total though which I didn't think was a lot. I don't have scales in the house. Think my gran has some though so will weigh myself next time I'm there. I wouldn't be worrying though HF sounds pretty good to me x

  • Oh okay, thanks, maybe I just ate way too much last time then ;-)

  • Morning ladies, have got food poisoning so feeling rubbish and upset that I've put the baby at risk. Anyone had food poisoning in pregnancy?

  • Oh no BE! Sorry I have no experience. Do you know what might have caused it?

  • I do MrsB, went out for lunch yesterday with some clients and had scallops - I didn't think they were very well cooked but being an idiot I kept quiet and ate them, now I feel really guilty :-(

  • Morning All,

    MrsB- It must have been the day of crying yesterday because I was the same! Baby felt in a really strange position, really low down and seemed to be pressing on something that wasn't comfortable at all! I have also been getting leg cramps again this week in the night and my right calf feels like I have pulled a muscle so struggling to walk. Top that off with not sleeping too well and nearly dying taking the dog on a walk at 6pm when it was still 31 degrees (what the hell!?) and I had a bit of a cry on H too. Feeling a bit better today though and I finish at 2 so just looking forward to that!

    HF- I've gained about 1st 8lbs and I'm 27+2. I'd like to say it's all baby related but I have just had a cookie for breakfast.. haha. Glad you and LO had a good time at PYO.

    MissDD- Hope you are well :)

    BE- Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well. Haven't had it myself but hoping you feel better soon!

    AFM- Early finish today, H's birthday tomorrow so have a lovely meal and a few drinks in town with friends planned (I'm designated driver, obviously..) and then I am looking forward to having a lazy Sunday. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

  • I'm sure you'll be fine but I would ring your MW today just as a precaution. Are you managing to keep water down? Gosh you must feel rotten x

  • Sam that's exactly how baby felt to me yesterday too and when she kicked it actually startled me and made me 'ouch' out loud. I've been getting leg cramps too. Pesky babies eh? Glad you're feeling better today. Roll on 2 pm x

  • I've spoken to the Dr MrsB, got to take a stool sample in for testing. I think it's fine but I just feel guilty cos I knew the scallops weren't right xx

  • Don't feel guilty these things happen, hugs x

  • BE, oh dear, look after yourself. I had food poisoning a few years ago (not when pregnant tho). It was referred to dept of health : so look out for a phone call from them. (they called before doctor did with my stool results!) Sips of water every 15mins. (Don't drink a pint, you'll more than likely throw it up!). Plain toast if you can manage it. Don't force yourself tho.

  • Hi

    Sorry guys busy at work will defo try a proper catch up Monday! Good luck to all the 3rd tri peeps leaving us! I'm knackered didn't sleep much had work night out was out til 12 lol felt naughty but had a fab time but then still 22 degrees when I got home and could not sleep at all totally YAWN!!!!!!!!!!


  • Morning all, the post was so quiet yesterday so nice to see it a bit busier.

    Mrs b -shame about the rain but glad to hear its a bit cooler for you. Sorry to hear that you didn't have a good day yesterday but wedding venue sounds good.

    HF- Pick your own sounds like good fun. What did you pick?

    MissDeedee - Glad your starting to feel more proper movements now, fingers crossed you get some more over the next few days. I didn't feel anything until I was about 20 weeks

    BE - sorry your not feeling too well. I haven't had food poisoning but I have had a dodgy tummy a couple of times. Don't worry, I don't think your putting the baby at any risk, don't think it can hurt the baby. It's just us mums that it affects. Just make sure you get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids.

    Sam - Enjoy your early finish from work today

    RosyLee - Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

    AFM - dragged myself to aquanatal last night, it was so nice to get in that cold pool and cool down. Going to H's basketball game tonight, heres hoping they bring home the win!

  • Morning all. Bit busy today but had a quick scan through. Think the heat is getting to everyone with all these tears. Hope you are feeling better today ladies.

    Last day here today. Promised to move to 3rd tri on Monday. What's the betting I post on 2nd anyway because I will forget!?

    Also last night baby was kicking OHs hand and he tried her name out. She kicked really hard and only wiggled a bit on other names. He tried it again and she responded with more big kicks. I think she has decided she likes that one :-)

  • Woohoo! today just got even better. H had a letter from his bank last week to say he may be entitled to a PPI rebate. I filled in all necessary paper work for him (only one form!) and they've replied already to say he's due a £850 rebate! I wonder if he'll share it with me seeing as it was a loan he had and paid off before even meeting me ha!

    MS good luck to your H tonight hope his team win xx

  • Morning all! Must have been the day for discomfort yesterday I was feeling head up in my ribs but also low down pressure. Baby must have been stretched right out to manage both! BHs, heartburn and then of course the heat! Feeling better today though. The kids re off to their grandparents overnight and then on MOnday their dad is collecting them for two weeks. That's the longest they've ever been away in one go and I'm a bit on edge.

    While they are gone though, all the bedrooms will be changed around. Mr CG and I will be moving into the master bedroom so that we can fit the baby in with us, At the moment my two girls share the master and my blue one has the box room. The eldest will now have the box room and the two youngest will move in to what is now my room. It's going to be a nightmare but needs to be done!

  • Afternoon all, apologies will try for a proper catch up and personals at the weekend.

    Have a lady coming to my house to give me a pregnancy massage this afternoon. I.cant.wait!

    Happy Friday all and get well soon to BE xxx

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