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***Monday 1st Tri**

Morning ladies

HOw are we all this morning? I have developed a horrid cold since yesterday, i know they are common in early pregnancy, but felt horrid and bunged up all night and have a really sore throat. Off to get some soothers this morning as i seem to remember they are the only throat sweets i can have. Not feeling as sick today which is obviously worrying me a bit but trying not to over think it as it's still very early for symptoms. 

Have one of my best friends and her two little boys coming over this afternoon and will probably tell her so that'll be fun. 

Happy monday everyone. 



  • Morning!

    Sorry you're feeling rubbish AR, try a steam inhalation as well to unbung you.

    Afm, according to my early scan I'm 11 weeks today, feels nice to reach that point! I'm feeling pretty positive as well which is good, just hope that doesn't come to bite me on the ass next week! Still tired, so much so I had a nap yesterday but the nausea seems to have gone.

  • Morning AR and ladies. Hope you feel better soon AR, it's horrible not being able to take anything! There must be something doing the rounds as I'm feeling like I have the start of a cold today too. Boo! Enjoy telling your friend, exciting!!

    I'm at work, nearly didn't come in this morning as was very unwell last night and headachey this morning (and here was me thinking I'd got past the sick phase!) But I'm so nearly in to 2nd tri and haven't gone off sick at all in my 1st tri so trying to keep up my record, hah!

    Hope everyone has a lovely day :-)

  • Oops sorry Isis didn't see your post- hurrah for being 11 weeks! When is your 12 week scan?

  • Hi ladies.

    AR, I had a nasty cold a few weeks ago too, everyone else who had it was dosed up on tablets and I hated having to just suffer it! Have fun telling your friend.

    Isis, my early scan reckons I'm 11 weeks tomorrow, pretty close eh! I'm jealous that your nausea has gone, my sickness is getting worse.

    Rose, well done for not taking any time off! I'm working from home mostly this week and I am so relieved! Hope your headache has gone.

    AFM, 12 week scan is a week today, I can't wait! Got a hectic week with lots of family on both sides visiting from Cornwall, Germany or Dubai so I think we will spend most of this week running around like headless chickens. My sickness seems to be getting worse, which I'm not happy about but I can't do anything. Just keep hoping any day now it will bugger off. Throwing up gaviscon aniseed was not a nice experience :( neither was the perfectly intact Shepards pie the other night. Yuck. I'm still shattered and my tummy is sorr but I'm hoping all this is normal. Can't wait to start feeling more human again.

  • Morning ladies

    AR, hope your cold bu99ers off soon, enjoy your afternoon with your friend

    Isis, not long till your scan now, we've got loads of scans on next week, don't we?? Glad the nausea has passed

    Rose, hope you feel better as the day goes on x

    OB,  enjoy the visitors, hope you get to put your feet up a bit and the sickness goes

    AFM, well I had a little bit of spotting last night which appears to have stopped but i just thought it was the beginning of the end. I was really crampy with it. But although I'm still sore today there's no bleeding so got to hope for the best and it was just one of those things. I'm feeling really run down, I've started taking spatone because everything feels like a struggle and I think it might be low iron levels. We will soon see if it makes any difference. 11 days til early scan, and it literally can't come quick enough. Off to a friends this morning for coffee and let the kiddies play, so hopefully should be relaxing assuming they play nicely Laugh

    Hope everyone else is doing ok, counter hope the spottting stopped x

  • Morning all!

    AR - oh poor you! That sounds horrible. Defo don't worry about the lack of sickness. I've barely been touched by MS and everything was okay at the last scan! Every pregnancy is different too.

    Isis - happy 11 weeks! Glad you are feeling more positive and only a matter of days till your next scan!

    Rose - Sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish as well. Boo! But mucho respect for managing to stick with it at work. Impressive!

    OB that truly sounds awful. Have you spoken to your GP or MW about how unwell you've been? I hope you have a lovely time with all your family and next week will be here before you know it!

    Weekender - Hope you are feeling okay lovely. As I said to counter, I've had quite a bit of sporadic bleeding. It really is quite common so try not to worry if you can. Hope you have a lovely time with your friend.

    AFM - private scan on Thursday which I'm looking foward to. I should hopefully be 9+5. Even though my last scan was at 7+3 it feels like a lifetime ago! I have a horrendous week at work so not sure how much I'll get on to post although I will usually get a chance to read quickly. I have such a sore stomach from the slow digestion. I feel so bunged up and it's so uncomfortable! The joys of early pregnancy heh? :)  

  • Happy Monday ladies!

    AR, hope you feel better soon. When your sleep is affected it's so much harder to put on a happy face! This afternoon sounds lovely though :)

    Isis, 11 weeks today! 'Citing.

    Rose - so close to 2nd tri. Sorry you're feeling rubbish.

    OB-  that sounds 'orrible! But your week-coming-up sounds so GOOD.

    Weekender - hope things have all cleared up and that the meds help.

    I've had nothing since, and feel a bit sick today. Just a waiting game now, doesn't help that I am convinced we're waiting on bad news at some point. Hubby is being very sweet. I forget he gets worried/upset too. I think he's just being there for me, but he feels things too - who'da thunk?!

    How early can I have an early scan and it be useful please? And is there any standard or kitemark or anything I should be on the lookout for? I had an email back from a quote query and it didn't seem super professional (though it was fine) but it's the nearest and cheapest....

  • Counter the danger of a scan too early is that you might not see a heartbeat and that will worry you even more. With p I ha one at 7 weeks and although they out ne back a week there was a heartbeat. I've booked mine for8 weeks because there shoud be no ifs or buts at that point. the other thing is that the chances of mc go down massively if a heartbeat if seen then but any earlier and there is still a worry. try asking ladies on here from your area and see if anyon can recommend a Olsen. Have you looked up babybond? They ate national I think and I know lots of ladies have used them  or you could try asking your gp  

  • AR - There's a clinic that I found when I googled Babybond (though that doesn't appear to be the brand name of it) but it's further away than the £65 one, and it's £100.

    So do we think i should wait until 8 weeks? H & I thought that last week but now I'm getting silly about it.

  • Rose, hope you're feeling better soon too! and yay for second tri! My scan is next Thursday

    OB, sounds like a busy week, try to rest when you can.  I'm so lucky but I've not actually been sick just had nausea.

    Weekender, have you had your booking in appt yet? They did my bloods on the Monday and I phoned for the results on the Friday, everything's normal but I'm thinking you'd get to know if you were anaemic or there was something making you feel bad.  Hope the spatone helps though, I think you're meant to take it with orange juice to help absorption?

    Counter, glad the spotting's stopped.  I wouldn't have an early scan before 6 weeks and ideally closer to 7 as you should be able to see a heartbeat then.  My friend had one around 6 weeks and it was inconclusive so she had a 2 week wait to go back, all was fine but it was just too early too see.  I don't know of any standards or anything tbh, I'd just get a feel from their website or have you any friends you can ask? whereabouts are you?

  • The other thing I should add is if it's very early you might need a transvaginal scan which I know makes some people uncomfortable.  also some companies don't have the equipment to scan earlier than 8ish weeks.  

  • Personally I'd wait for 8 weeks. That should be about half way to your nhs scan too so it evens  it out timewose too. Trust ms I know how you are feeling. I'm sure something is going to go wrong too but I'm forcing myself to stay busy as positive. I can't stop it happening so I'm trying to be mind over matter and stay in control. That's not meant to be patronising but just to let you know you aren't alone. Xx

  • Hi ladies,

    Just a quick one. Had my 12 week scan this morning and everything is fine. Baby looks good. So happy and relieved! I'll be back later with the pictures and for personals.


  • Thats great LD :D

  • LD - that's fab!!!!!!!

  • AR - we're away the time I go from 7 week in to 8 and I'd rather get it sooner than later, so going to try and book it nearer 7. Also I meet the midwife at week 8 so if I know it's not good I don't want to put myself through that (and the time off work) if you see what I mean. I know I sound all D&G but I'm trying to be practical too. You are right though, I need to CHILL

  • Been googling. The pink (again today) could apparently be due to the Canesten pessary. Here's hoping!

  • Brilliant news LD!! Can't wait to see the pic.

    Counter I hope you aren't stressing too much. The first few weeks are a total trauma but generally everything is totally grand. At 7+3 I had to get an internal scan. They could 'just' see the heartbeat externally but she wasn't happy enough with that. I'm not sure what they would do at a private clinic and agree that you don't want to be worrying more as a result of a scan! hope you are okay!

  • Great news LD! Look forward to a pic x

    Counter, I think if it's stopped then best to wait a little while before going for a scan.

    SP hope the scan goes well and your sore stomach eases soon x

    Isis, my booking in is in a fortnight, so a while away yet. I've been taking spatone in the orange juice, but thanks for the tip x

  • Hi Everyone!

    AR - hope you feel better soon, I'm dreading picking up any bugs - suffering through (admittedly mild compared to last years) hayfever without my usual drug array is tough going. Enjoy telling your friend.

    Isis glad you're feeling so positive - that's really good and there's no reason not to (no rational reason I mean!)

    Rose so sorry you feel rubbish, good on you for going into work but don't be a hero - if your body is telling you to rest then do it (speaking as a HR bod!)

    OB so sorry you've felt rubbish but that sounds like a lovely week coming up and should keep you occupied until next week, how exciting that it's here already!

    Weekender take advantage of being with your friend to have a rest (if you can) glad the spotting has stopped, I've had some brown CM on and off the last couple of days and it is worrying but all perfectly normal.

    SP your scan is coming round quickly that's good - and mines the day after! Sorry you're so busy and feeling rubbish though hope it eases off soon.

    Counter it's normal to feel a bit worried about things, you almost feel like you're preparing yourself in case something does go wrong, I must say though as the days are ticking on I'm feeling a bit more positive so hopefully you will too. I have an early scan booked in for Friday, the clinic said from 7 weeks onwards and I'll be 7+3 according to my dates so I'm just hopeful to see that something is there, in the right place and with a heartbeat (I don't want much!)

    LD that's fab news!!

    AFM had a lovely restful weekend literally did the food shopping and cleaned the rat out the rest of the time was spent pottering and resting watching trash. Feeling shattered now though. I still have nausea but if I stay on top of eating and top up with plain biscuits and barley sugars it seems to be OK. My mum is coming up Thursday night and then scan on Friday - I'm keeping my fingers crossed little one is in there OK!

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