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***Monday 1st Tri***


  • How are you all? Nice weekends? We had my SIL and BIL to stay. SIL is 28 weeks pregnant and huge! We told them our news and they were really pleased their baby will have cousins.

    Midwife booking in today. Makes it feel quite real.

    Had another bleed on Saturday :( I'm hoping it is nothing to worry about, but naturally, still worrying!

  • Sorry you've had another bleed mention it to your mw're right, booking in makes it all so much more real!

    Afm - we still have the lurgy here, going to try get O into the docs today as he coughed so hard this morning he was sick :'( Otherwise all fine, just wishing the days away to scan on 7th x

  • Morning Ladies,

    Ducky - very excited for your midwife booking in, FX bleed is nothing to concern yourself with but obviously I understand your worry.

    Coco - Hope the wee man is in better form soon.

    AFM Sorry I didnt get back on after Saturday. We went for lunch, film & eternity ring shopping. Now know what suits my rings:

    Although I want the diamonds to go further around, these ones are not so far as my wedding ring.

    But Saturday absolutely wrecked me and I spent yesterday in my pj's being sick - was still being sick at 8pm last night. So I am in work but am literally green in the face but I have a couple of important meetings today so knew I had to come in. Wish me luck folks :( Dont know If I'll get back on today but hi to all who follow and I will 'see' you tomorrow if I dont x

  • Snap ducky, it's my booking in apt today too. 9am! Hope your goes well and the bleed is nothing to worry about.

    Coco- hope the lurgy goes soon. Coughs are awful, bless him.

    Sasasi- lovely ring! When do you buy. Hope you feel better today, hard to work when you feel so rubbish.

    AFM - we booked flights for two holidays yesterday, both in France. One for me and H, probably our last abroad as a couple before baby and the second is a family do for my dads 65th. Ill be 27 weeks by then so looking forward to some sun and pool lounging! Have a good week all. X

  • Hello sorry to crash, just wanted to send hi to purple star and hope that today's scan goes well for her.

    Best wishes to all you 1st tri girls too x

  • Morning all,

    Ducky/raincloud - good luck for your booking in appointments!

    Coco - poor O. Hope the docs can give him something.

    SaSsi - lovely ring! I know how you feel. I too was in bed all day yesterday throwing up :(

    AFM - had a horrible weekend MS-wise. Was in bed all day Saturday being sick on and off, but managed to pull it together to go to H's aunts party but Sunday I struggled to keep anything down. Feel so exhausted this morning but dragged myself into work. 9 weeks today though so hopefully things will start to reduce in the next few weeks *crosses fingers*. Got my mw appointment on Thursday so looking forwards to that. Also going to ring up about my early scan again but not hopeful :(

  • SaSaSi - that's lovely, and really suits your existing rings IMO. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Raincloud - Happy booking in :-) V jealous of your holiday plans too...what erg moving house before baby I think.the best we'll manage is a weekend away in the West Country pre baby.

    Browny - sorry to hear you've been so poorly. Hope it nuggets off soon. Hope you have some joy on the early scan front too.

    PS - Hope today goes we'll lovely if you're reading xx

  • Hello

    Ducky - definitely mention the bleed to your MW, hopefully it's just one of those things

    Coco - poor O, hope you're all better soon x

    Sasasi - gorgeous ring!  My H picked me an eternity ring so I didn't get to choose, personally I'd have gone more blingy than I've got (plain platinum band with 9 small diamonds set in around it - 9 since my birthday is the 9th month) but I love what he chose Smile

    raincloud - lovely to have some holidays to look forward too Smile not sure we'll get abroad before this LO is born now we're more restricted with the school holidays.

    Browny - it's so awful feeling so ill all the time, hopefully you'll start feeling better soon x

    And me, sorry but yet again I've not got a lot to say other than how crap I'm feeling, it can't be the illness now surely so looks like I'm going to have to put up with this for the next few weeks.  I'm struggling so much to eat anything, or even drink water - I know I need to so I'm forcing it down me, although I had my first proper sickness the other day rather than this constant queasiness after eating some banana (which I'd read are supposed to be good for ms) - won't be having one of them again!

  • Feeling too queasy for any personals sorry girls. Scan was okay, they couldn't explain the echos in the gestational sac either but they said baby looked healthy and he was wriggling around happily with a lovely strong heartbeat. He'd grown exactly as they'd hoped since my private scan last week and I've been dated as 8+2 with a EDD of 6th September.

    Hope to be back on the tri threads properly soon when I'm less poorly. Love to you all x

  • Aaargh typed loads then it disappeared! Trying again!

    Ducky, hope the mw can reassure you after the bleed.

    Coco and Browny, hope you start feeling better soon.

    Raincloud, travel plans sound exciting, good luck with them.

    SaSaSi, that's a lovely ring. I hope my OH has similar plans but I doubt it!

    DeeDee, I felt like that at 8 weeks, then fine for a bit, then now I'm back to exhaustion and being off most foods. Except cream cakes and ice cream, neither of which I touch normally. Weird!

    AFM, well, Iceland was good and hubby enjoyed his birthday trip. The weather was generally vile, but we had great weather on the one day it mattered, when we went to the blue lagoon and then on a boat trip to see the northern lights.

    Back home now and not at work until at least Friday night, depending on when I tell work about the pregnancy (see below!). Actually I am rather stressed about work at the moment. Two reasons. First, in November I was involved in an incident where things weren’t done right and a patient died. Actually she would have died regardless, but the powers that be need to be seen to be doing something, so everyone involved, me included, has to attend an assessment day next week to prove we can do our job. Problem is, in training, things have to be done a certain way. In reality, no one does it that way, so I’m terrified at the moment and trying to revise. It doesn’t help that I always panic and go to pieces in formal assessments, and this time it matters.

    Second work stress is the decision as to when to come clean about the pregnancy. Options are:

    1. As planned, tell them now. Well, the plan is to email Weds asking for a meeting Thurs or Fri to discuss it. Pros: I don’t have to wake up after 4 hrs sleep to get to my scan on Saturday. I can hopefully sit down with them and discuss a few options, such as some training days later in the year I don’t want to be taken off, and it gives them a bit of time. Cons: I won’t have had my 12 week scan and am still worried about viability. They may remove me from the above mentioned assessment day and I don’t want that hanging over me.

    2. Tell them after the weekend. Pros: I will have had the scan and be over 12 weeks. Cons: doesn’t give them much time to do anything with me other than shove me in an office 5 days a week, and I wanted to do longer hours over fewer days, and that’s why I wanted a meeting.

    Either way, telling them is scary.  Effectively removes me from my job for 12 months, and I’m worried that they won’t keep me eligible for a move to a rota closer to home that I’m currently down for in a month or so. I think I will have to email on Weds as planned, but I’m dreading it.

    On a more positive note, we are going to start to plan a nice pre baby holiday. Thinking of the Seychelles, Maldives or Mauritius. Looking for all inclusive but without a large resort feel, so if anyone has any recommendations, fire away!

  • Browney-sounds awful, fingers crossed things improve.

    Coco we moved last summer so I know how much time effort and money is involved. Have you got a house sorted already or are you looking?

    Deedee- were restricted to school hols too. I'm really looking forward to when we have the baby and can go on hol in term time for a brief period (with baby) we'll save so much money!

    Glad scan went well PS, hope you feel better soon.

    Barefoot, sounds like work may be tough, I hope you come to a suitable situation with them. I'm not telling work until the 12 wk scan but I know not everyone is able to do that.

    AFM my booking in apt went well. I got quite emotional and welled up, particularly when she asked if it was our first. And when she asked when I'd last been on the pill, me saying 22months and her saying, ok, 2 yrs, brought it home how long this has taken, and how hard it has been.

  • Dont know if anyone will be around now but...

    DD - sorry you're feeling ill :(

    PS - glad they weren't too concerned and mini PS is doing well!

    BF - sorry cant help on the work front, but hope you make peace with whatever you decide and it works out ok. I know its hard to make these decisions before the 12-week scan. Wow lovely holiday planned. We went to Mauritius for our honeymoon - not sure on your budget, but we went 3*, only way we could afford to go at the time, just a normal hotel (not a huge resort but the service was great. Beachfront bungalow. It was the Merville Hotel if you're interested - not sure whether it'll have changed much in 2.5 years though!

    raincloud - sorry to hear you were emotional. TTC as long as we were was blooming hard going and its not surprising you feel like you do. Hugs xxx

    AFM: I had an ok day actually! Hardly sick (so far). Felt crappy but no where near as bad as yesterday. AND I've just been able to eat crunchy peanut butter on a crust with a cuppa and I enjoyed it!! Progress :)

  • Thanks Browny, I'll have a look at that hotel. I definitely want small, not a huge Americanised resort. Budget about £5k in flights, so not massive. I really have my heart set on a water villa in the Maldives, but I think that may end up out of our price range.

    Glad you feel better this evening :-)

  • Barefoot have a look at Reethi Beach. Not all inclusive, do bed and breakfast as they have restaurants which you could then eat out at for lunch / dinner and its much nicer than a busy canteen style environment. Really nice resort and should be within your price range. We spent 3.5k including spending money for 10 nights there in July in 2012.

  • PS If you decide to increase your budget look at Athuruga too. Amazing villas. Get quite through Travel Designers, they do huge discounts

    On Kuoni holidays and are totally legit.

  • hey ladies

    Probably too late for today but....

    Ducky - hope booking in went ok and hope the bleed is nothing to worry about

    Coco - Your poor little one. How are they now?

    Sasasi - eternity ring shopping sounds great but sickness no!  do you think a bug or maybe something you ate? or more morning sickness

    RC - oooh feels good to book a holiday.  What pat of France?

    BLL - waves.  Hope you are doing well

    Browny - poor you that sounds horrendous

    DD - another one suffering!  Hope it subsides soon

    PS - great news about strong heartbeat.  Hope you feel better soon

    BF - how was your trip?  Nice and relaxing?  So difficult with work and sorry it's causing you so much stress.  I think in your position I would be tempted to say now - are you management approachable and discreet?  I think as well given you had the early scan as well.....

    I've been maldives last 2 years running.

    First year was Arthuruga diamond resort - OMG.  Teenie, weenie island.  Just amazing.  Splashed out on water villa.  Was amazing and reef was fantastic and I know you are quite adventurous.  Only one restaurant for water villas and one for non-water villas.  Food fine, but nothing special (but I am a food snob).  

    Last year we went Kuramathi which just blew my mind.  Big big island, but you genuinely don't feel like there's many people there.  Restaurants are really uncrowded, beach is, so relaxing and peaceful, and you properly feel like you are on a desert island, when you are walking around all the trees at night with a torch, with a sky lit with stars and bats flying overhead.  Much preferred the food as well - fish, Italian, Indian, Thai, Bbq and international restaurant.

    AFM so glad to be home.  Had long day at court and didn't eat anything.  Had to nip out as well to move my car for parking restrictions and got soaked in rain so sat shivering all afternoon.   Am now under a blanket with a cup of tea and some chocolate,

  • ahhh hello Pep - how are you doing?

    Just squealed when I saw you said Arthuruga too?  Did you stay in a WV?  when did you go?

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