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***weekend 3rd tri***

Morning ladies,
I slept really bad last night (I seem to be doing a daily sleep update!) :( I was up 7 times for the loo! That's just silly! I didn't think I could have enough pee in me for 7 wees but I did! I keep getting crampy pain in the side and bottom of bump and my pelvis so I guess she's just had a good move about.
We're going to go shopping later then out for a meal, I think it will be a lunch rather than an evening meal now as I'll be asleep by evening!
Have a good weekend lad


  • Annoying!!!

    That should say *ladies :)
  • Morning!

    Custard, sorry you had another rubbish sleep. Hope you manage to have a nap today to try and catch up !

    I'm off to my 1st NCT class shortly, not sure what to expect but looking forward to it.

    Hello to all that follow, hope we all have a good weekend x

  • Morning

    Custard sorry you had such a bad night, hopefully you'll be so tired after today you will sleep better tonight!

    Mrs P I hope the class goes well (and you have some grub with you!!)

    Sorry didn't get back on at the end of the week. Mrs Bass I know you asked, I'm taking holidays to finish at 36+3 with my mat leave starting at 38 weeks. I only have 10 more days at work so will just have to stick it out! I slept slightly better last night. How many sleepsuits do you have that you bought more? I've not got loads!?

    HF the consultant at the hospital isn't supportive of a natural breech birth and if I'm honest, I'm worried about the risks/complications so would be more comfortable just going with the section.

    Were getting the pram/car seat etc delivered today and the nappy kit so I'm def going to do some washing this weekend of the babies stuff. Getting my hair cut this afternoon too which will be nice (I LOVE) the head massage!x

  • More sleep woes here too; I'm bored of getting up for the world's smallest wee!  I'm off out in a mo to have a pedicure and am dying my hair later on. Also, we're going out tomorrow (lunch, obv!) for my birthday on the 18th Dec as I might be a bit busy on that day! Really looking forward to that.

    I'm no expert obviously, but have taken advice that it's nothing to get through 6 sleepsuits/vest things a day. I think I've gto 5 days worth to allow for washing and drying time. It's a job to know exactly though as you don't know what size they're going to be! I've got that many in newborn and 0-3 as we don't have a tumble dryer. You'd need less if you have a tumble.

    New 5 door car is on the road and the local garage are going to fit the seats for us. The owner has young ones so he said he'd do it to help out, which was kind of him.

  • Morning!

    Custard- 7 times is a lot! Do u stop drinking at a certain time in the evening?

    MrsP- hope u enjoy ur class and meet some nice people!

    Missdeedee- lots of exciting deliveries for u! I only had 3 up to 10lbs and 3 up to 12lbs! Loads of vest and long sleeved ones, just realised I was pretty legless!

    Sange-this is why Ive started to worry andpanic buy! Sounds like u have a lovely weekend planed, enjoy!

    We are going on a hospital tour this morn (better late than never) then off to Birmingham to stay with friends and im off to another Hitched meet this afternoon!

    Hope u all enjoy ur weekends!,

  • A PUMPKIN! !!!!!!!!

  • Jeebus. That means I have a pumpkin too. On Monday.

  • Pumpkins are big!

  • Afternoon/evening all..just a quick one from me!

    Booo to all of you not being able to sleep. Last night I had an amazing long sleep, sorry!!

    Had a lazy day today, been to visit my nana then went to tescos with my mum. Tonight its a chinese take away watching trashy tv and films. Tomorrow we're putting the tree and decorations up, then going to the in laws in the evening for a family dinner for hubbys grandmas birthday.

    Enjoy your evenings everyone!

  • And omg! Im a pumpkin too. Ouch! 10 days till DD! Eeks

  • OMG way too many pumpkins in here for my liking!!

    How was everyone's sat? Mrs P how was the class?  Sange hope you had a lovely day/lunch. Mrs Bass how did the your go? Gem I'm thinking about putting the tree up today too! I was going to wait until next week but I don't have much on today and I think I might be slightly more able this week than next for decorating!

    AFM pram and nappies arrived y'day. Pram has been whipped away to my mums (I didn't think H was bothered but he didn't want it in the house. I was planning on building it and having a wheel around the house lol!). Started washing the baby stuff y'day which I think might have shrunk ever so slightly, probably just imagining it though as the stuffs so small anyway! Did two loads y'day and everything packed back in my hospital bag and another 2 loads to do today. Also need to prewash the nappies (which are so cute!). Our nursery is finally completely finished so I'll take some pics today and flash later. I'm pleased with it and it's totally what I hoped it would look like so that's a bonus!x

  • Hi MDD, the class was really good thanks. Not as hippy like as I feared it could be. The group seem like a really nice bunch and some live very local which is lovely. We were the only ones who didn't take a packed lunch, oops. The lady running the course didn't mail us!

    Sounds like you've had a busy day! Woo hoo for the pram arrival, which one have you got? Getting flashing that nursery lovely! Xxx

    We are planning on building the cot today and then heading out for Sunday lunch somewhere x

  • Hi ladies!

    Why did you not take lunch penguin?! I have enough food in my handbag to feed a small family for a week! How exciting building a cot :) we built ours early on as we wanted to see where it would fit in our room and to get the cats use to it.

    What pram did you go for Missdeedee? Ours is in the nursery and I keep having a play!

    Afm- i had back ache all yesterday afternoon and evening which developed into periody pains :( had a :O moment this morning with the advent calendar....
  • ... When I realised I'm going to have a baby this month (hopefully before I finish all my chocolates!) :O
  • Eeeeek, single figures now!!! That is all :-)

  • How are we going to get all these pumpkins out?!

    Had a great time at the meet up and got to meet some Mumdrummers too!! We've just got back and im knackered. Had something wedged into my ribs ont he journey home so H suggested reclining the chair back which seemed to work

    missdeedee- what a baby focuses weekend!! Im sure the baby clothes are just teeny tiny anyway! My mum was keen for us not to have the pram in the house but we didn't really have anywhere else to put it!

    MrsP- did anyone share their lunch with you?

    Custard- i freaked out a little when i realised i was having a baby this month!!!! yikes!!

    Ive had some pressure lower down today, we went for a walk before leaving our friends and i was trailing behind everyone! Think baby may have wiggled down a bit more!

  • Where is HF today? I dreamt last night that she'd gone into labour taking everyone by surprise by being a bit early.

  • Don't think she has been on for a couple of days, that isn't unusual though as she is usually quite busy. Ooooh I wonder if it was a preminition!?!?

  • Mrs Bass, no they didn't :-(

    We took some cereal bars and breakfast biscuits so were ok, but we'll know for next time!

    For those who don't keep their prams in the house, is this a superstition? Just a random musing.

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