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**Friday 1st tri**

It's scan day!!  Fingers crossed I'm not too early.

hello to all who follow, I'll be back in a few hours with a photo (hopefully)!



  • How exciting Wispa. Very best of luck. Enjoy seeing that little baby!!!

    I'm off work today because I've got my booking appointment with the midwife. I'm only 6+5 but they seem to do them early in my area. Last time I was only 5+4!!!!!  Apart from that I don't feel too bad. Mainly because I'm still in bed I guess lol. I need to get in gear and get in the shower as I need to leave at 9am.

    Hi everyone xx

  • Ah I didn't see this when I started another but I've marked it as duplicate :)

    Wispa that's so exciting - can't wait to see a pic

    CA - yep you do perhaps need to get a wriggle on!

    AFM - Glad it's Friday, me and my range need to be away from work colleagues for a couple of days.  Looking forward to my scan on Monday - it seems to have taken ages to get around to it!  Silly question but when does 2nd tri start?  Is it 13 weeks?  A few people said it's 12 but there are three lots of 13 in 40 weeks so I'm a tad confuddled!

  • Good luck Wispa, will be waiting for a pucture!

    Ca- enjoy your appt today!

    Vt- I think it starts at 13+3/4 as that's one third of 40 weeks. I'm no expert though. Exciting that your scan is so near now!

    AFM- morning much to report. I wish this next 10 days would hurry on by!

  • Wispa! FX your not too early. Can't wait to see pic!

    Candy - Good luck for your midwife appointment.

    Von - That made me laugh! I got up this morning and said to H 'people better watch out today' Ha! Exciting about your scan.

    Imp - I'm on countdown for you, I hope the next 10 days goes very quickly.

    AFM - Not much to report, another early night last night so feeling quite fresh this morning! Woke up feeling a bit rough but feeling OK at the moment. Looking forward to the weekend and hoping today goes VERY quickly!

  • morning all !

    Wispa-eeekkk how exciting

    Candy- wow thats early, good luck ! enjoy your bounty kit ! let us know what you get in yours!

    Von- 13+4 i think is when it starts!

    IMP-i hope they go fast, becasue i have my scan aswell haha!

    Pep-roll on 5 o clock!

    AFM- it appears i had a hypo yesterday, thats what my funny turn was. i am armed with my blood sugar monitor today and some dextrose sweets incase.

    i know the signs to look out for now, however the diabetes nurse was a bit concerned, as my ongoing insulin issue is that i create too much, thats why im high risk of diabetes, however yesterday was that i didnt have enough which is a turn around so not sure why that happened,

    anyways im very excited for the weekend im meeting lots of Mumdrummers and hitchers for our quarterly gathering, im not staying overnight this time though as im not drinking, but very pleased i can make the most of the free soft drink refills !!!

  • Monnie - That is quite a turn around! Hopefully you don't have anymore. Weekend sounds lovely, where are you all meeting?

    Could kick myself right now. The scan I'd planned to book is no longer available. They had like 5 slots available on Thursday 5th December (7+5) and have done all week, but today they have all dissapeared :( They have Friday 6th available (7+6), but its during the day. H is a teacher so not sure if he will be able to take time out? I'm going to try and convince him to say he has a specialist appointment or similar? He's *never* taken any-time out for illness or anything before. Failing that we could go to another centre on Sunday 8th (8+1) but its about 45 minutes away (and a couple more days wait!).

  • Pep maybe try and call them? I know our local scan place has loads of appointments available but they don't all show online for some reason. Unless that day is the staff Xmas do so they've removed all the appointments?!

  • we are meetingat a pub in colchester, essex

    we meet there and have some lunch and some drinks and normally munch some goodies, then we have a bit of dinner, before we have eaten at the pub, last time it was a lovely summers day and we sat in the beer garden eating dominoes pizza! then whoever is not staying goes home, and the people staying check into the hotel thats attached to the pub.

    we all dress up in our onesies and meet in one room with loads of drink and shots and junk food. we put on the ipod and play drinking games until we get told to go back to our rooms by security !

  • Imp - Already tried to phone them, I went through to a general call centre and they were just looking online for appointments too! I can't find a number for the actual centre.

    Monnie - Oh wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Morning ladies, Happy Friiiidaaaaay!

    Wispa, eeek, good luck for your scan. Can't wait to see a pic!

    CA, let us know how the booking appoiment goes!

    VT, another scan coming up! I've read 13+4 for the start of 2nd tri.

    Imp, wishing your speedy 10 days!

    Pep, glad you're feeling okay.

    Monnie, glad you're okay. My brother has diabetes and carries around dextrose sweets. Lucozade is good too, if you ever find yourself without your sweets.

    Pep, I would go for the Sunday appointment. I know it's a pain having to wait, but there might be future appointments where you have no choice but to go during the day, and your H might need to save his sickies for then.

    I have the day off today and am still in bed. Feeling a bit sicky but other than that I'm fine. I haven't poas for 2 whole days now! Lol

  • I'm just dipping my toe in....

    I'm only 4+1 and I'm not sure I'm 100% to be here full time but just wanted to say hi!


  • Woooo hi Rod, welcome to 1st tri! xx

  • Hi Fig thanks!

  • Fig - Know what you mean, but he is leaving this job at the end of December which is why I'm thinking he should just risk it :-D I think I know he won't though :-(

    Rod - Hello! Lovely to 'see' you x

  • I'm back.  It was a pre-booking appointment apparently?!?  My booking appointment is at my 12 weeks scan.  Shes taken a little note that I'd like that before Xmas if possible (if I make it that far!!!).

    Other than that I don't think I feel as sick today.  Not sure whether to worry about that or be a bit relieved???  I'm off for the rest of the day so do plan to do some housework and pre-Xmas stuff but so far I've not achieved anything.  I've got ironing to do as well.  Also, 10 days until my early scan so I'm literally on countdown mode.

    Wispa - hope everything is going ok

    VT - yay for early scan being right round the corner!!!  Sorry I've not idea when 2nd Tri begins.

    Imp - snap on the 10 day countdown.  Hope its quick for us both xxx

    Pep - glad you had a good night sleep and you're feeling ok today.   Did you get a scan booked yet??

    Monnie - thats quite worrying.  Hope you are ok now.  Yay to MD and H meets.  Hope you have a fab time.

    Fig - lucky you still in bed.  Yay for sickness and well done for not poas for 2 days!!!

  • oops missed you there - hi Rod and welcome xxxx

  • I know it seems a long time Pep, but 3 days will fly by.  Go for the Sunday appt then you're not having to rush about.

    Hi Rod.

  • I just wanted to ask, did anyone feel really sick early on? I think I'm too early for proper symptoms but I feel sooo sick today. Keep getting a watery mouth and all sorts.

  • blimey its busy in here today - Morning All!!

    wispa - Very excited to see a little picture soon!

    Candy Apple - I had a pre-booking. Was fun to have a chat and get to know midwife though. the 10 days will fly by once the weekends passed (and that always goes too quickly!)

    Von Trapp - No idea about 2nd tri, i always thought it was 12 weeks but remember when there was bertie and chocolate cupcake in here until around 13 weeks. I think i may just stay until i outgrow my welcome haha

    Imp - 10 days too, they always say you should never wish time away but when waiting for a scan i really think you should be able to!

    Pep - still so excited you're in first tri! I agree with the sunday. It'll be nice to not have the rush and spend the rest of the day together.

    Monnie - hope you're feeling better now. Your weekend sounds like it'll be a laugh!

    Figaro - Well done on holding out... i still get the urge to now at 11 weeks haha. i think its just nice to know whats going on inside.. I'm also very jealous of you being tucked up... I've been at work since 7am

    Rod - my sickness didnt start until about 6 weeks, I felt on top of the world and then it started to kick in... but you could have multiples in there or just be a little extra delicate so feeling it abit harder.

    AFM - nothing to report... fell asleep on the sofa at 8.15pm last night so H put me to bed and I slept through till 6.30am.. still yawning though :) I said i didnt want to go to bed so early and he just said "you're pregnant, enjoy the rest whilst you get it". Someone at work has also offered me 2 cots and a barely used newborn car seat as his son is too big now, which is very generous and well received!

  • Very busy here today!

    Wispa - Good luck with your scan, can't wait to see the pic!

    Candy Apple - my midwife split my booking appointment in 2, which was a bit annoying seeing as me and H had taken the afternoon off of work for it and we were only there 20 mins :( Got the 2nd half in a home visit next Tuesday though.

    Von Trapp - think I will count 2nd Trimester from 13 weeks!

    Imp - Hope the next 10 days go fast!

    Pep - I would go with the Sunday, less rushing and maybe you can make a nice weekend day of it!

    Monnie - Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Figaro - Jealous of your day off!

    Rod - Welcome! My morning sickness started at about 6 weeks,

    AFM, not a lot to report, still feeling sick and very tired. So glad it is the weekend tomorrow even if my house is currently a building site and I have no chance of a lie in!


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