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**monday 3rd tri**

Morning ladies. No better sleep last night, infact it was probably worse! I'm off work on hols this week, got my whooping cough jag this morning, H has a consultant app with the eye specialist today so its a doctors/hospital day for us. I'm nipping into the baby shop though to arrange to get our nursery furniture delivered this week. 

My lovely H has ordered me another pillow which should arrive today to try and see if I can get any better sleep. I've never been so glad to be off work today!x



  • MissDD - sorry you had another bad night, hopefully the new pillow will help. Hope your appointments go well today and you can fit in a little nap x

    Afm - 37+6 today and feeling pretty good. I've had a couple of good nights sleep and my awful one on Friday so feeling refreshed. Meeting a couple of friends for lunch today and then have I's swimming lesson this afternoon. Bump is fine, happily jumping around in there. Will find out tomorrow whether its made any attempt to get engaged yet!

    Hope you all have good days x

  • Morning all!

    MDD- Sorry you had another bad nights sleep! Hope you manage to chill out this week, being off.

    Banzy- Glad your feeling good! Enjoy your day.

    AFM- its half term here this week so going into work later today which is a good job. Had hardly any sleep! MDD- I'm in your camp! Couldnt get comfy, groin/pelvic pains and hubby deep breathing/snoring to top it off..grrr. 4 weeks left until mat leave...yay!!

    Have a good day all :-)

  • Morning!

    MissDD- sorry to hear you've not had a great nights sleep. Hopefully you will have a better one tonight, yay for being off for the week though!

    Banzy- Enjoy your afternoon and fingers crossed for head being engaged

    Gemini - Sorry to hear you didn't sleep too well. Hopefully you sleep better tonight.

    AFM- Still waiting for things to kick off even though I know I've got quite a while yet. I'm just getting so impatient. Will be bouncing on the ball today and just chilling. Got a very wriggly baby this morning, i think he must want his breakfast.

  • Morning :-)

    MDD - I think nearly all of us are suffering at night :-( I had managed to turn onto my back (despite pillows) last night and I woke up with pins and needles in my hands! Hope the hospital appointment goes ok x

    Banzy - 'baby engaged' vibes for your appointment tomorrow. Hope you have a nice day.

    Gem - Fx the next 4 weeks go quickly for you so you can enjoy your mat leave.

    MS - Hopefully baby won't keep you waiting much longer! I'm quite impatient so I don't expect it'll be much longer before I start feeling like that!

    AFM - We stayed at our wedding venue last night, just about to go and have breakfast. Bump photoshoot this arvo, looking forward to it but a bit unsure about what we want!

  • Morning all

    miss deedee sorry about the bad nights sleep. Hope the pillow helps

    banzy I hope head is getting engaged

    gemini seems like we are all sleeping badly at the moment.

    Mummy Simpson. I have a wiggly one too. Think she wants toast! !

    AFM - does anyone know if a show can just be clearish or does it have to have blood in it? I had something this morning that definitely wasn't just discharge. Different consistency and far too much of it. Help!!
  • Missed you there BE. Have a lovely photo shoot. Im sure the photographer will have lots of ideas x
  • LP- I'm pretty sure a show can be clear and no blood in it. Keep an eye on it and see if you get any more.

  • Gemini - sorry you didn't sleep well, hopefully it will improve.

    Ms - you sound very similar to me, think I'll spend some time on my ball later too.

    Be - hope you've enjoyed your anniversary weekend and have fun this afternoon x

    LP - I think it can be clear, fingers crossed things get started - exciting!!

  • Morning everyone!

    missdeedee- i really hope having some time off and resting helps! Hope all the Dr appointments today go well!

    Banzy- Glad you are feeling refreshed, long may it continue!

    Gemini- Sorry you are feeling crappy too, but yay to only 4 weeks left!

    mummysimpson-have fun bouncing!

    BE- have fun at your shoot,  Im sure the photographer will have lots of suggestions!

    LP- oooh, im not sure but i would have thought i can be clear! exciting!!! (is it gross to get excited about that?!)

    Jem- I saw your post last night- apparently the knitted boob is quite common at breastfeeding sessions but the hand puppet did have us all in stitches. We ran out of time with a 2 1/2 hour session so its good you get two. are you taking anyone with you?

    AFM- tired. decided to drive in today to avoid any 'over doing it pains' so glad and it is wet and miserable this morning! Its finally sinking in that its my birthday on friday!!! My mind has been so full of baby things that I have been totally distracted. which is good otherwise I might have had a meltdown about turning 30!!

  • MissDD, hope the new pillow helps x

    Banzy, have a lovely lunch, glad you are sleeping better.

    Gemini, hope the next 4 weeks aren't too taxing for you..and get a pillow for H when he is snoring!

    MummyS,  I am already impatient at 34 weeks! LOL! enjoy the bouncing but don't overdo it!

    BE, hope the photo shoot goes well! x

    LP, I didn't have one with B so not sure but maybe a google may throw up some lovely as that might be! :/

    AFM, 34+4 and feeling very uncomfortable. I never felt this way with B so it is all new to me. Hopefully I will get the results today about my uti, I am in so much pain and not sure if it is the uti or something that needs to be checked out. Cramps are awful, feel just like early labour pains! :/

    Hope you all have good days x

  • Oh, just had a text from MIL, she has transferred the remainder of the pram money over so we can pay that off :O) YAY!

  • MrsBass, I was 32 on Saturday, it isn't as bad as you think! ;)

  • Morning all, hope everyone had a good weekend.

    MDD - hope the new pillow helps with sleep. I'm up to 4 normal pillows and a V-shaped one now which is a bit ridiculous but is helping me sleep better so my tip is just keep piling them on there!

    Banzy - have a lovely day, you sound very chirpy today!

    Gemini - oh no more sleep problems :( This stage really does suck when it comes to getting comfy. Hope the later start helps.

    MummyS - enjoy your chilling day, I get what you mean about getting impatient so hopefully time will fly for you now.

    BE - sounds like a lovely anniversary celebration, enjoy the bump shoot and let us know how it goes.

    LP - no idea sorry, I would probably google but then regret it! Or start a new thread here to ask the experienced mums.

    Mrs Bass - don't get the 30 panic! I am 31 and can honestly say that so far 30s have been even better than 20s for me. Just as much fun but somehow I also feel a lot more relaxed and secure in myself.

    Chimpanzee - yay for pram payments! Hope your uti gets sorted, you must be in a lot of pain :(

    AFM - feeling a bit fed up to be honest. Still a week and a half til due date but, as I like to be organised and am a forward planner, I'm already worried about being overdue as I really want to go in our MLU but can only do that up to 42 weeks and as long as I don't have to be induced. I am bouncing on the ball and have been for long walks every day since Thursday but baby is still showing no signs of engaging so it's worrying me that he's not even vaguely getting ready! Plus H is now on red alert every time I so much as look uncomfortable so I know he is expecting it to be any day now but I am honestly starting to think I will just be pregnant forever ;) I know in the end it won't matter how or when he comes just as long as we have our boy here safely but I can't help it at the moment. Gosh that turned into a bit of a ramble, sorry.

    Anyway today I am hopefully going into town for birthday present shopping - lots of birthdays in November so need to get organised. I intend on trekking round the shops for as long as is humanly possible to encourage gravity to do its thing! I don't often get to go for a wander round town on my own so am looking forward to it.

  • Tina, of course that is what matters but it doesn't make the waiting any easier! :( I am trying to get organised, have bought christmas cards and thinking of writing them plus buying the cards for November and December birthdays. I have never been so organised! LOL x

  • Morning all! It's utterly vile weather here today; H is on half term and still in bed (!) but I'm hoping to drag him up and suggest we go out somewhere for a couple of hours - there is only so much sitting in the house waiting to go into labour that I can face.

    LP - from what I've read, the mucus plus is usually clear and can come out well in advance of labour, can come up and stages (and be replenished by the body), or can be mixed in with the bloody show. The blood comes from the capillaries bursting around the cervix as it opens, so tends to be a sign that labour is closer. It's not always clear cut though - I had some fresh blood mixed with in mucus (so was quite pink) on 9th Oct, and am clearly still pregnant 12 days later so I think the blood must have come from general bashing of my cervix by baby rather than it actually doing anything!

    TT - I feel exactly the same. I am quite confident about putting my foot down re: homebirth past 42 weeks but it's a bit different - I just have to refuse to go in and they have to send MWs to me, but it's different with a MLU because they have to actually let you in. It IS uncommon for people to go past 42 weeks though, it might seem like 2 weeks over isn't much but the majority of women will start before then so don't panic. Don't wear yourself out with too much walking though - I am a firm believer in our bodies needing to be well rested, hydrated, nourished and relaxed before they'll give in and go into labour. Could you watch TV on all fours over a birthing ball? Opens your pelvis up and encourages baby to drop but allows you to rest?

    MDD - hope the sleep situation improves!

    Banzy - have a lovely lunch and sending engaged-baby vibes for tomorrow!

    Gemini - hurrah for the later start, and only 4 weeks to go!

    MS - if it's any consolation, despite what it feels like at the time, the days do pass quite quickly! At 38 weeks I thought I could never wait until EDD, and now I'm only 1 day away!

    BE - hope your photographer can give you some guidance and that you get some lovely shots.

    Mrs Bass, glad you drove in today! I hope you have an amazing party at the weekend. I was throwing up for most of my 30th (lovely morning sickness, timed that wrong!) so I'm going to go all out for my 31st instead!

    Chimp, I hope it's a UTI so you get a clear answer and can be treated.

    AFM, no more signs of labour here! In the late Saturday evening / early hours of Sunday morning I'd have put money on it kicking off properly on Sunday night, but then all was quiet yesterday and I had a wonderful night's sleep - in bed from 10.30pm til 8am, only 1 toilet trip, and only awake for a total of about an hour (which is very good for me recently!) I think I perhaps was in early labour, but it stalled as I was so exhausted. I had a horrific headache and crunchy neck all day yesterday as well so just wasn't 'right'. I feel so much better today Smile As impatient as I am to meet baby, I'm feeling quite chilled about it arriving when it's ready. I reserve the right to change my mind on Wednesday when I am officially overdue Wink MW appt on Thursday if nothing has happened.

  • Chimp- i really hope you pain eases off soon!! Have fun writing the xmas cards! not sure im going to bother this year!

    Tina- I hope the bouncing and walking works!

    Mrs50- that's a good plan, you have something to look forward too. i started planning this party before I found out i was pregnant! Was determined to go ahead.

    Turning 30 hasnt scared me as much as I thought it might, Im quite calm about it really!  im not srue if that is because its not so scary or just the thought of becomming a mummy is more scary! :-)

  • Sorry, late to the party again and on my phone so personals impossible when we get to page 2.

    Over the past 2 weeks ot has emerged that I hate FIL. H works for him and he disputed the hours he had worked last week leaving us £70 short. He is the kind of person that having a discussion with him results in an 'I'm right, you're wrong' argument. H actually worked a few hours more than what he is paid for last week and once again his dad deducted £65 from his wages stating that this is still what was owed from the week previous. He is basically saying he only worked 14 hours 1 week which is rubbish! The outcome of H's talk with him today was well lets just make sure that we both know what hours you have worked from this week onwards and then there will be no mistakes.. he's a plonker.

    Also, H brought up paternity with him (he isn't entitled to any paid as hasn't been working with him long enough) and when H suggested he would probably only take a we won't be able to afford him out of work any longer his dad said 'Why do you need that long off!? I only had 2 days off with you and 1 with your sister'.

    Pregnancy hormones mean ive been crying all morning about it as we are just getting straight financially as it is after H has had the worlds worst year work wise and I can't believe how much of a selfish idiot his dad can be.

    Sorry for the rant! Hope all you lovely ladies are okay.  X

  • Sam that is pants, you would have though his own dad woul dbe more undertanding!! Hope he gets it sorted.

    I have been hit with such tiredness, im scared if I blink i'll fall asleep!  Lucky im doing prep for an event that doesnt take much thinking, mainly printing and cutting!

    Cant wait until home time!

  • I've had a cup of tea and the little dose of caffine seemed to have done the trick!

    Can I ask, how do you keep track of movements. It has just dawned on me I can't remember feeling movements since Ive been at work. It is highly likely Ive had some, but as Ive been busy, I havent taken much notice. I know there will be less now as they are running out of space and Baby is more active in the evening when Im slouched on the sofa.

    Ive had a mug of cold water and I think i felt a couple. Just wondered how you keep track?

    Of course whilst Ive been typing this, ive felt a fair bit of movement!

  • MrsBass- highly doubtful he will ever be more understanding. So frustrating that H's wages are £100+ down and he is unwilling to listen. This is from a man that recently spent £11k on a new motorbike, £7k on a new car and is currently getting a new boiler/ radiators for £5k so they really aren't struggling!

    As for movements if I don't remember feeling any for a little while I have a sit or lie down with a cold drink (or ice cream!) and make a conscious effort to notice them. I don't necessarily count them but I know if I feel a few then its likely everything is okay. When this has happened im then conscious to watch out for them for the rest of the day so would notice if they were reduced m

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