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**Thursday 1st tri**

Sorry I didn't get on yesterday...I didnt't get a chance until the evening and I know noone is generally about then! Hope you're all ok. Nothing to report baby wise, no symptoms other than a bump and weeing at least twice a night...oh how I'd love a full night's sleep! Work today...booooo! Will try pop back fir personals x


  • Hi coco, I haven't been on for a few days, so busy! Glad you're ok, but it must be hard not getting a full night sleep.

    AFM- very tired, and a bit of nausea at odd times, like lunch time yesterday, but not been sick, so fingers crossed it stays that way. Bit of a bump here, which is worrying as I'm only 8 weeks, but I had a flat stomach pre pregnancy so maybe that's why. Hi to all who follow, have a lovely day.

  • Hello both! I've been a bit rubbish at coming on here too!

    Coco - I'm also seeing twice night :( It is the most annoying reason to get up EVER!

    Raincloud - I'm exactly the same as you, very tired, could sleep for Enlgand and waves of nausea throughout the day. Worst is cleaning my teeth! Apart from those two things I am fine.

    AFM - I had my discharge scan at Bourn Hall (IVF) clinic on Tuesday. Both babies were measuring correctly and had lovely heartbeats of 144 and 148 bpm. Now what feels like a really long wait until the 12 week scan! I am booking in with the midwife next week so will hopefully have a 12 week scan date not too long afterwards x

  • Hi ladies

    Coco - Can you get back to sleep ok after your toilet trips?

    Raincloud -I wish I had a flat stomach pre-pregnancy, thats where all my weight goes - I am not exaggerating when I say I could pass for 6 months pregnant in certain clothes! Im hoping once the sickness passes & I can eat normally that I am able to maintain my weight for a while. Re being sick - its doesnt make you feel any better after vomitting so hopefully you do not progress to this stage!

    Ducky - Glad your discharge scan went well :) Funny its the teeth brushing that gets me too!

    AFM - Was sick this morning but I am still better than the last couple of weeks. Was in bed last night at 730pm & slept till 6am. Its scary how something so small can drain you so much! I am 9 weeks tomorrow and sometimes still have to pinch myself that this has all happened - I sat last night and just stroked our early scan pictures!

  • Hi all!

    Coco - hope work goes ok.

    Raincloud - hope the sickness stays away, you may find the bump goes down as it tends to be bloat in the early weeks (just so you don't worry if/when it does! mine did last time!)

    Ducky - glad the discharge scan went well. The wait for the 12-week scan does feel like forever! And the wait for the 20-week scan. Yet somehow after that it goes by quick enough, probably because you can feel and then see the baby so have that for reassurance!

    AFM - H has taken A to nursery, he is meant to be doing a full day but we'll see. They got him to nap yesterday which is amazing, normally he naps only for me and my mum. I've got a cleaner coming round to do a deep clean of the house so must have my shower and do a tidy ASAP! Also got some parcels arriving with teeny tiny newborn cloth nappies and a soft stretchy sling... can't wait! Bit early to be buying things I know but I'm on full pay this month as am using up my annual leave, so thought I'd get some things sorted before I go back to work and only get half pay.

  • Missed you SaSaSi - glad you are feeling better. Soooo jealous of your long sleep!

  • Casually popping my head in the door! I'll pop back later properly. I'm 4w today so mega early days here. I've got Isaac who's 17m so just over 2yrs between them. It was our first official month of trying so feeling very lucky (took us 6m and a MMC with Isaac) Looking forward to getting to know you all better through the journey Smile

  • Raincloud - hope the nausea eases off soon.

    Ducky - yay for your discharge and seeing babies again...hope your scan comes through quicker than mine did!

    SaSaSi -wait for the difference between your early scan and 12wk'll be blown away!

    Saisi - I hope A lasts the day at nursery. I'd love a deep clean just now!

    McSquirtle - congratulations lovely! Fab news xx

  • McSquirtle congratulations! What lovely news!

  • Morning everyone!

    Coco - see I'm used to getting up in the night to pee (anxiety related) so getting up in the night a bit more doesnt really bother me!

    Raincloud - hope you dont get sickness too!

    Ducky - 12 weeks seems like sooooo long away!!!

    SaSaSi - I know my H has our scan pic on his bedside table so I can always look across and see it and it makes me smile. So surreal there is a teeny tiny person growing in there!

    Saisi - lucky you having a deep clean! Flash us a picture of the stuff you get delivered!!!

    McSquirtle - congratulations!

    AFM: I hardly slept last night as I was on call and seemed to get a call every 1.5-2 hours i.e. just when I'd got back to sleep! Grrr. Its the first time I've been on call overnight since finding out I'm pregnant and I dont know why but I was a lot more stressed and anxious than usual. Probably because I need the sleep more! Felt very sick this morning and in case you were wondering cornflakes are not great on the way back up!! Wont be having them again until the ms dies down! x

  • Browny I lived off mini cheddars for breakfast from 8-14 weeks. Never come back up but anything else did! Just incase you wanted to try them :(

  • Thanks for the tip Pep! I do love mini-chedders, but I have to have breakfast food at breakfast time I can't stomach anything else! I've been having shreddies, which aren't bad coming back up lol. I am sick every morning, particularly when I brush my teeth so part of my breakfast always comes back up. If I have time I then have a slice of toast before leaving, which usually stays down! x

  • Have some jelly, it's the softest thing when it comes back up!

    ETA I had jelly for breakfast for about two months when pg with A!

  • Hello!

    Sorry I haven't been around much either, work has been busy and I have been going to bed at 9pm most nights!

    Coco - hope you get  a full night's sleep soon, I hate that, as I struggle to get back off again.

    Raincloud - FX sickness stays away, and I am well jealous of your flat stomach. Ever since going on steroids, mine has forever had a little paunch. Fit.

    Ducky - Hope it goes quickly for you. I'm well emosh you have been discharged from Bourn Hall though!

    Sasasi - ahhhh, that's lovely. Can't wait til I get a scan :)

    Saisi - I love a deep clean...look forward to seeing your goodies

    McSquirtle - congratulations! I'm still very early but wanted to join in  as I have a LOT to learn

    AFM - had my doctors appointment today. She's gone by standard 28 cycle dates so has put my EDD as 17/09 but I think it's still 23/09 so am going with that. Have an early can booked in for when I'll be 7+4 (by my dates). She confirmed I'll be consultant led, so hopefully that means a couple more scans :) Feeling OK, bit tired, but I am quite tired a lot anyway, so I don't really notice that much! Boobs still killing!

  • Hi All,

    I will come back on later to do personals so sorry this is so quick.

    Congratulations to McSquirtle!

    All was ok with the scan today but I can't upload a pic yet so I will put one on later tonight.

    Hi to those that follow!

  • Browny - I have a similar anxiety too, I'd been so much better but think pregnancy has made me wee more and brought it back to my mind. Sorry you had a bad night on call cc

    Gavi - definitely stick with your dates if you have longer cycles...sure your scan will confirm anyway.

    Jonesy - glad all is good with baby...what is your edd?

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