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**TMI** Did any one start losing their plug early??

Just been to the loo and found a big gross snotty snot like thing. Much thicker and stickier than normal discharge. Im assuming its the start of my plug, I know you can loose them weeks before labour so im not worried as such. But given im only 33+2 id love to hear from people who also lost it easly, or started to, and didnt deliver until much later.
With p I had a couple of days with loss like this, then a huge bloody show and she arrived that night but I was 38 weeks then.
if there is any blood then ill call triage to run in by them I think but for the moment its just snotty/mucus coloured.
Apologies for the TMI!!!
Any experience welcome


  • Have no experience of early plug as I had a bloody plug a few hours after my stretch & sweep at 40+2 then had Isobelle 36 hours later. I know Baby long legs posted something similar very recently so hopefully she'll be a long shortly to say what the doctors said about hers. So excited for you, your pregnancy seems to have whizzed by, can't believe you're 33 weeks already!! x

  • With U I lost my plug at about 32 weeks. Although by my dates I was 34 weeks. She arrived at 40+4 by hospital dates.

  • Hey autumnrose I have had similar for weeks. Its just clear but apprently grows back. Never had this witH Leon like you lost plug then bloody one then had him next day
  • Thanks ladies. Thats reassuring.  

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