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**Tuesday 1st Tri**

Morning all, how is everyone? Much planned for today? 

I'm off for a quick blood test this morning as there was a problem with one of my booking bloods apparently (they probably dropped it!)



  • Morning everyone!

    BE- hope your bloods are ok this time. How's your MS?

    I went to the docs last night, she wouldn't refer me for an nhs early scan so I'm going to book my own today. Also, I now refer myself to the MW so I've got to call her today too. The doctors appt was a total waste of time!!!

  • Morning BE. I would be a bit cross as I hate needles. Hope it's pain free for you.

    Im meeting up with two friends and their LOs this afternoon. Got quite a nice week ahead I have my normal two days off then an inset on Friday which I don't have to attend. Hopefully got MW coming sometime tomorrow to finish of booking appointment that was cancelled last week. Must phone the surgery to book my 16 week appointment so they can actually fit me in on time too. Hi to all that follow. x

  • Hi Imp. Sorry they won't give you an early scan. Good idea to book your own though for peace of mind. Have a great day x

  • Morning All,

    BE- Hope these blood tests are okay and you don't have to be stabbed again for a while!

    Imp- Rubbish about them not referring you but definitely think it is worth the peace of mind to go private. It's a long wait until the first scan and even after me having one at 7 weeks I'm still nervous about today! My doctor didnt tell me I could self refer to the MW, they said they had to send a referral letter, this all took forever and my original booking appointment that they sent through was meant to be yesterday! I would have been 13+ weeks.. Bit of a faff but I think it's better sorting it yourself because the NHS are generally quite slow in getting things sorted.

    MrsB- Have a lovely day and hope the MW can come tomorrow to finish your booking appointment.

    AFM- Don't know if I've mentioned but it's scan day! Eek.. scared, nervous and excited all at once. Think it's at 10.40 but keep thinking I've got the time wrong so going to phone up and double check. Feel like such a worrier this morning..

  • Morning all!

    BE...they take my blood from my hand so I wouldn't be too happy! Hope all is ok

    Lmp, we don't need to have a GP appt here. Just book in with the midwife. I had one anyway and dr advised me against an early scan due to it being a vaginal probe which I thought sounded a bit dangerous :( Hope you manage to book one yourself x

    MrsB, enjoy your afternoon :)

    Afm, 9+5 and nausea just in waves now, not constant whuch is good :) Finally off to my booking in today, OH coming too, he never wants to miss anything lol. He is in the middle of his 4 days off which he was happy about! I have told him what to expect and if she struggles getting my blood like normal he wants to do it lol! He would happily deliver this baby too and I'm sure that is why he's so behind a home birth lol!

    Have a lovely day all! X

  • Sam, enjoy your scan. Upload the photo! :) x

  • Chimp- Glad the nausea seems to be easing. Give it a few weeks and it will hopefully completely disappear! Hope your booking goes easy. My H is the same with appointments but I have an appointment on Friday that he is going to have to miss as he can't get the time off work, he is a little disappointed! I don't think he understands that it's probably only going to be me weeing in a pot and a few questions haha. I have dainty veins apparently but touch wood they have always managed to get it out of my right arm so far!

    Scan photo will be up asap! :) x

  • Sometimes they can do it but during my last pregnancy I always told them to go straight to my hand! He reckons he could get it from my arm but I wouldn't let him try! Lol. He is a paramedic by the way,  not just a weirdo who likes jabbing people lol! X

  • Just phoned to check and scan is 11.40.. not 10.40. That is another hour I have to wait! Argh!

  • Blood test done, it was because my blood count was low in the first one due to this pesky MS! Feeling a bit brighter today though which is good :-)

    Imp - Sorry the Dr wouldn't refer you for a scan, hope you get one booked so you can put your mind at rest.

    MrsB - Have a nice afternoon, the weather is beautiful here today. Fx for MW appt!

    Sam - Hope the morning goes quickly for you and looking forward to seeing the pic :-)

    Chimp - I have always had problems with blood tests before pregnancy, they always had to use a baby needle, I tried to give blood once and it was awful! No problems at all getting blood now though, the MW told me that everything gets bigger during pregnancy lol. You have a lot more blood going round so should be ok.

  • Omg what a busy thread this morning!

    The garage didnt get my car back to me yesterday - they discovered (once they had my car in bits) the parts they'd been sent were wrong, they phoned asking if needed car back urgently ... well not urgently, but i'd like it at somepoint soon like! ARRGHH so still carless, gonna have to phone my friend and see if she will do my horse for me. Either that or phone MIL and get her to pick toddler seat up from my car at garage and give us all a lift to yard - way too much hassle, plus would involve speaking to the MIL. LOL

    BE - hope the needle is quick & painless!

    Imp - at our doctors surgery, you HAVE to see a doctor before they will write you in the midwifes book!

    MrsB - enjoy meeting your friends

    Chimp - its probaby useful your H coming to midwife app - they ask about family history on both sides!

    Goodluck for scan Sam.

    Oh and the blood / needle thing - i happily give blood all the time. They never have a problem getting a vein. However after i gave birth (bearing in mind i threw up all of labour - not quite the calm homebirth i had in mind, LOL) i was so dehydrated, i had to transfer to hospital for stiches on a 3rd degree tear and they an emergency took priorty and basically i gave birth at 2pm, and they started trying to get a needle into me at 8pm - not happening, veins so shrunken it was untrue. It took them an hour, it was HORRENDOUS (plus i was exhuasted from labour / no food etc). I was begging them to stop with needle (this was for a drip) and just stitch me up using local anaesthetic 'down there'.

    Right thats really scared everyone about giving birth now. This time around, i am still opting for a homebirth but no tears thank you very much!

  • Grr typed a massive reply then got kicked out! Lets try again...

    Morning all, trying not to read the posts about needles too closely as they make me feel funny!

    BE - glad you are feeling a bit brighter at last.

    MrsB enjoy your lovely week!

    Good luck for your scan Sam, exciting! Sorry you have to wait even longer than you thought though.

    Chimpanzee hooray for booking in, I felt properly official after that bit!

    Imp, hope you get your private scan booked soon so that you can out your mind at ease. I had a private early scan (at around 7 weeks) and it wasn't vaginal.

    HF, what a pain in the bum about the car. I am completely ignoring your birthing anecdote ;)

    I ordered a load of maternity clothes last night (leggings, tights, jeans and a couple of dresses) as I am so uncomfortable all the time now. Bump now sticks up a tiny bit when I'm lying down so must be proper baby rather than cake after all! I'm going to head over to 2nd tri now but I will see all you girls there soon, and will of course be hanging around for scan pics!

  • HF that sounds awful! A few of my friends have asked me if I'm scared about labour but to be honest I haven't given it much thought. My worst fear is a bad tear though. One of my cousins had her 1st baby in March and she was pushing for a couple of hours which resulted in a tear all the way back (if you know what I mean!) not a good story to hear when you're only 6 weeks lol! Hope you get your car back soon and avoid MiL hehe!

  • Cross posted with you TT, enjoy your maternity clothes :-) I can feel a tiny bump but it's obviously not visible to anyone else yet, can't wait to be showing! Have fun in 2nd Tri and see you there in a couple of weeks xx

  • Tina- I desperately need some maternity clothes. Any recommendations for shops\/ I got some new stretchy jersey work skirts over the weekend as I was having to open the button on my trousers when I sat down. So much more comfortable now! I have also been living in leggings but have only got a few long tops so need to invest in some loose long tops to cover my booty. I have a fear of the dreaded see through leggings look where you can see knickers! haha H was rubbing my bump this morning and telling me how much it has grown the past week. I can't wait to have a proper baby belly!

  • Morning!

    BE - glad your blood test was ok and that you're feeling perkier today.

    Imp - sorry that the doctors was disappointing. I hope that you can get a private appointment soon, just to ease your  mind.

    Mrs B - I'm jealous of your week, sounds lovely.

    samjh87  -oooh how excitng, scan day! Not long to go now, be sure to report back :-)

    Chimp - glad that your nausea is easing. Bless your OH for being so excited and supportive, that's lovely. Mine's been like that too, makes you feel so lucky, doesn't it?

    HF - oh no that's rubbish about your car! I hope that they can sort it out quickly for you. It's amazing how lost you can feel without your car, and how much hassle everything becomes.

    TT - Noooo don't leave! First Mrs 50's goes, and then yooooou! Ha ha. I'm so pleased for you though, it must be lovely to be in 2nd Tri, being able to shout about being preggers and being out of this scary 1st Tri. How exciting to have a proper bump and be in proper matenity clothes. :-)

    AFM - went to the hospital this morning for a blood test for thyroid function. I've got a family history so the doctor just wants to be sure cos a thyroid problem can affect the baby. I should know in less than a week. I wasn't around here yesterday cos I was a little scared, I had the tiniest bit of brown spotting (well, more of a discharge really) and scared myself with the horror stories on google. However it seems to have just been old blood being pushed out of my stretching uterus - lovely! Didn't stop me being scared though, when I saw it. Still don't feel all that pregnant but am only 5 weeks today. I do feel a tiny bit faint and sicky, but I hate blood tests so it's probably just a side-effect of that. 8 days until my scan :-).

  • Sam very best of luck for your scan today can't wait to see a pic.

    TT I'll be joining you over on 2nd tri very soon will move over at the weekend.

    BE don't be scared of labour. You could have one like mine: 5 hours from first contraction to delivery, pushed for an hour no tears or grazes, done on gas and air. I went into a birthing centre which are midwife led. If you're low risk I'd highly recommend them. x

  • Hi Penny, hope your results come back good. Ever since I had my bleed at 5+3 I'm always worried when I go to the loo! Do get the odd bit of brownish streaks in discharge, I researched a lot and decided that unless it was heavy, bright red or accompanied by stomach cramps then not to panic!

    MrsB - That's what I'm hoping for! I'm one of four and my mum had us all on gas & air, she had some stitches with the 1st but nothing too bad so hopefully I will be similar! I'm quite impatient so would hate sitting round in hospital for hours waiting for something to happen like you see sometimes on OBEM.

  • MrsB- Can I order a labour like yours please!? I used to work on a birthing centre and is definitely something I would recommend if low risk too. You are not stuck there and can always move over to delivery suite if you feel like you need more pain relief etc but it is a much more calming atmosphere!

  • I'd like a labour like MrsB's too!

    Thanks BE. Yeah, after much googling I decided on the same thing. I didn't want to make a fuss, and as I've had no cramps, and no more spotting since that tiny bit yesterday morning, think it's just one of those things.

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