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**tuesday 3rd tri**

Morning ladies. GTT for me this morning, not looking forward to it. I fainted in the waiting too between blood tests with p! Also has a weird thing last night where I suddenly lost lots of liquid/discharge stuff, enough to run down my leg then soak a pad. Sorry tmi this early! Eventually spoke to triage who said as it'd stopped and I was there this morning anyway they'd see me then rather than go in late. I'm sure it's nothing but obviously been worrying about it all night! Baby very wriggly


  • Morning

    AR - Glad you are in this morning and at least in the right place if you faint. Hopefully not though!

    All fine here. Aaron got a barking cough so no nursery for him. We will walk Phoebe over to playgroup then come home for cuddles. We were planning on going out for lunch but that wont be happening so not a lot to do today now. Need to go to supermarket at some point but prob just send H tonight.

    ck 39+4 x

  • Let us know how you get on! I checked my phone about 5 times in the night for an update, hope all is well. It sounds good that you had no more liquid :)

    AFM, Baxter has been fairly quiet last couple of days, but we have those phases. I'm busy and tired, the norm! Was talking to Harry's dad last night and he remembers how ill I was last pregnancy and it was nice to say 'compared to that, I feel FANTASTIC!'. My sister is in tomorrow for induction with her twins. So apprehensive for her, but excited to meet them.

  • Morning AR, hope GTT goes ok. Is it done as standard where you are? I've not had one think it's only done if your 28 wk bloods show high glucose levels. Just saw your other thread, hope the leaking is nothing, but def make sure they check it out. Good luck with both x

    Whooping cough jab for me this morning, and got the Tesco shop to collect. My friend has M for me this morning which will be nice for us both - M gets to play with her little boy and I get my whooping jab without having to try to hide what's going on from M! H made up Ms new bed last night, it looks brilliant, she looks so tiny in it though! She's really chuffed with it. Just need a few things up on the walls and that'll be her room done :) and on to the next one! Baby wise, lots of wriggles this morning which is great after him being a bit quiet last night - anyone else find movements aren't consistent from one day to the next?

    Hi to everyone else x

  • Hi CK, enjoy the snuggling! And definitely send hubby shopping I reckon. If 39+4 isn't a good enough excuse to get out of going to the supermarket, I don't know what is!

  • CK, hope A is ok, enjoy your cuddles this morning

    Counter, hope Baxter is more wriggly today. Good luck to your sis x

  • Hi Weekender, my sister seemed to think I would be offered GTT as standard, but I wasn't (and didn't ask for it) so I don't know what the parameters are. Glad M is pleased with her bed, it's exciting for her, becoming a big girl :)  Does whooping cough jab hurt? Let me know, mine is Monday. And yes, movements *very* inconsistent here. Some days I think I've a breakdancer in there and the moves are all over, really quick and juddery, all day. Other times it's a nudge here and there and just a few flutters through the day!!

  • Counter, I'll let you know about the jab. It's funny about the movements, hospital told me any reduced movement out if ordinary for me to go in for checking. I've no idea when to worry and when not to! Was worrying last night, this morning he's going wild.

    Just wishing away the next 6/7 weeks now, if we get that far - I'd like a little term baby here asap!

  • weekender - you are doing well with the decorating, pics required! Hope your arm isnt to sore after the jag.

    Counter - How exciting about the twins being induced, do they live close by to you? Always nice to have cousins of a similar age!

  • Morning

    AR- hope everything goes OK today and update us when you can

    CK- poor AAron. Hope his cough lifts quickly.

    Counter- having a non wriggly baby, due to location of placenta, I know it can be worrying. Exciting news about your sister.

    Weekender- hope jab goes OK. Another one here with inconsistent movements

    Had a lovely morning yesterday with Jennilola (from here) and her 5 week old. He is very cute. I had my youngest O with me and when she asked did I want a cuddle he sat down and said yes! When we put him in his arms he proceeded to put his right arm over the baby's I think we need a bit of practice here! Quiet morning ahead, after the school run. It is very foggy here this morning. I then need to make up a few beds for some visitors staying tonight (they are visiting Harry Potter World). I will then take they boys to a toddler group this afternoon and then A has dancing after school. BP was behaving itself yesterday. Looks like aspirin is working its magic again.

  • Morning,

    AR - hope everything at the hospital goes well. x

    Ck - sorry A is poorly. Enjoy cuddles and defo send H out for shopping.

    Counter - thats exciting about the twins. Lots of new additions to your family.

    Weekender - hope your arm isn't too sore after the WC jab. That's brill about M's room!

    S4 - That's lovely to enjoy newborn cuddles. How old are your kiddies?

    Afm - got a big offsite meeting at work today which should make the day fly by. I'm not sleeping at all anymore and baby is fairly quite but I think it's just because its back is facing out which is a good thing I suppose. Tried to write my birth plan last night but just ended up saying how flexible I am. I need to be a bit firmer with my choices and not be too much of a easy patient. I still think I'm in denial too but I'll have another go tonight.

  • Morning!

    AR - glad things seem to be ok. I checked on here first thing for an update. Hope the GTT goes well.

    CK - definitely send H to the supermarket!

    Counter - hope all goes well for your sister. I think my movements seem fairly inconsistent but regular (if that makes any sense!). She's really quiet in the mornings (hoping she stays like that!), very lively while I'm at work and then quietens down until bedtime when she starts up again for a bit. I've found it's easy to be busy and miss movements though and then panic!

    Weekender - hope the jab is ok. Nobody has mentioned it to me yet...assume I book it with my doctors?

    S4 - your little one sounds so cute! It was so foggy driving to the station and took ages to get the ice off the car. Looking forward to maternity leave and not having to force myself out of the house when it's like this!

    LD - I think so much in birth plans seems to be out if our control and down to luck/the baby! If you are flexible there's nothing wrong with that. I guess just make sure you're clear about anything you are definite about. Hope you're day goes quickly.

    AFM - exhausted again! H got a call last night about 11.30 from his uncle to say his grandma has fallen over and broken her ankle. Sounds like it's pretty bad as she needs to have an operation today with pins and a plat, she's in her 80's and lives on her own so it's a pretty big deal. She's about a 5 hour drive away and typically H's parents are on holiday at the moment. By the time we'd spoken to them it was probably about 1am before I settled into bed.

    Baby-wise all seems ok. I feel huge now! Two strangers asked me yesterday if I had long left...taking it that means I'm looking big!

  • CK, I'll get some room pics up once I've done finishing touches, assuming it's tidy long enough ;)

    Section4, glad everything is still ok

    LD, can't be long till you finish up now? I think it's better to have an open mind and not make your birth plan too specific in case things don't go completely smoothly, so you've probably done the right thing x

    Flossy, hope your Hs nan is ok and ok goes smoothly. I'm with you on the big bump comments, someone actually said the other day "god you're massive aren't you, I thought you must have been about due". Charming eh! Laugh

  • Sat in the waiting room at the hospital. Traffic was awful so I rushed up here without buying magazines in the way in as was my plan and now they are already 20minutes late. Typical! It took me 40 minutes to get here, hope I don't go into labour at rush hour!! Will try and do some personals in the break between tests.
  • LD- sorry you are not sleeping well. Hope your day goes by quickly. When do you finish work? My children are 6, nearly 3.5 and my current youngest is 2 next month.

    Flossy- Hope H's nan is OK. Don't worry about comments about your bump. Everyone has a different shaped one! I am sure you asked yesterday if I was still teaching. I currently only work one day a week, still teaching, I plan to take a little bit of a break once this baby is born. I don't plan to return full time when they are older but would like to work 2 or 3 days a week.

    AR- hope you get to the hospital quickly.

    I must say I love my daughter's school run. We live within walking distance to the school. It is lovely to be back home before 9....especially when the traffic looked awful this morning!

  • Morning everyone!

    AR, I've had really heavy discharge throughout this pregnancy. It's been worse at times with asymptomatic thrush so it could be something as simple as that? Good luck for the GTT.

    CK, hope A is ok

    Counter, I've seemed to have about 5 busy days then a couple of quiet days for the last few weeks. The last few days she hasn't stopped moving!

    Weekender, my movements have never been consistent. I did end up going in for monitoring at the weekend but because I'd got myself in a tiz after being ill etc and I couldn't remember when I'd last felt the baby. Of course I felt her in the waiting room and she's not stopped moving since! The jab doesn't hurt, don't worry.

    Section4, I keep wondering what Jude will be like with the baby. He says he's going to be gentle like with the cat and tbh he is v gentle but he's also trying to send her off to preschool already lol

    LD, I think unless you have any real preferences then it's good to be relaxed about things. I need to write some stuff down too, got a double appt with the mw next week to discuss things and arrange the home birth stuff.

    Flossy, hope your grandma in law is ok. I had that at a similar stage and now people tell me I look neat, you can't win!

    Afm, 35w today, 2 weeks today til term woo! H took the boy to school so I should still be in bed but I couldn't sleep and was starving so got up. Need to get on with some jobs today.

  • Ooh Isis, can I ask?  - when will the midwife want to talk about homebirth etc? And what gets covered off? I've got ages yet but just curious, want to be prepared :)

  • I saw her last week at 34w and asked but we'd run over my appt already so she said to make a dbl appt for 2 weeks time when they'll go over everything. She took my details to put me in the records (didn't have the forms with her) to order things like the gases. They'll drop off the hb box and gases after my appt next week (so 36w). Iirc from last time there was stuff like pads, dressings, tubes for the oxygen, resus kit etc. the mw used to bring the gases but now they'll live her til birth.

  • Morning,

    AR- Hope the bloods go ok. I had H with me for my ones as we was off out that day so waiting around wasn't too bad. Hope the discharge is nothing. Let us know how you get on.

    CK- Cuddles at home sound nice. Hope A's cough gets better soo.

    Counter- All exciting with the twins! Does she know the sex of them? All this movement stuff is confusing, but of course always ask if you're ever worried. I seem to get it througout the day, although this morning she has been less wriggly than usual.

    Weekender- Hope the jab goes ok. Glad M likes her new room :)

    S4- Busy day for you. Bless your little one having a cuddle. Glad your BP is behaving.

    LD- Hope your day goes quickly. Hope the sleeping improves, nothing worse than not getting enough sleep! Good luck sorting out the birth plan.

    Flossy- Hope H's grandma is ok, poor thing. Emrace the belly :) lol.

  • Morning!

    AR - hope you aren't waiting too much longer! I think I've rushed to every MW appointment and then been sat waiting for about 45 mins. Drives me nuts. I do hope everything goes well with the appointment and there was nothing untoward with the leaking!

    CK - defo send your H to the supermarket and get your feet up!

    Counter - I still find movements inconsistent I have to's very disconcerting! My whooping cough jag wasn't sore to get but afterwards for about 3 days I thought my arm was going to fall off!! Lol!! I couldn't sleep on it put it that way. I'm sure it's not the same for everyone though.

    WE - that's so sweet about the big girl bed! I can only imagine how teeny she looks in it! It's difficult to know what's normal and what's not but I've gone into early mat assessment twice now (once when I fell down the stairs mind you) but both times I lay down for an hour and did all the usual tricks of getting bubs to move and if I didn't feel anything I called in. They'd rather see you than you worrying about it.

    S4 - good news about the BP! You have a heck of a busy day - I don't know how you do it!!

    LD - what kind of thoughts have you had about the birth? I think being flexible is incredibly important so don't feel bad about that but defo be clear about the things you do want!

    Flossy - what a wee shame about your H's grandma :( I hope it's not too serious - it's always a worry with eldery relatives though.

    Isis - welcome back!! I asked about you a couple of times as your absence was most definitely noticed. Good to see you - not long now!

    AFM - had my first full day of training delivery yesterday since early December and I was KNACKERED. Standing on my feet talking all day is not good at this stage!! My back was killing me by about 2pm. I have a fair amount of training in the next 4 weeks before I finish up so will need to man up! Baby wriggling lots at the moment. Lots of deep pelvis movement which I assume is normal? It's funny as I can now distinguish the wee hands pushing out down low and the feet kicking out up at my ribs. Still can't believe it's an actual baby! Ha! Oh and most amazing news on Friday - my big bro and his fiance are expecting their first baby July/August. So excited to have a cousin for our baby!!!

  • Bertie cross posted with you there - how are you keeping?

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