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**Wed 3rd Tri**

Morning ladies,

Hope everyone is ok and UTI and hip pains haven't been too bad over night.

I woke up a couple of time getting cramp in my calf but luckily both times it went pretty quickly!

Last day in the office for me today! Woohoo! Will be pretty busy though as there is an event on Sat then our nig event next week!



  • Morning all!

    Mrs Bass- yay for your last day in the office! :-) enjoy!

    I had a lovely nights sleep, only woke twice for the toilet!

    My friends coming over at 10 for coffee and cake then its more ironing and sorting for me. Glad im not going out today, rainy and cold here!

  • Morning Mrs Bass, enjoy your last day in the office!

    I slept well but am coming down with a cold, would rather get it out of the way now though. Did a big shop last night ready for the weekend, just got meat and veg to buy now!

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • Morning

    Glad the pain wasn't too bad last night Mrsbass. I hate getting cramp in the night... You kinda wake up going oooo aaaaahhh oooo randomly! (Or is that just me!)

    My midwife appointment went well yesterday, baby is head down and just over 4/5 engaged. I want her to her a wiggle on now! Spot on for size.

    Today will be spent doing housework and hopefully a man will come and fix our bath taps. They're not turning properly so getting water out of them is hit and miss and really starting to annoy
  • Gemini, have a lovely time with your friend and have some cake for me :-)

  • Oh I missed 2 of you there!

    2 toilet trips... Well done Gemini! It's wrong that this is an achievement now!

    Hope your cold is either nothing or goes quickly penguin. I did tesco online last night. I'm sure I ordered enough to keep me going for weeks!
  • Hi everyone

    I thought it was about time I stuck my head in and introduced myself! I'm sure I recognise lots of you from the earlier threads but just in case, I'm 28+4 today and team blue with due date of 8th Feb.

    Mrs Bass- Enjoy your last day in the office! How exciting, I'm only a little (a lot!) jealous!

    Gemini- Glad you got a good night's sleep, enjoy coffee and cake!

    Mrs P- Hope you feel better soon, colds are grotty at the best of times let alone when you can only take paracetamol! But you're def right about getting it out of the way :-)

    Custard- How exciting! I'm in ignorance here, do they have an average time of how long it takes to go from 4/5 to fully engaged?

    AFM I'm on leave this week and planning on having a lazy day today (well- a day at home - chores/annoying phone calls to be made!) Didn't get a very good night's sleep- the aches and pains have started kicking in the last few nights!

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Hello rose! Enjoy your lazy day. I do love a lazy day!

    I have no idea about the engaging malarky! It's a bit of a piece if string question I'm led to believe! I'm just happy she's heading in the right direction!
  • Gemini- it's pretty miserable here too! enjoy your coffee morning!

    MrsP- I hope your feeling better in time for chirstmas #1!

    Custard- Im the same and i grab my calf too. All that whilst trying not to wake H!! :-) Good news fromt he midwife, i have my appt tomorrow, can;t wait to hear what she has to say! Baby Bass has defo been in the same position the last week or so, right hand side, something diggin in my ribs, i just hope they are head down!

    Rose- Welcome to 3rd Tri! i remember feeling so jelous of the ladies going off on maternity leave and thinking mine was so far away! I have to work 3 days next week but that is on site at an event. Hope you manage to find time for a nap today!

    I've always though Ive been quite lucky by not having lots of movement during the night. Obviously Im just a heavy sleeper, H informed me this morning that i fell asleep being the big spoon last night and he got lots of punched in his back! ooops!

  • Hi All

    sorry to jump in i had a few questions for you and just wondered if you could help!

    i have a 28 week appointment next week with midwife and then an appointment with consultants at 30 weeks, i then have an appointment at 32 weeks to have a scan as my placenta was low!

    what happens next? i kind of have it in my head that as of 30 weeks that is it! and time is running out! just wondred when does the hospital start getting you ready and informing you about birth?


  • Welcome Rose :-)

    Hiya NLH- im not sure sorry, your placenta may have moved since last scan? I guess they  want to check to see where it is, I know a lot of people where their placenta moved.

    Are you having a planned c section or is a 'normal' delivery an option for you?

    Ive just been for a quick lie down, which turned into a two hour nap! Ive had excruciating period pains and cramps along with back ache today. Guess its baby making his way further down. I was 3/5 engaged last week so presume its just everything stretching. Bang goes oing the ironing or anything remotely productive for today!

  • Hey Gemini

    hope the pains ease up a little, at the moment they have said i can try for a natural delivery as long as my placenta moves and everything with the baby stays well, if i have to have a C section i have to be asleep as i cannot have any interference with my spine so i am really hoping i can have a natural birth

  • Fingers crossed your placenta has moved! Ive got an anterior placenta but its high, not low so not a prob.

  • Hi NLH- I guess they will keep an eye on ur placenta and if it doesn't seem to be shifting they will start talking about a c-section. Fingers crossed that ur placenta moves!

    Gemini- nap sounds lush, lucky u!

    Well im glad my office days are behind me for a while! Everyone had forgotten it was my last day and had assumed I was back in after next weeks event!

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