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**wednesday 3rd tri**

Morning, how early is too early to start the thread?! Woke up for loo and so thirsty and now wide awake. Work was hard going yesterday, I was almost in tears by lunchtime and they sent me home before parents evening as I was in so much pain. Bump has grown a lot over half term and I really struggled with my back and hips. Not being able to lay flat for 5minutes to ease it really made it awful. At the moment another 2.5 weeks to final day seems I possible even though they aren't all working.


  • I'm also still getting the sharp pains on right if my bump to side and low down. I assumed I'd pulled something at the weekend but it's not getting better. Have mw Friday so can ask her about it then. Sorry to make you all start your day with a moan from me :-(. Going to try and dose of again as another work day today. Happy hump day ladies, baby out vibes to Isis and mrs v.
  • Morning!

    Oh AR you poor thing :( are you thinking about getting signed off? You can't spend the next 2.5 weeks this miserable and sore. Have you tried having a bath when you can't get back to sleep and are hurting? What have maternity physio said? Defo get a good chat with the MW about all your aches and pains and don't feel bad if you decide to finish earlier than planned - you need to start conserving energy for this baby arriving!

    Weekender how are you today?

    Isis and mrs V - baby out vibes to you both!!

    39 weeks today so officially one week to go! Can't quite believe it! I have a sweep booked already for 40+1 (next Thursday) and my induction will be the 17th if I don't go before then. I'm bouncing and rocking on my hands and knees like a crazy lady hoping this baby turns and engages!Thanks for all the advice and encouragement yesterday. Really enjoyed seeing lots of friends yesterday but was v sore and tired by the time I got home so a quiet day for me day...although might touch up the paint on the hall wall...I'll see how long I can sit still for. Best do my birth plan too for what its worth!

    Defo be back later!

  • Hi sp! 39 weeks, so exciting!!! Keep bouncing and rocking away. Nice to have a plan with sweep and induction in place although hopefully you won't need them. I haven't seen a physio this time, I did with p and all she did was give me exercises (which I remember) and a support belt. The pressure of the belt makes me feel sick and dizzy and the exercises don't do much. I don't think I can run a bath without waking p as her room is next door :-/. Going to see how work is today re when to finish
  • Being sore and feeling like you have limited or no options is crap! What does your H think you should do?

  • Oh AR, that's just ROTTEN. But I'm pleased work understood and sent you home. Good that you're seeing MW this week, can have a long chat about the pains and get some advice. Hope today is better for you x

    Sweetpea - birth plan probably *is* a good idea, at 39 weeks ha ha. Good luck with baby moving. You do hear a lot about little one sorting their position out right at the end, hopefully yours won't wait that long :) Good to have a sweep booked too. When I had Harry no one would sweep me except in hospital and only day before induction so it gives me hope that things might not be as late happening as they were my first time.

    I'm awake because I laid on my arm accidentally - had whooping cough jab y/day and it's sore. Last week I had protein and blood in urine, my sample has come back inconclusive, but I'm convinced some of my pain/sensitivity is due to UTI and not just baby. I'm not due to see midwife for 8 days but her clinic is tomorrow, might see about grabbing another form and dropping another sample in. Paranoia, I'm sure, but I don't like the idea of something going on and us not knowing what :)

    Hubby is going back to work today but I'm (not so) secretly peed off that he was ill both his off days, nothing got done in the house, deadline is looming and now he's back at work. Feeling the pressure on the house front! He was genuinely ill bless him, only ate last night for first time.

    Right, better try and get more sleep, work today is going to be hectic. :)

    Hi to all who follow, happy hump day :)

  • Sp my H is lovely and said I should stop if I want to. He's so good at do f everything bless him. Last night he bathed and put p to bed, went to tesco, cooked and painted the cupboard and woodwork in the dining room. Counter definitely get another sample done. Better paranoid than miss something I think. Glad your H is feeling better but totally get the house situation. We've for plenty left to do too and time is ticking!!!
  • And I think we must have mice in the roof. Can hear the little buggers running about up there as I lay here, it's creepy. Will have to put laying traps/poison up there on H's list of things to do!!
  • Counter - ha ha yes the birth plan should probably have been done before now but it mostly just involves - get baby to arrive safely! Ha! Its funny how things change over time and different health boards vary in practice - it'll be interesting to see how your experience differs this time. I agree with AR in that you should defo get another sample tested. It'll only weigh on your mind otherwise. Good news about your H but I totally get the annoyance over the lack of house progress! You WILL get it all done though!

    AR that's so fab your H is so supportive - bless him doing all that! There's only so much you can tolerate when you are that sore and uncomfortable and he will want you to do what's best. Hope today isn't too awful!

  • I never got round to a birth plan with p. I was very open minded as I just wanted to go with the flow but there were a few things i felt more strongly about and made sure H knew so he could say when needed. I wanted to go in the pool and definitely didnt want pethidine. Ended up having pethidine and not getting to pool in time! I'll probably just do the same this time but definitely won't have pethidine as I'm sure it's what made p sleepy and lazy latching in first 24hours. Plus it didn'
  • Don't help that should say. There isn't enough space to write in phone replies!!!
  • AR - the pethidine I had meant Harry came out not breathing well and purple and they took him away for 10-15 minutes, which was scary. I didn't know back then it could cause feeding delays. He didn't have his first feed until he was 42 hrs old. I did find it helped the pain but I was advised to have it because, it being my first, they thought I'd be there all night but that wasn't the case at all. So this time I want to try and avoid it altogether, though I think there's a time and a place for it :)

  • That's exactly why I had it counter, I was 2cm and they thought is be all night. P was born within a couple of hours. It didn't help because my contractions were so frequent I had no gap between them for it to help. The not breathing/feeding issues are from the same effect. It basically makes them very very sleepy. P would latch then just not suck and we had to tickle her/blow on her to get her going! Given I'll probably progress as quickly this time I don't want to risk the same thing.
  • Hello

    Autumnrose seen you have been up for a while poor thing. Really think you should consider bringing your leave forward you cant go on feeling so sore and miserable x your h sounds great though x

    Sweetpea 39 weeks :) not long now hopefully its nice to know you have made a plan with hospital and for sweep if needed x

    Counter hope your day is ok, i dont think you should worry about handing another sample in its better getting it checked x.

    Afm slept well last night again so I must be coming into a few
  • Nights of bad sleep. Work is busy but ok. Feeling pretty sore in evenings also but I sit a lot in my current job and still carry L out to car etc. Cant really avoid carrying him as our houses have a car park area along from house x baby seems ok i dont see my midwife again until 38 weeks hardly seen her this time round x
  • Morning ladies, not sure I can manage personals. I'm so tired but can't get back to sleep :( combination of baby having a party and H snoring meant it was about 1am before I got to sleep :(

    Counter, can't you just drop a sample into the GP for them to send off? I've done that a few times and was plagued with uti issues for a while in the middle of this pregnancy.

    Now I'm officially overdue, ugh! Sweep is booked Friday so that's something to look forward to lol
  • AR, sorry you aren't sleeping well again. If you struggle at work again today can you have an informal chat with someone and say you don't think you'll last till your official leave date? They probably are expecting that now anyway. Then ask your midwife on Friday to get you signed off. Don't suffer unnecessarily x

    SP, I did a birth plan with M at it went out the window... "I'll have a water birth with no drugs please, just gas and air". Ended up with an epidural and didn't get near the water as I was induced! Have a good day today, painting the hall sounds quite energetic!

    Counter, the whooping cough jab HURTS after!! Try not to worry about the house - the nursery is done, so while it'd be nice having everything ready for baby arriving if it slips it's not the end of the world. Glad your H is on the mend.

    ABC, I feel I've hardly seen my midwife too. I thought it ramped up after 34 weeks but I see mine next Tuesday (37+3) first time in four weeks and reckon that's the last I'll see her, unless she needs to do my bloods to prepare for the section. Crazy isn't it. Glad you are sleeping well x

    AFM, not sure how I'm feeling. I'm planning to take it easy today (again!) And will just have to play the waiting game. Oh I'm going to do an online shop and sort some internet banking. That'll be about it! Still, one more day down, 15 or 16 to go. Then I won't know what's hit me with a newborn to look after, after sitting on my butt for weeks!!

    Baby out vibes to Isis and MrsV xx

  • Missed you there Isis. Hope you go before your sweep on Friday! Baby is obviously comfy in there x

  • Morning all! I was up at 5am with you early birds but didn't want to post as I felt it was admitting defeat! Drifted off back to sleep but only for half hour and felt even worse for it.

    AR - if everything at work is ok for you to finish I'd go for it. You seem to be in so much pain it can't be doing you any favours having to stand and teach. Your H sounds like he's been amazing.

    Counter - glad your H is better but I know what you mean about the frustration of not sticking to the plans and timings for house really feels like the clock is ticking now!

    SP - hope the baby cooperates and turns round! Am leaving my birth plan till I finish work but I think it'll be mainly bullet points covering the key decisions. I don't have any idea how it'll go/I'll cope so I don't want to plan too much.

    ABC - glad you slept well. This is my first pregnancy and I don't really feel I've seen much of my midwife (well midwives as I've not seen the same person twice!). It always feel rushed and I don't really get much of a chance to say/ask anything.

    Isis - do you feel like anything might be starting to happen? Hope the sweep sets something off!

    Weekender - I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but was reading. Hope you're feeling a bit better about everything today? You're on the final countdown and will be holding your baby before I finish work! Hope you can keep M occupied while staying firmly on the sofa today!

    AFM , I'm exhausted! Had a late night on Monday with NCT class and then was out last night. H was away with work and I never sleep well when he's not around so looking forward to today being over and being in bed early tonight!  Baby-wise she was on the quiet side yesterday so I'm going to keep an eye on her today as I'm not sure if it's just because I was busy and running around so not noticing things. Her movements these days are much more wriggly than kicks, though I've never really had the full on rib kicking you guys talk about!

    Also 35 weeks today...eek! I remember getting nervous when the ticker went to 99 days. Where have the last few months gone?!

  • hi ladies, im just here quickly whilst im waiting for a conference call to open !

    iv got an awful day at work today :-(

    baby wise yesterday i felt like she was making her escape, perhaps a little growth spurt or something?

    ill be back later for personals hopefully, if my client doesnt give me a breakdown this morning !!! xxxx

  • ABC - that's a shame you are sore. When do you finish work?

    Isis - only a couple of days to wait for your sweep! Baby out vibes

    WE - your birth plan sounds EXACTLY like what is on my mind but I know how unrealistic its likely to be! Ha ha! Nothing wrong with having an ideal as long as a change in plan isn't too devastating. Glad you're having another quiet day and knocking them off till D day!

    Flossy - you don't have an anterior placenta do you? I've frequently had quiet movement days (including yesterday as well) and I've had to train myself that as long as I feel a little bit to know baby is okay then its likely to be the placenta muffling the movement. It's still disconcerting and the bottom line is that if you aren't happy you phone in. I also haven't much in the way of rib kicking - must be the way they lie! Hope you get a good sleep tonight.

    Monnie - oh dear that doesn't sound good. Hope it goes well!!!

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