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**weekend 1st tri**

Morning ladies

Not much to report now. Had an early night last night and lie in this morning which was lovely. Not much planned tonight except riding later. Tomorrow i'm helping all day at a horse event, need to take plenty of snacks to sneakily eat to keep me going. Its gorgeous and sunny here so might laze about in the garden later whilst H chases P about!

HOpe everyone is feeling well and not too tired. 


  • Enjoy the nice weather! We are going to pop into town for a wonder around, just to get me out the house, my handbag is full of mints haha! Not feeling too bad this morning just some lower abdo cramps and feeling a little sick!

    Wave to all that follow

  • Morning ladies,

    AR glad you got some rest and enjoy the riding!

    CC have a lovely day and hope the sickness stays at bay!

    Think I overdid it with the walking in Stockholm as been having sporadic pains and discomfort in my pelvis :/ I'm sure everything is fine but been making sure I have taken it easy since. We are now in a random swedish town near where the wedding is and H and some friends of ours have gone for an explore while I chill in the hotel! Wedding is at 3 so lots of getting ready time!

    Have a great weekend all!

  • Morning ladies :)

    AR, lazing in the garden sounds fab, glad you got lots of rest in. Enjoy horse show tomorrow!

    CC, happy window shopping, glad you don't feel too bad

    SP, enjoy the wedding, chilling out this morning is probably a great idea!

    I'm having a lovely day, breakfast in bed, then H took M and stepson to the cinema, so I've had a nice long bath and started a book I got for my birthday 3 weeks ago that I hadn't had a chance to look at. Just going to get dressed, hang out the washing then go for a walk as I'm beginning to think id feel better if I did some gentle exercise. X Factor tonight, woohoo! Apart from the tiredness I''ve no other symptoms at the Mo so I'm back to getting anxious, especially as scan date is getting closer. Roll on March when baby is out and I can physically see everything is ok with him/her! Shall try to keep busy to keep my mind off it.

    Hope everyone else is feeling ok and having good weekends x

  • Ah WE I know how you feel but I'm sure everything will be fine! Glad you are enjoying some down time!

  • Hi ladies

    AR sounds like a lovely day enjoy!

    Cc enjoy town - mints definitely help with the nausea.

    SP hope you're pelvis feels better soon and you have a fabulous time at the wedding!

    Weekender what a fab day, enjoy the relaxation time you definitely deserve it.

    Arm I feel grim!! Woke up massive nauseous and can't keep any food down its delightful - got a massive headache and feel lightheaded probably from not eating! Thankfully it's a Saturday and I have no plans - shopping was delivered this morning and I'm on the couch feeling sorry for myself but this is only the second bad day I've had at 10+4 so can't complain too much. Hope everyone else is faring better xx

  • Oh no Grif, hope you are able to rest all day x

  • Hello everyone!

    AR, that sounds like a lovely weekend - good for you!

    CC - did you get anything in town or was it just a windowshop?

    SP - take it EASY! Glad trip is going well, enjoy the wedding :)

    WE - sounds like a nice balanced day. Like you I've been thinking being more active - however difficult - HAS to be better. Try not to worry, the symptoms ebb and flow a lot, you'll probably feel terrible tomorrow so enjoy today ;)

    Grif - you poor thing. Feel better soon!

    Me - out for dinner, it was okay, just not in the mood for v noisy restaurant and every time to smokers returned to the table I wanted to hurl. Today is an outstanding day for me so far - been to see Mum's horses, took dog and hung out for a while, then town to a gorgeous art cafe for cooked breakfast in the sunshine, hubby, son, dog and me. More browsing for children's books, picked up a couple of vintage ones at Oxfam bookshop. We're baking buns now for a friend's 40th BBQ and stay there as long as I can manage. Home to snuggle on sofa. Have walked about 3 miles today which is nothing by usual standards but more than I've managed for a month so feeling good. :)

    Hope everyone's having a cracking weekend. Hi to lurkers (maybe Isis and NLH?!) x

  • I'm always lurking lol had an afternoon to myself so been on the iPad, had a funny turn earlier which wasn't nice :(

  • SP - Hope you start to take it easy!

    WE- Glad you managed to get an early night and a lie in! Glad H is taking them out so you can rest up :)!

    Grif - I hope you feel better soon :(

    Counter - Glad your feeling good after your walk, Smoke makes me hurl even when I am not pregnant lol!

    Isis - Sorry to hear about your funny turn hope you feel better soon!

    AFM - Just had a look around really, H brought some sausages to take back to London for his parents from the butchers, I had to stand outside thought I was going to hurl in the shop haha! Feeling much better today haven't suffered with indigestion so much today, just a few times but feeling a little nauseous! I said to H even though I moan it's very reassuring that things are going on!

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