**weekend 3rd tri**

Morning all. Thought I'd get us started as in awake again at stupid o'clock. We've not much planned this weekend which is lovely after a few busy ones. H needs to paint the landing but thats it. Hopefully weather will be as nice as promised so we can get in the garden. Feeling huge as ever, very active baby who seemed to enjoy our Chinese last night! Had such a horrid dry mouth since though. Baby out vibes for sp!!!!


  • Hey

    Autumnrose get your feet up x takeaway is so good but also leaves me dehydrated too x

    Afm ended up with unexpected kiddie free night so me and H went out for an indian. So now im awake has im thirsty x I had period pains and back ache last night but eased over night. For amyone who did not see my post yesterday evening i have to return to midwice next week to be checked again. Blood pressure slightly high and bump small for dates x hopefully resting this weekend x x Sweetpea baby out vibes x
  • Msg weekend for us all, I had chinese haha!

    Ar- I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather, I think everything feels better when the sun shines!

    Abc- good luck with the midwife xx

    Baby out vibes sp!!!

    Afm I'm up and about to go to work :-( only for 2 hours and I will get half a day back TOIL, then we are going maternity/nursing bra shopping as I seem to have had a growth spurt , and if I'm not asleep we should be doing the hospital tour today eeekkkk scary!!!

  • Morning ladies, thank you for the vibes! Still here sadly. AR your prediction might not materialise after all :(

    AR glad to hear you are having a restful weekend. Very jealous of the forecast down south this weekend! 17degrees is the height of summer for us up here!

    ABC that sounds like a lovely evening! Am v glad that you saw the MW and are getting monitored. I'm sure everything is fine but best being seen than worrying.

    I hoped things might have started overnight as lots of twinges/pangs while ball bouncing last night but nada and feeling grand this morning! Don't think the sweep has had the desired effect and baby SP is more than happy in there! I know that baby had moved round to the side but I think is now in the optimal birth position as barely feeling any limb action - just shuffling about. So that's progress if I'm right! Friends round this morning and off to see the Dallas Buyers Club this avo. Hope to get back on later.

  • Missed you Monnie - hope work isn't too painful! Enjoy the shopping afterwards! That's good about the tour. Ours is online now as it's seen as too disruptive. Hope it's not too real and scary though!!

  • Hey Monnie dont work too hard and enjoy shopping

    Sweetpea the weekend has just began things can change very quickly...best plan is just to enjoy your day x x
  • Morning

    AR- The weather and temperature is supposed to be nice. I hope you get out in the garden.

    ABC- Hope BP behaves itself when you return to the MW. Rest this weekend

    Moonie- Hope work isn't too bad and you get to do your other things today too

    SP- Hope things get moving for you this weekend

    AFM- Nothing major planned today. Am popping along to a local NCT sale this morning and think we might have a family day out somewhere tomorrow - strike while the weather is nice! My wrist is still playing up this morning but my other arm is better...so at least I can get on with a few things!

  • Just popping in to send baby out vibes to SP! I liked your Facebook status the other day! Wish I'd thought of that! :-) xx

  • Morning!

    AR - glad you have a relaxing weekend planned. Chinese always makes me so thirsty in the middle of the night!

    ABC - glad all was ok at the midwife.

    Monnie - did I see on another thread you're in Essex too? You're just down the road from me I think! Enjoy the tour, I haven't had one but had a sneak peak when I went in for monitoring the other night!

    SP - I love that you're so relaxed about this baby coming. I want to be like that too if I'm overdue but imagine I'll be getting stressed! I'm still thinking there's time this weekend! Enjoy the film.

    S4 - where's the sale today? I know the brentwood one is next week. Enjoy making the most of the nice weather!

    Weekender, if you see this I didn't post yesterday but saw the pic of little Cameron, he's such a cutie! Glad you're all doing well x

    AFM - kitchen is finally finished! House is a complete mess and covered in dust though and H had the bright idea of inviting his parents round today so we need to tidy up before they get here, so much for a relaxing start to the weekend. Hoping for a quiet day tomorrow so I can kick H into the garden for a bit and get on with some work!

    Midwife yesterday, as usual she rushed me in and out as quickly as I could. Baby has turned so she's back to back, so sweetpea if you know what worked to shift your little one let me know, it's making my back really hurt now.

  • Morning ladies, hope it's as bright and beautiful where you are as it is here!

    AR - love the idea of an unplanned weekend! Take it as it comes :)

    ABC - nice to get a sneaky evening out. Hope the food was good

    Monnie - how was your course yesterday?

    Sweetpea - let me know how DBC is at the cinema. Really want to see it. Maybe position changing is good progress!

    S4 - have you done anything to your wrist that you know of? Hope you get some nice time out.

    I had a b*tch of a day yesterday, just busy and lots on at work and felt rough. Managed to get my feet elevated for about 2 hours while I worked late afternoon at home, but by the time my friend left at 9.30 last night (after KFC and a good natter, lovely!) my feet were barely recognisable, tight, discoloured, throbbing. Disgusting!

    Today will be part resting and part house stuff. 10 days on our countdown to finish house jobs, we're getting through them but I really need to order the foam for my bench seat in the porch else that'll not get done. Supposed to be ordering a wedding album online but every time I start I get carried away looking at everything and make zero progress :)

  • Flossy, fab news about kitchen!!! Not so fab at having to rush around. Baxter was back to back for quite a whole but is currently to one side. The back pain is rotten, I sympathise :(

  • Section 4 enjoy the sale you looking for anything in particular x

    Flossy fab news about kitchen...mines will be finished today then just needs walls painted x

    Counter get some rest today x x x
  • S4- i have heard about these sales, are they good?

    flossy- good luck with the cleaning, can his parents not help? my MIL does my housework for me at the moment?

    counter- hope you do get some rest, the course was alright , it was aimed at people more 23-24 weeks pregnant so i was a bit further ahead it doesnt help me much ?

  • S4 - hope you find a few bargains at the sale! Jealous of you and your nice weather too!

    RKB - that's v sweet of you to pop on! Thank you! Ha the FB status was totally necessary - I wasn't even at my due date and was getting a dozen texts daily. It was seriously driving me nuts - it's calmed down now so it worked!!

    Flossy - that's brill news about the kitchen! At least you'll get the cleaning over and done with quickly. Its a pain how dusty everything gets. So in terms of the position of the baby gravity is the most important thing. No sitting back comfortably in chairs as that will encourage baby to stay put. Make sure your hips are in line with your knees when sitting. Do you have a fit ball? If so lots of bouncing. I got down on my hands and knees and rocked back and forth. When watching the telly hang over the fit ball on your knees or over the coffee table. And as much as possible when on the couch or in bed try and be on your left side. Hope that helps!

    Counter- that's awful about the swelling! So good that you now have the flexibility to be at home so that you can keep your feet up as much as poss. You'll be glad it's the weekend although it sounds busy! Hope you get some jobs ticked off. I had to do our wedding album ASAP after the wedding otherwise it still wouldn't be done...its a hard job to focus on and choose from millions of great pics! I'll defo let you know about the film but I did notice its not on as regularly anymore so you might want to catch it before it dwindles off!

  • Morning guys,

    Sp - you still have 48 hours ( ish ) to pip me to to the post. Book something you really want to do tomorrow no doubt that will kick start things!  In a Non internet weirdo sort of way I thought of you as I lay awake at 3 o clock this morning!!

    Ar. - pleased you enjoyed your Chinese, we haven't had one for ages as it gives me stinking heartburn but said to H we might treat ourselves tonight and I will suffer the consequences!

    Monnie- enjoy the hospital tour and the underwear shopping

    ABC- fingers crossed the Bp is just a blip and settles back down when you go back again, hope you enjoyed your kiddy free evening

    Section 4 - hope you get lots of lovely bargains at the sale

    Counter - hope you manage to have a relaxing weekend and your feet now resemble feet again! Good look finishing the house list!

    Flossy- yay for getting kitchen finished! Sure the mess and dust are worth it.

    Nothing much to report here 37+5 and in less than 48 hours now I will be mummy to 2 boys! Starting to feel very nervous and have been a bit of a nightmare to my poor H! Got a weekend involving tying up loose ends planned and trying to take it very easy to ensure we make it till Monday! Although super super excited to meet babies also feeling slightly emotional that life as we know it is going to change!

    Have a lovely weekend guys xx

  • Morning all,

    AR- Sorry you were awake again so early

    ABC- Sorry to hear your BP is high. They've been telling me my bump is small since 28 weeks , in fact they wouldn't let me leave the hospital one day until I had a scan. It's hovered at about the 4-5th percentile but the baby is now measuring above the 90th percentile so try not to worry too much.

    Monnie- Enjoy the shopping and tour

    SP- Sorry it's not started yet, sending you more baby vibes

    S4-Glad your arm is a bit better

    Flossy- I feel for you having to clean up

    Counter-Try to get your feet up over the weekend x

    PP- I'm so excited for you, can't wait to see the BA

    AFM- Had a terrible afternoon/evening yesterday with morning sickness AGAIN. I decided to do a bit of shopping. I was driving along and felt a bit iffy, within 30 secs I had to pull up and throw up all over the road. I then thought I was fine, nipped to Morrisons, literally got in the door and thought I was going to faint so went outside and threw up again. Within 5 minutes I was starving so ended up going back to Morrisons and having a huge chicken sandwich lol. I got home and electrocuted myself. I was fine but sh!t myself I hurt 'noods'. I ended up in floods of tears for 10 minutes until she decided to have a good wriggle. She's been wriggling all night so I'm happy she's ok now. I'm planning a day of leisure today and going out for a meal tonight.

  • Sorry for the crash, just to let you lovely ladies know Sweetpeas waters broke about 3/4 of an hour ago. She's at home at the moment seeing how things go as the labour ward is full!

    Lots of speedy labour and positive vibes for SP!

    (PP I think that was the fear of being queue jumped Wink)

  • Oooh how exciting! Looks like my guess for a Sunday baby might not be too far off!!

  • BLL - hope you're okay! Sounds horrible :(

    Sweetpea's off the starting blocks. Hurrah!

  • Any news on SP? :)

  • She said to me on fb she was going in about 3 so fingers crossed they've kept her because it's all go :-). I'm currently sat in triage waiting to be checked for leaking waters. Been so wet all day so thought better get checked but has to be done by a dr as I'm pre term and they're all in theatre apparently. All looks good on the monitor so I'm very much hoping they'll say it's just excess late pregnancy discharge.
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