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*~* Tuesday 2nd Tri *~*

Morning all, just a quickie from me as I need to get off to work. All good here, baby quiet but I've been so tired that I think I just haven't noticed. Sun is shining so hoping for another pleasant day, my last working day of the week!




  • Morning all,

    It's lovely and sunny here, hope it is for you too!

    M - hope you have a good day at work. My bumps been quiet too.

    Off to A's swimming lesson the meeting up with some friends at a little rare breeds farm. May meet up with my bestie this afternoon, it depends on our children's naps.

    Bump has been a bit quiet lately, but think it may just be because I've been so busy, will probably notice more when I'm sitting still and working tomorrow.

    BG 20+4

  • Ha, typical since I types that I've had so many kicks and wriggles !

  • Morning,

    Margot - enjoy the sunshine and have a nice day!

    BG - enjoy those kicks and wriggles and have fun at the farm, sounds fun!

    AFM - starting to feel a few more little flutters now which is lovely, especially when I woke up this morning. Bump seems to be popping out more every day, I might even be brave enough to post a pic of my teeny bump on the weekly bump thread later! H is out after work tonight so think I will take advantage of the sunshine and get outside for a walk.

    Hi to anyone that follows :)

  • Morning.

    Margot enjoy your last working day of the week.

    BG have fun at the farm.

    Popcorn enjoy your walk.

    Afm not alot happening. getting some really big movements now that H loves to watch. He keeps trying to feel it but baby goes into hiding. My bump is huge now. should really add a pic. Hip pain is getting better just need to keep up with the exercises.

    Hi to all that follow

  • Morning!

    Margot - Im jealous - last working day of the week!!!

    BG - ha!  it doesnt stop when they are born either, the minute you sit down they wake up!

    PC - A walk in the sunshine sounds lovely.

    AFM - Im doing ok, although I think I might have thrush (TMI).  I have never had it before so i have no idea, but I am very itchy and feel a bit sore.  I dont have anything else, so I am not sure....?  Bump is getting more and more energetic every day and i LOVE it!  xxx

  • Hi daisy - crossed posts with you. Keep up those exercises! x

  • Morning,

    Margot – hope you have a good day.

    Bridget – oooo, rare breeds farm sounds fab! Looks like you have a lovely day for it too.

    Popcorn – flutters are exciting aren’t they?! Go on, go on, post on the bump thread, you know you want to!

    Daisy – glad the exercises are helping with your hip pain. Ahh, that’s not fair on baby hiding from your H.

    Poppy Seeds – yay for bump being more energetic!! Boo to the thrush (assuming it is thrush) – have you made an appointment to see the doctor?

    AFM – 26 weeks today! Time is flying by. After my strop last week about the nursery/office situation we’ve put the bunting and winnie the pooh canvas’ we have up at the weekend. And I’m so incredibly happy with the tiny change it’s unbelievable. It feels more like baby’s room now… clearly the cot and changing table etc before wasn’t enough for me. H got to feel bump again last night, I just love watching his face.. this one was extra exciting as it was somewhere he’s not felt before with my placenta. That we sat there and just said, baby is getting bigger/stronger for us to be able to feel it through that! H also announced at the weekend that he’s booked us one night babymoon in half term. It’s all a surprise I’ve just been told when and that we’ll have to leave early in the morning to make most of our time. He won’t even tell me how far away it us… a good thing I love surprises really!

  • Margot - everyone likes a quickie in them orning :)

    BG - glad little lady is saying hello this morning :)

    Popcorn - wish i could be bothered to go for a walk. dont know whats wrong with me i just cba!

    Daisy - lovely that your hubs can see movements :)

    poppyseeds - id get it checked if i were you!

    AFM - i am fine. tired which is annoying but im ok. im hating work this week so might book friday off.

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