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*~*~ wed 3rd tri ~*~*

Morning everyone, 

hope you are all well. 

Im planning to get a base coat on my new upstairs doors today, hoping it doesn't take too long. 

Trying to keep an eye on baby's movements today as she doesn't seem to be moving much lately. I'm assuming its because there is limited space in there but i do miss feeling the nice reassuring big kicks. 

On the plus side, I attempted to get all my hospital bag bits together and have most stuff now which is good. It's not actually in a bag, just a pile in my bedroom, and I still need a few bits like toiletries etc, but at least I know I've got most stuff altogether now so if need be it could all be stuffed in a bag in a hurry. 

Baby out vibes to nog

JT 36+6


  • Morning JT- Don't over do it with the painting. I think your probably right that movements are less because theres less room in there. I really need to get my hospital bag packed too, probably will do it when i go on mat leave next tuesday.

    AFM- MIL wants to go shopping today and for a coffee but im exhausted as working so much and dont really get on with her that well. WWYD?

  • Morning ladies

    JT - sounds like you're getting organised. I keep adding and removing stuff from my hospital bag, it's never going to be finished! Baby must have much less room in there now, I feel more stretching than actual kicks usually now.

    MS - can you use the excuse that you've been working too much and defer your coffee date to when you're on ML? That's what I'd do.

    AFM - getting really fed up now as one of my cats is still ill and I'm spending my whole ML cleaning up vomit and trying to persuade both of them to have medicine that they don't want. Ended up in real pain last night after over-doing it bending and reaching all day :( Baby was very active and kept stretching and booting me last night, which is great, if not a bit uncomfortable! Off out to get my eyebrows waxed and to meet my mum for lunch today, need to cheer myself up!

    Hi to all that follow x

  • I'm considering using the excuse that im too tired, but am i just being mean? Should i just suck it up and go?

  • Maybe go when you are not so tired? If you're tired and you force yourself to go today, you might be more inclined to be a bit grumpy and snappy (that's exactly what I'd be like anyway) as you're feeling like you're doing it out of duty. Give yourself a break and go when you're feeling a bit more rested :)

  • MS I would say I didn't feel well- unless she would then come round to your house.

    Or say you got your days mixed up and have just realised you've got a midwife appointment. Or depending how good at lying you are, pretend you're locked in the house and can't find your keys ( that has actually happened to me, I had my mum coming to visit so she had to climb in the living room window as I couldn't open the door!)

    PC sorry about your cat, did the vet not know what was wrong? Enjoy your lunch at least it will get you out and away from cleaning up after the cat!

  • Morning All - I'm still here!

    Thank you for all the vibes, I was feeling a lot of pressure low down last night but it amounted to nothing :(  I have a MW appointment later so I'm hoping she's going to tell me baby is well engaged and then book me for a sweep on Friday.  I'm also having yet another blood test to check my platelet count hasn't fallen further.  

    JT - Painting is such a drag, we've just done the two girls bedrooms and the nursery and we are done, even though the whole house really needs doing.  We have a tide line in the kitchen which is small child height and it's driving me crazy but just don't have the energy to do it all.

    MS - I would try and put her off, unless you don't have to walk far and she's buying the coffee!

    Popcorn - Sorry to here your cat is not well, I hate cleaning up after our cat if she's sick but fortunately that is rare.  Enjoy lunch with your Mum!

    AFM, other than the MW appointment my friend is coming over for a cuppa shortly so the house is pretty tidy for once and it will be nice to catch up.  H works a shorter day on Wednesday too so we can both go to the school to collect the girls later, or if I'm not up to it I can stay at home.  

    Due date tomorrow, A came on her due date but actually the weekend would work nicely for me.  A nice Saturday morning, start to the weekend delivery please!




  • Morning All,

    JT- At least your hospital stuff is now in a pile, mine is yet to begin at all! haha I'm going to get it sorted over the next few weeks.

    MS- I'd definitely try to postpone the coffee and shopping trip. Can you not just be honest and say you are exhausted and is it okay if you arrange for another time?

    Popcorn- Rubbish that the cat is still poorly, really hope he/she gets better soon! Try to take it easy today and don't over do it! Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.

    AFM- Another hectic night. We took SD's bed down, put her new one up and put the cot up! Their bedroom is really starting to take shape now! Hoping to get the wardrobe before weekend but will definitely have it by next weekend :) It feels like we haven't been getting anywhere with sorting baby things because it is all in boxes/ bags but now that we are getting organised can actually start putting things away in their proper place. Going to order the mattresses today for crib and cot so that is another thing off the list.

    Think I might look for a wall sticker too and order the bunting I have seen from Ebay.

  • Morning Everyone!

    Jellytot- my movements have reduced the last couple of days but im still getting little kicks. Think that their routine might just be changing from morning and evening to during the day! So long as you have everything ready to go, im sure you'll be fine!!

    mummyS- If you don't get on well the exhaustion will probably make that worse, could you explain that you are really tired and maybe sugges postponing until you are on leave?

    popcorn- cleaning up vomit- good practice! ALthough Im sure the baby wont be doing it all over the floor! not sure about the waxing but im sure lunch with ur mum will cheer you up!

    Noggin *baby out on Sat morning vibes* for you!

    Sam- glad to hear ur feeling organised now! Oh can we have a flash of the bunting! I found a wall sticker I really liked but it was £40 and then when we got the bright rug and did the drawers i wasnt sure it would go but then I was it on Amazon for £8 so H said to just order it!

    AFM- its my friday today, yay! couple fo days of cleaning and cooking ahead of me though booo! H has a gig free weekend this weekend which makes a nice change!

    NCT was fun last night, apart from the section about tears and how to avoid them! Ive realised ive learnt quite a lot from being on this forum so im having to keep quiet on with some of the questions so that i dont sound like such a know it all!! :-)

  • Thanks everone, think i will just tell her that im too tired today, she doesnt drive so would mean picking her up and dropping her off too.

  • Morning everyone :-)

    JT - Sure the movements are nothing to worry about, baby is quite large in there now I guess!

    MS - Hope MiL was ok about you not being able to make the trip, make sure you get plenty of rest.

    PC - Cat sick is the worst! Hope they get better soon and you can enjoy a nice lunch with your mum.

    Nogs - Baby out on Saturday morning vibes to you!!

    Sam - Glad the room is coming together, don't forget to flash :-)

    Mrs Bass - Enjoy your Friday!

    AFM - Currently drinking my first cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea whilst waiting for my tesco delivery to arrive, tea is surprisingly tasty! Need to get dinner on when shopping is here and then off to see my cousin and meet her little girl who was born on the 1st Sept - so excited for baby cuddles!

  • Nog - a sweep on Friday will hopefully get you set up for a Saturday baby fingers crossed

    Sam- sounds like you are getting organised now with the furniture, exciting

    MrsBas I've definitely learnt a lot from here. And it's good for getting lots of different experiences and opinions rather than just the one teacher

    MS hope the MIL is ok about you cancelling. Enjoy a day of rest

    BE enjoy the newborn cuddles. Makes it seem all the more real that you'll have your own in a few weeks!

  • Woo!Hoo!  Baby is now 2/5 palpable so heading in the right direction.  Unfortunately, sweep isn't booked until Monday but fingers crossed it won't be needed, I do remember they aren't the most comfortable of things but hey ho that's pretty much the course for pregnancy and childbirth!

  • mummysimpson- did you manage to get out of it?

    BumpEnvy- enjoy the baby cuddles!!

    jellytot- yeah i completely agree about the mixed opinions and advice!

    Noggin- I don't know what "2/5 palpable " means but glad to hear baby is heading in the right directions! Fingers crossed things get going before you need the sweep!

    I am so stuffed, just met my friend for lunch and had a HUGE plate of nachos! stupidly finished every last bit! Got a bit concerned as it was a bit spicier than the last time I had it and pregnancy has turned my digestive system into a big softy but so far all is ok!!

    Knackered and looking forward to home time now!

    Willing baby to wiggle  abit more today but i sure there isnt enough space now my tummy is full of food!

  • Mrs Bass, it means the head is 3/5 engaged so the MW could only feel 2/5 of the head, the rest is nicely tucked into my pelvis :)  Hope you don't suffer too much from the nachos, they are my fav too!!

  • Mrs Bass- i did indeed get out of it. Spent the day resting/doing housework. The house was a tip so glad ive got it in a decent state again

  • all sounds positive Noggin!!

    MS that's good! Glad you managed to rest aswell as beign productive!

  • Had a busy day today ladies hence my lack of posting! Well another day nearly over which means only 4 working days left. whoohoo!

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