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*~*~* Fri 3rd Tri *~*~*

Morning all, 

massive congratulations to PW so pleased she managed to avoid the induction. 

AFM- had another busy day of diy yesterday. Totally worn out and extremely achy. Then had to sleep on the living room floor last night as the paint smell was too strong in our room So had a terrible nights sleep and have been woken up by W at 6am. So feeling pretty tired and grumpy today. 

but hopefully I have a lovely day to look forward to. It's my 30th next Saturday but I dread the thought of it and didn't want to celebrate it. But I got a text off my four best friends on Monday saying they can't let my birthday go unnoticed so they have planned a surprise girly day for us all for today. I have no idea what we are doing but am very excited. ( hope there's not too much walking as my spd is really bad after the DIY-ing).

i will try to pop on later to see everyone's posts but might not have time to post, so hope everyone has a nice weekend and baby out vibes to anyone in need- not sure who is next now sapphire and pirate wife have both graduated. 

JT 30+1 


  • Morning JT, great news about Pirate Wife. Hope she had an uneventful time of it.

    Your day today sounds very exciting, i hope they have something nice planned for you. I too had a rubbish nights sleep, woke about 2 for a wee then laid awake until about 4 so I fear today is going to be a long one.

    Baby is still defo head down as getting serious jabs in the ribs. I fear he is rapidly running out of room in there!

    Happy Friday to all who follow!



  • Morning.

    Lovely to see another graduate this morning.

    You have some fab friends JT. Hope you have a brilliant day x

    afm - feeling very sore today. Lots of pressure downstairs. Glad its raining today. Its been so hot recently. Not alot else happening here. Baby still wriggly.

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning gang,

    Congratulations to PW, so glad she avoided induction.

    JT - have a lovely day today, hope they really spoil you! You definitely can't let your 30th go by uncelebrated. Hope the SPD isn't too bad today.

    Noggin - I can sympathise with feet in the ribs. Even the mw commented yesterday on how wedged her feet are under mine.

    Daisy - I feel like I say it everyday, but I really hope, in the nicest possible way, you graduate soon x

    AFM - had mw yesterday, as I suspected baby is a little engaged, which is better than the semi transverse position my me friend put her as 2 weeks ago. I mentioned to her that when I saw the cons at 21 weeks he wanted to see me again at 36w but I'd not heard anything, neither me or mw are sure why he wants to see me again as I'm still very much for a vbac, but she chased up the hospital and they're going to send me an appointment. Kind of wish I hadn't chased it up now. Bump is measuring on the large side, but if it follows the same centile (because it's that simple..) she told me to expect something slightly smaller than A who was 9lb.

    Unlike a lot of you, I actually slept really well last night, not even a pee break! Didn't even notice H getting back from Scotland.

    Now off to get my weekly pancakes and bacon...

    BG 35+0

  • I'll stop moaning soon. promise.

    Missed you Noggin. Those high up kicks can be very painful.

    BG - sounds very positive. Enjoy your pancakes and bacon.

  • Hi all!

    Glad PW got the baby out before the induction, although I thought she might, a lot of women do!

    JT -  sorry you had such rubbish sleep. Will you get a chance to nap later? 30th celebrations sound good, let us know what it is!

    Noggin - another rubbish sleeper! My mum said its the body preparing you for sleepless nights after baby comes. I don't think anyone needs prep for that!

    Daisy - where are you? It's not been that hot here recently, not that I am complaining!

    BG - at least one of us slept well then! I love how the early posters on these threads are the ones who sleep badly!

    AFM- well, hubby was quite ill last night, as in poorly tummy etc, he was sweating a lot too. He said it may have been dodgy KfC and I asked if it was pain related. He doesn't feel really, really bad pain, his body just sort of goes into shock a bit. After a while he realised it was probably related to his hernia op (18months ago) and he reckons the heavy lifting he has done with boxes recently may have caused a problem and some of his 'mesh' inside has come away at the edge. Yuk. So he basically spent all night telling me he was ill/sweaty/in pain. I wasn't overly sympathetic as  I was tired and uncomfortable. I just said to take painkillers and try and sleep. What else could I actually do? It wasn't a 999 situation. Will get him to docs today although tbh I don't think they can do anything other than painkillers, which he still has lying around, and maybe anultrasound to check if its ok inside. His consultant has moved to Scotland so not sure who he will see now? Only good thing it was a private op so hopefully anything won't take long.

    My Dad coming over today so hopefully he can entertain my little one and I can do some more tidying/cleaning/washing etc. I really need to get Moses basket reassembled!

    IDC 37+6

  • Morning all! Quick flying visit, will call back at lunchtime. I went a little crazy ordering baby things from amazon yesterday using H's Prime trial so am expecting many parcels today! I'm doing the second coat of paint in the nursery and needed extra paint so have been out to get that and come back just in time for parcel no 1.

    Awake for a lot of the night with a combination of sore arm post-whooping cough jab and very leapt baby who I think is trying to burst out of my skin! Must wake up a bit and be a productive painter. Yawn.

  • Morning all

    Congrats to PW :)

    JT - that's so lovely of your friends, hope you have a lovely day.

    Noggin - sorry you had a rubbish night's sleep, hope you can get some rest

    Daisy - sorry you're sore, hope you can take it easy today. It's raining here too, I love it!

    BG - good that baby is down now instead of transverse. Enjoy your bacon and pancakes :)

    IDC - oh dear, your poor H. I'm not massively sympathetic with ill people when I can't do anything though so you're not alone! Hope you manage to get him to the docs and he is on the mend soon.

    AFM - I also slept well last night so feeling much better today and a lot less ranty, you will all be pleased to know! When I got home yesterday, my MIL had been round and glossed all the skirting boards, window sill and door to the baby's room which was very kind of her. H hates glossing and won't let me do it so she's ticked that off the list for us. H is then painting the walls of the nursery tomorrow and then we're off to visit the MLU and labour ward at the hospital on Sunday which I'm very excited about!

  • Oops missed you TT - sounds like you have a productive day planned. My arm was achey for a few days after my whooping cough jab, it's horrible!

  • JT - ahh thats really nice of them. hope its not too much walking for you .

    Noggin hope baby doesnt kick too much today...or at least moves a foot :)

    Daisy - hope you rest up today

    BG - glad baby has moved for you & that you got a good nights sleep

    IDC - your poor hubs :(

    TT - my arm ached after my whooping cough...annoying as one arm ached and the other side hip ached so sleeping was a night mare!

    popcorn - thats very kind of you MILK.

    AFM - mw didnt go very well yesterday. baby is very much breech. the midwife thought my waters had been leaking and yesterday i had back pains and tummy pains quite alot so needed to be checked out. was onitored for quite a while, had an internal exam and there was some bleeding but nothing too serious. i'll be back a week on monday for a scan and then of that week for  turning. didnt get home til late so im exhausted today. even more so because hubs is working nights away at the moment so i was trying to keep most details back form him so he didnt panic and come back uncessarily. he got home at 4:30 so i was woken up then. the whole night was a write off.

    anyway - wooop for PW!

    hope everyone has a good day


  • *sneaks in and waves*

    Boss is in today so will try and comes back later. Hi everyone x

  • Morning all so glad to read PW avoided induction :D

    JT - hope you have a wonderful birthday :D

    Noggin - pee'ing through the night has become my norm :( hope you sleep better tonight

    Daisy - hope you have a lovely restful day chuck

    BG - wonder why they want to see you? enjoy your pancakes and bacon glad hubby got back from Scotland ok

    IDC - oh no that can be really painful hope he is ok and they can sort something out for him.

    TT - I need to book in for mine, boo to post needle achy arm :(

    PC - enjoy your tour :D

    Twink - Big cuddles hope you are ok

    LP - arent you naughty back to wrk mrs hehehehe

    AFM - well my brother in law and cousin have just left having completed the nursery furniture with hubby. Now I just need to pack all her clothes and things away and we are all ready for her arrival :) very organised but think its a good thing. My braxtons are still killing me and discharge is getting heavier. Still just trying to chill though, had 4 cups of tea already lol. Hope everyone that follows is well :D xxxxx

  • Quick update. Am at hospital surgical admissions with hubby, waiting for him to be seen. Very much hoping he doesn't need an op as recovery will be 6-8 weeks and my ELCS is about 2 weeks away!

    Will update later. Please can I have some vibes for him/me. Timing is just bad, bad, bad!

  • Quick one from me as we need to get to Sainsburys for shopping - congrats to PirateWife and lots of vibes for your H IDC, hope he's okay.

    Preop this morning went well, although the lady taking blood bruised me which is not good. I'm the only one on the list for Monday at the moment so hoping my PP can share some good news early on!



  • Just popping on...

    Twink, I'm sorry baby hasn't turned and you had such a worry of a day. At least you'll know where you are this time next week.

    IDC, really hope that your H avoids surgery, both of you recovering from abdominal surgery is not ideal at all!

  • Thanks for the vibes, we are home (all of us). It turns out it is kidney stones, which hubby has had before, but where they are lying, coupled with him having done a lot of driving has caused him a lot of pain. He has to drink a lot of fluids and take it easy for a few days. I'm very relieved. Only downside is son managed to fall whilst climbing onto a hospital bench and now has a big cut and bruise on his eyebrow. Hoping its gone quickly as he will look awful in pics with new baby, lol.

    Always a drama here!

  • Sounds like you may need to buy a season ticket for the hospital car park at this rate IDC Laugh

  • So glad it isnt his mesh IDC hope he is feeling better soon x

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