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*Friday - 2nd Trimester*


My nose is running like a tap so I am up bright and early this morning :-D 19 weeks today, It seems to be going fairly quickly now! 

Nursery for A and todddlers for P this morning. Picking up our new car this afternoon :-) 

Hello to everyone who follows. 

Ck x



  • Morning CK. Oooo new car = very exciting.

    I had someone on facebook yesterday message me to tell me my toddler car seat isnt safe. WTF? I bought it from / was fitted by in-car-safety-centre in milton keynes. According to her i need to move it to the middle seat so it doesn't lean (it does lean a bit but that's because the seat it sits on leans iyswim) but the middle seat only has a lapbelt so seat wont fit there.

    Gawd, I've no idea what her an authority on car seats but I am so tempted to message her back saying being overwight isn't safe for her heart. (She is obese)

    I have just wasted at least 20minutes of my life trying to get a ticker to work. Which it finally is but I have lost my other text. Gah. That will have to do!

    Off to PlayStop Gym with LO this morning and Tesco this afternoon.

  • What seat do you have? Thats a bit random lol. Enjoy play gym, and shopping. We will be going once we pick up car. :-D

  • A Britax something or other. Had it over a year already. But have a very unusual car (Japanese imported Mitsubishi Pajero) and as soon as the In-car-safety-centre saw it they were "ahh japanese import,  no isofix and short seatbelts causing problems are they? dont worry, this, this or this will fit ..... "   So i'm not worried!

    The lady in question does post a lot to her FB page about rear-facing seats though. I dont really know her apart from via local baby/toddler groups - i'd offered once to show her a footpath shortcut to find local school (where another baby group is held but she messaged saying another 5mins, then another 5mins etc. In the end i gave up and went late (annoying) to the group and she turned up in the car about 10mins before it ended!

  • Id maybe just send her a wee message saying thanis for her concern but the seat was fitted by the in car safety centre so you are perfectly happy its safe and secure.

  • Morning everyone.

    Ck what car are you getting?

    HF some people are so interfering! I would probably be tempted to reply with that too!

    AFM off to Wales today for my best friends wedding tomorrow. so excited! Im just glad my dress still fits me.

  • Morning mrs V - Just going from one zafira to another. Although the new one is a diesel. Are you far from Wales? Enjoy the wedding tomorrow x

  • Morning ladies! I've just woke up, I love my husband! And apparently he's on boy duty all weekend so I can rest :D

    CK, enjoy peace this morning and getting your new car.

    Horsefan, what a nosey cow! I wouldn't be so polite I don't think.

    MrsV, enjoy the wedding! Do people know you're pregnant?

    Today H is working from home and him and the boy are getting hair cuts. I'm going to go and pick up my bounty pack and get some stuff to make jam with all the blackberries I picked last night. Still feeling v unpregnant but bump is there, I just want some movements!

    Hannah 14+3

  • Happy Friday everyone!

    CK, Enjoy the new car and have a lovely day.

    Horsefan, ignore the weird lady, sounds like you've had it fitted by the best.

    Mrs V, have a lovely time at the wedding, don't forget a flash of the dress!

    Afm, working from home this morning then have massage lady coming. Then my best mate is coming for the weekend, haven't seen her since I was 5 weeks so can't wait. We're off to Bingley Festival this weekend so fingers crossed for no rain x

  • Morning All

    how are you all today, friday!

    today has started grat so far for me, with being sick on myself just as i was about to leave for work! the projectile vomit has returned today and i am on my own in the office as my colleauge has the day off............... DOH

    on a plus note, Aldi have Tommee Tippee botle warmers 2x pack for £4.99 in their sale x

  • Morning all,

    CK, happy 19th weeks :)

    HF, tell her to mind her own business. I don't even think I'd respond.

    Mrs V, enjoy the wedding tomorrow. Hope the weather is nice for you.

    Isis, ahh you're H sounds lovely, make sure you take advantage of it.

    Mrs P, Massage sounds lovely. I must be really tired but i first read that you had a massive lady coming round this monring!!! Fingers crossed for no rain this weekend for your festival.

    AFM, I'm at work on my own today and some clever person has decided to hire builders to fit out new offices right next door so all I'll hear today is drilling :( I might just sneek off early.

    Has anyone bought a pregnancy pillow yet? I keep rolling onto my back, which I think is ok at the moment but I read you shouldn't be doing it by 5 months which is not that far away! I saw a dreamgenii one but it doesn't have great reviews. Just wondered whether anyone had any recommendations?

  • Littledude, I am struggling with my dream geni to be honest. I have always slept on my side but I turn a lot in my sleep and this pillow makes it difficult. I know lots of people that love theirs though. I'm hoping that once my bump is a bit bigger and I'm less mobile it will be great. I got mine from tk maxx for 25, worth looking out for.

  • LD - I have a dream genii from 1st pregnancy and I love it :-)

  • Morning all! Just a quickie from my phone - HF - I'd be tempted with a sarcy response "yeah that's what we were after"... but maybe best to ignore her :o)

    I bought the dreamgenii a couple pf weeks back (the one with the back supporty bit - and its ace :o)

    Have a lovely weekend all xxx

  • Thanks for the tip Mrs P, i don't mind not moving around too much so hopefully it'll be fine. Think I'll probably go for the dream genii as i like the idea of the back support.

  • Ladies - when did you start feeling things in your belly, flutters etc?

  • NLH I e been feeling flutters since about 15 weeks, only in the last few days I can say its def baby though. I'm 17+2.

    I'm shattered today. Walked to school then toddlers. And back, had lunch and need to do housework but can't be bothered!

    Hope everyone is well x

  • the last three days i have been having loads of flutters, but i dont know for sure its baby!

  • I swear I felt something last night. I was close to 20 weeks with Jude but I had an anterior placenta which really muffles things. This time I'm wondering if its somewhere else. Really hoping I feel the baby soon.

  • Just popping in to say hi everyone. Hope you're all well.

    I've not really got anything nice to say so I won't bother.

  • Everything ok OB? Xxx

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