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  • We took a load of cartons in hand luggage and suitcase for Turkey and just opened the one they asked us to and took a sip. This was then transferred to a bottle and could be used for take off (2hrs on an open carton I think)

    Otherwise you can take boxes of formula and boil water when you are there, just make up a few bottles to take trhough with you. We found it easier to use cartons though.

  • We use aptimal comfort which can't be made up in advance so we took.. 3x bottles with fresh red hot water in the bottle carriers and the powder we'd need to add to them.  I was asked to test the water on the way out.  When we got to needing them if the were too cool I used water from a cafe or the air hostess would provide it so never a huge issue as we had very good air hostesses.

    I then also took 3x sma gold ready made with sterile screw on lids,   which in an absolute emergency "can't get warm water" situation I would use or I guess if we got delayed. We weren't asked to open them at all and on the return flight I wasn't even asked to taste the water at all.  

  • That said my cousin took a 12 pack of sma cartons (not the plastic resealable ones) and was asked to open 50% so I'd still take bottles and powder just in case. Though absolutely not required by me.  I flew from Newcastle her from Birmingham incase that make a difference.

    And apparently you can pre order it in a boots in the airport too.  Though again didn't try this and not sure how it would come. This would obviously be after security though which would be good.

  • You can do a Boots order to collect air side if they have one.

  • I'd think it potentially does tbh but I'm not sure what the answer would be?  I guess she only asked me to taste one of the three I had so I could have emptied that one perhaps and refilled a freshly sterile bottle (we carried 4 empty ones too in case of using the ready made) but I'd have to then use cafe water to actually drink instead of heat which to my completely unqualified opinion seems for risky?  

    Have you checked from a super drug too at the airport?  Unbeknown to me they apparently offer it too

  • And don't feel bad for booking a holiday. We took E at 15 weeks and it was the best thing for us all to relax and bond as a family (my h had jus returned from 7 weeks away) and it's really set up E sleep wise too.  She loved it!

  • You need to open and taste 50% of which I then poored straight into pre-sterilised bottles, I would then use this milk on the flight so was not sitting in the bottles for long.  Just remember to take out the water/ milk before it gets frayed at security otherwise they have search your whole bag

  • You aren't limited to 100ml for baby food, however you may be asked to taste each one in front of the security staff.  When we flew with Zoe the first time we ordered ready made formula cartons to be collected from the airside boots, although I did have a few with me as well and wasn't asked to open them but it is worth being prepared that you may be asked.

    The other times we flew with her we just filled the bottles with water to the right levels, and used the TT individual powder pots in each bottle.  

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