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12wk old with very chesty cough- update

B is 12weeks old and has an awful cough, it sounds really phlegmy , when she coughs she goes all red in the face and sometimes has a bit of green snotty stuff come out. Her nose is quite snotty too. She's been like this about 5days.

i want to take her to the gps, but mine is rubbish and fobs me off all the time and makes me feel like a time waster as I've already been before to ask about her noisy breathing.

is there anything that can be done, can they give anti biotics or anything? I don't want to take her if I'm just going to be told there's nothing I can do and I just have to let her get better herself, but I don't want to not be taking her if they can actually give her something to help.

normally I would just make an appointment and think it doesn't hurt to get checked out, but my gp is rubbish and I don't want her making me feel like an over paranoid mum again


Saw the doctor today who listened to her chest and said it's clear and it's just a blocked nose so prescribed nose drops. 

I just don't see how age can say there is nothing on her chest when she is coughing up green stuff , coughs do much she has tears streaming down her face, and her back feels rattley. 

Hheres only the one go at the practice so I can't see another one there did a second opinion. Is there anything else I can do for someone to check her? 


  • A has had a really chesy cough for a while so we took her and they had a listen to her chest and said it was a bit infected so gave her some anti-b's. Would you be able to see a nurse or someone different and just ask that they have a listen to her chest?

  • It's only a little surgery so there's only the one GP and the nurse only works a few hours a week. I've been debating switching to a different practice for months as I don't like her and I think I will as it's made me realise i shouldn't be feeling like I can't get the children checked out. If the GP is so unapproachable I think it's time for me to move.

  • Could be bronchiolitis? My 17 week old is just recovering from this, symptoms are cough, wheezy, cold syptoms and poor feeding. This is a virus though so no treatment unless need help with breathing and feeding. Might not be that though, just possible, my daughters started with a cough.
  • I go and get checked personally. My LO had a chest infection when she was a bit younger and they didn't give ABs but they did check all signs for dehydration (she wasn't feeding) and gave me the ok to give calpol, and also other home remedies.

  • We had this over Christmas and doctor prescribed us a little inhaler to help with the breathing. I would definitely go to gp

  • Yeah def go in case it's a chest infection or anything. Also in meantime have you tried the Vicks on feet trick to help the cough?

  • Actually scrap that, just reread, I think she's too young for Vicks

  • Definitely take her to the GP. In the meantime I think you can use baby olbas oil and snufflebabe. Also put the shower on and sit in the bathroom rubbing her back. My little boy brought up loads this way.

  • Thanks everyone. Going to ring to doctors in the morning for an appointment. At least now if she still fobs me off I know it's not just me being over worried but that others would do the same

  • Updated in original post

  • JT I'm not sure what your next step would be as there's only the one GP there and I don't know how easy it is to switch as in can you phone another surgery and explain your concerns, perhaps they can see you?

    I had a nasty cough at the end of my pregnancy and was bringing up mucous but my chest was also 'clear' xx

  • Whenever I have a particularly snotty nose I can cough up mucous, especially if I've been lying down. GP said it's because it slides down the back of your throat and then you cough it back up again.

    If the drops don't work I'd take her to a walk-in and see someone else for a second opinion.

  • Thanks ladies. It's so frustrating when you feel helpless. She can't get settled at all because of it and has been crying most of the day. I will give it a couple more days and then maybe go to a walk in centre

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