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4th Trimester catch up

How are we all doing? 

Millicent is 4 weeks old tomorrow which has flown by, but at the same time it seems like she's been here for longer. She's pretty easy so far, feeding has been very easy and she's thriving putting on over 2lb in her first 3 weeks. It would have been nice to have a smaller baby for a bit longer though Laugh. She tends to cluster feed a bit in the morning and evening and goes a good 3 hours during the day and over night. Being a second baby life revolves around following her big brother round to all of his groups and playdates, she's spending a lot of time in the Connecta as a result!

I'm loving having a newborn again, helped by her being such as easy baby really. 

Dealing with 2 of them can be a bit of a challenge, I swear they only cry at the same time as each other! but I think I'm doing ok, helped by Alex being an absolute gem for the last week. A few hairy moments where I've had to drag Alex across a mirrored hall at dance club to put him in time out whilst feeding M and praying she stays on the boob and doesn't expose me to the room (Did I mention it was mirrored!). 

My recovery has been so easy this time. Loch is has pretty much finished, just been v.light for over a week now. Think my stitches have all healed but I'm not about to go prodding or looking! 

I've no idea how to add a photo from my phone so will do so from laptop later.


  • Sounds like you're doing fab!  I've had the exposed boob worry regularly while trying to chase J!

    Samuel is growing up too fast so I don't get to join in 4th tri threads anymore :-(

  • Join in anyway Ally, I'd love to hear how you are getting on.

    Will reply properly to this once I've dropped the boys at school in an hour or so when I have some peace and quiet!

  • 5th tri allowed Ally!

  • Well S will be 13 weeks on Thursday. He's doing great and we're still exclusively breastfeeding. He sleeps really well and self settles too which is a novelty to me as the other 2 never did. He was sleeping a bit too well, so much so that my supply was starting to suffer so I had to set my alarm for 2am for a few days and feed him. Thankfully it seems fine now. He was weighed last week and was 13lb 7, has dropped to the 50th centile so my HV wants to come back next week and weigh him but I have no concerns so am going to cancel. He's still in 0-3 but a couple of his 3-6 things are starting to fit - I wish he would stop growing so quickly! 

    He is a very content wee boy and will happily sit in his bouncer watching his big brother and sister. He spends a lot of time in the sling and can sleep for hours in the Connecta. 2nd lots of jags tomorrow, will need to take them all with me which will be fun - just hoping the clinic isn't running late cos it's a nightmare keeping J entertained in the waiting room. Half term here this week so I'm not getting my couple of hours peace from A unfortunately and trying to keep all 3 happy all day is a bit stressful 

    Haven't done baby massage or been swimming with S yet, poor 3rd child just gets dragged to and from nursery, swimming lessons, dancing etc. I do try and go to the local breastfeeding support group each week just for a bit of adult chat. It's in the local library so I can take the other 2 with me which is good.

  • BG - glad all is well, and youve healed nicely.  Love the name!

    Ally - we have a good sleeper and settler too so far, touch wood and all that!

    Zoe will be 12 weeks on thursday, I cant believe how fast the time has gone!  She's quite a chilled baby, doesnt cry much, is quite a good sleeper, and settles herself most evenings, I think we have been incredibly lucky, fingers crossed it continues.  I breastfed exclusively for 9 weeks, she began fussing alot and not feeding very often, screaming at the breast, she only put on half an ounce over a 3 weeks period, I panicked and put her onto formula :-( she's doing well now, 1lb in 3 weeks but I wish I hadnt quit so easily.  She's pretty teeny, tracking below the 25th centile, was 9.12 born and still under 11lb!  I feel like I've taken to motherhood quite well, and am in a good routine and things seem like second nature now, seems like she has been here forever!

    Here are some pics:

  • Gorgeous babies everyone, lovely to catch up.

    Naomi was 9 weeks yesterday and is generally a dream baby. She sleeps amazingly well at night, most nights she only feeds once between about 10pm and 7am which is brilliant, and she's decided that she will sleep in her crib the last couple of nights which makes a huge difference to my sleep as well. Still breastfed which is going well, and she will happily take a bottle too which means I can leave her with daddy to do stuff from time to time. She was 11lb last Monday at 8w so by far the smallest of my three (Jacob was nearly 16lb at 9 weeks!)

    We're loving our cloth nappies, now using them every day and most nights too and I'm doing well to resist buying too many!

    Unfortunately she has decided that daytime sleep is catnaps only, so ends up overtired by the evening but hopefully it's a stage and will pass soon. We took her swimming last weekend which she seemed to enjoy so I'm planning to take her in the week when I can, as it's just her and me in the mornings. Other than that, she gets out for three school runs a day and various other trips out to accommodate her brothers, who both adore her.

    This was taken this morning:

  • Morning.

    All these babies are beautiful and growing so fast.

    Jennifer was 7 weeks yesterday. We're both doing brilliantly. I'm recovering well from my emcs. And J is feeding like a good un. weighs 10lb 11oz now. I was managing to express a feed daily which H was giving her in the evening but I got mastitis which has halted that hopefully only temporarily.

    J is also getting dragged around behind her sister but seems ok with it. D loves her sister and is always touching and talking at her. We're getting the first smiles and cooing sounds.

  • Hi all!

    its been ages since ive been able to reply to anything (bloody log in issues again)

    BG-M sounds like she is doing fab (as you are also) cant wait to see a pic

    ally-S is gorgeous,cant believe he is 13 weeks!!!!

    PC-Z is such a smily baby, lovely pictures, love the bath one. Dont beat yourself up about the BF, Z looks like an extremly happy baby so is clearly doing well

    Margot-N is beautiful, love the dress! Cant believe she is 9 week, its gone so fast

    Daisy-hope you have recovered from the mastitis now and are managing to feed loving the vision of her being dragged around by D.

    As for us, O is just amazing I cant imagine life without him and he is only 5 weeks tomorrow.  He sleeps amazing waking at 2 and 6, he is FF and im so dissapointed in the reaction by both the hospital and health visitor to it, I am currentky mid complaint to the hospital regarding my care whilst I was there but thats another story! I have recovered very well from my EMCS and cant wait to drive again, we arestarting our first group tomorrow which im excited about.

  • Hi Ladies, this is the first time I have been on since Michael was born, he is now 9 days old Love He is doing really well and loves his sleep! His sisters are besotted with him and so good with him. We have some challenges to overcome as M was born with a malformed right hand which is going to need surgery, the first of which will probably be when he is about 9 months.  We are trying not to dwell on it too much and just enjoy his newborn days as the future is uncertain for him. 

    He was a ventouse delivery but I am feeling pretty good now but boy I was sore for a good week. He is feeding well and seems to have fewer long feeds rather than lots of short ones. We are up once or twice a night and I have brought a poddle pod but not sure that we really need it now.

    I will try and upload a pic but I am not sure how to do it from my tablet!!

    Lovely to hear how everyone is getting on. 



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