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8 month old breakfasts

Can I have some further inspiration for breakfasts for an 8 month old xx currently on offer is toast, scrambled egg, aptamil breakfasts, soaked cheerios/shreddies etc. thanks xx


  • Fruit? crumpets?

  • C would nearly always have porridge at that age - to start with the baby porridge stuff, but then moved onto ready brek as the baby stuff is so expensive!

  • We moved on to readybreck around then too....often with some form of fruit puree

  • Fruit (melon, papaya, pear, plum, banana, grapefruit...), egg (scrambled egg on toast, eggy bread, hard boiled egg), yoghurt (with real chucks of fruit, with seeds), cornflakes, cheerios, rice krispies, toast/crumpets/muffins/bagels/croissants with jam/marmalade/peanut butter. Wow, I forgot how interesting I used to make breakfasts when Isobelle was that age, usually just cereal & melon nowadays!

  • Yep another vote for porridge. At two Isla usually has that or weetabix
  • We do porridge every morning, with fruit purée usually. Current faves are also baked beans, eaten off the tray or mushed onto toast and cut into fingers. Melon, crumpets, toast and jam, fried potato are also hits and some skinless sausage cubes at the weekend if we have them!

  • Weetabix and a crumpet or toast here

  • Molly was a porridge or weetabix girl at this age with a bit of added fruit

  • We do ready brek or Weetabix...usually followed by half a banana cut up that H feeds himself

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