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Any babies who won't go down in an evening?

H is almost 7 months and used to go down in his Moses about 7-8 and be ok. Sometimes I had to go up to him and give him an extra feed to get him to settle but othetiwse were managing to get some evenings. However now he won't go down on an evening and will only settle on me meaning I have him on me all eve and get no free time. He only feeds to sleep which doesn't help.

has anyone else had this? did it get better and if so how? I'm finding it really draining now as its been over a month and combined with him not sleeping through the night it's taking its toll but im not sure what to do!


  • O won't settle if it's too hot (i.e. tonight) and it is a nuisance. I usually keep him down with me as it's cooler downstairs and he'll sleep on me. Not ideal but I'll take any thing for a peaceful evening at the moment.

  • I know what you mean, anything for a peaceful life!  But I need some evenings with my hands free.  We've progressed to him sleeping on some cushions on the floor in the lounge now so at least I'm hands free!

  • My third wouldn't go down at night at all. In fact I ended up keeping him downstairs with us until he was about 11 months. He now at 18 months (and this as been for te last few months) goes down like a dream. I put him to bed with his bottle and he self settles himself.

  • I hope we get the same result then mossy. It's so hard when it's constant attention with no break!

  • My son wouldn't go down at all. He slept on me until about 8 months downstairs then I started doing it upstairs. He'd sleep on me on the glider upstairs and he had to be asleep for about 2 hours before I could put him down. Even now at 3.5 yrs I have to sit in his room until he falls asleep.

    Going to be a problem after the baby arrives as my H works 5 nights a week and he doesn't settle for him when I'm in the house anyway!

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