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arrgh being tempted by cloth - talk me in/out of it

Please humour me while my body decides whether or not it is in labour!

Yes I know I have missed real nappy week but it looks like there are still a few deals around if i act quickly!

I had absolutely no intention of using cloth given this is my 3rd and last baby as I didn't think it would be cost effective but I am now questioning this and also I;m a bit 'whatever', this is my last baby so I will just do what I want Laugh.

I have done a bit of digging around but I am sooo confused by it all and not sure where to get the best deals etc.  I filled out the nappy lady questionnaire last night and I;m just waiting on a response.

So MD real nappy experts what can you suggest in the meantime?  My priorities are:

1) cost - they can't be stupidly expensive (in reality I don't even now what I mean by this - it doesn't take long to spend £100 on disposables after all)

2) easy to use - from doing my reading I;m not bothered too much about all in ones vs 2 parters - 2 parts cant be that hard to deal with surely?

3) I don't want them to be really bulky so that clothes don;t fit

4) need to dry quickly - we don't have a tumble dryer so from what I can gather this means bamboo is out?

I saw this posted on Whitesparkles thread and seems a good deal but I also noticed she didn't go for it in the end - WS - if you see this, why not?

I've got about 5 packets of pampers newborn nappies upstairs so I wouldn't be using them right from the start anyway.

Please help talk me in/out of it!  xx 


  • These are a couple of the tabs I have open at the mo:  it was the bumgenius all in ones I was looking at on this page.

    How many would i even need?

  • get a couple and try. bumgenius freetimes and tots bots easyfit v3's would be a good bet if you want to avoid bamboo and  quick drying. avoid 2 parters if you want normal clothes to fit as they are bulky.

    There are always offers so I wouldnt worry about acting quickly tbh x

  • washing every few days say 20 roughly?

  • I don't have a dryer and I have bamboo two parters for night. I have radiator airers and stick them on there. Take about 2 days to dry. So in reality even 5 would be plenty.

    I use one night nappy (up to 12 hours) then one every 4 hours so ATM only using 4/5 a day. At the start he'd poo every feed so was using 8 a day. Get a couple of days worth so you have some to use whilst others drying.

    I use tots bots easyfits in the day as they dry in a matter of hours. Bun genius freetime and mio solo are microfibre so dry in a day.

  • Tots bots have a clearance page with seconds. It is something minor like a stitch out of place and on half of mine I can't even tell what the 'fault' is. And they don't affect performance and still guaranteed.

    I linked WhiteSparkles to the lollipop website that sells 5 bamboo, liners, wet bag and wrap

    For £25 which is silly cheap!

  • off to look all of those up!

    MS do you have the link handy?  if not, will see if i can find it x

  • I bought the pack MS has linked and then 10 pocket nappies plus extra boosters and liners for us to see how w get on when we are back home in June. It's addictive, I'm having to avoid cloth nappy sites to avoid buying anymore pretty designs!! We spent £95 on everything we should need to get us started which I thought was really good after working out that disposables would set us back c£1900 over here by the time M is potty trained!

  • From what you've said, all in ones would prob suit you best as they're less bulky and generally dry quicker. These can either have the inserts sewn in, or you stuff them inside. I've always used bumgenius and if you're not planning on another child, I'd certainly recommend birth to potty bumgenius or similar makes such and mio solo. My 3yr old still wears hers overnight, but they've been too well worn to pass on to my baby.

    With 2 parters you have to put on the nappy bit, often with a booster inside, then a wrap over the top. It's just more of a faff to ensure everything fits properly etc. All in ones are more like disposables to put on, you just wash them instead of throwing away.

    Be warned about the bumgenuis you've linked to - I thought this was a great price until I realised that these were sized! You want the birth to potty ones to get your monies worth for one child, or you'd need to get the next size at about 6 to 9 months. Bumgenuis V4s and freetimes will see you through.

    Also look at your council website and see if they offer a cash back scheme. Ours have us back £25 for spending over £50 on nappies. We're now using cloth for no 2 and it must have saved us loads already. I was shocked how much disposables cost when I had to buy some recently for a holiday. £30 on nappies for less than 3 wks!

  • I dont have a tumble drier either but i wont lie trying to dry is a nightmare. We have a seperate airer up pretty much constantly for nappies

  • I don't have a tumble drier either, but find the bumgenius dry quite quickly on the radiators or line. I have one of the electric airers for warm, but wet days and leave it on overnight. I've managed for 3 yrs with few problems, but then I've yet to use bamboo. Will have to see how I get on with the boosters I've ordered.

  • With Zoe we used a combination of BumGenius (prefer the organic - now known as Elemental - to the pocket ones but they do take a long time to dry), Close parent pop-ins and also Itti Bitti ones.  The Itti's were my favourite because I love the look of them and they were really slim fitting, the only issue now is that it is really hard to get hold of them as they have closed their UK warehouse down.

    I'm kicking myself for not buying the BumGenius newborns that were on special offer the other week on Fluff Heaven, I did have them in my basket but couldn't get it to check out properly so gave up.  

    My main tip would be not to invest in a bulk pack of any one type until you know what suits your baby.  The people i know who gave up were ones who had spent £100s on buying a set of a particular type of nappy and then it didn't work for their child at all.  For example, Tots Bots easyfit just didn't work iwth Zoe, she may as well not have been wearing a nappy we had that many leaks.   Buy a couple of each type you are interested in and then decide from there.  We actually found having an even split between 3 types was great because as Zoe changed the favourite nappy changed. 

    Two parters are definitely the most reliable but I don't like them.  Can't put my finger on why but they always seemed bulkier and just didn't look as cute me ... and cloth is all about the cuteness here.

  • I have 3 wonderoos all in ones which have a bamboo insert for night times, the rest (about 20) are bgs v4 and tots bots easyfit. I have a couple of 2 parters but dont use them at all unless desperate as they are too bulky and i find the wrap a bit of a pain.

    the bamboo inserts take about an extra half day to dry on the airer but quicker if you can get them ooutside, I do a wash every other day and change nappy 3 hourly in the day as she is prone to getting a sore bum.

    Do it! you wn't look back!

  • cost wise I haven't paid full price for any of mine - they have all been on offer or ex-demo.

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