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Baby hip scan

Sam has one today, just routine as he was breech until 35w, just wondered what it will entail? I'm hoping it will be like an ultrasound and he won't have to go in a tunnel thing?! Do they need to be naked or just bottom half? Wondering how best to dress him.

thanks :)


  • It's just an ultrasound, they stick gel on and use the same scanny thing as pregnancy ultrasounds. I think J was just naked from the waist down, but it could have been fully naked, I can't remember. He did wee on the sonographer though, oops! I think I just put J in a best and babygro, and stripped bits off as needed.

  • Both mine had this because I had hip problems when born.

    I think I removed the nappy and took their feet out their babygrow.

    They were placed on a bed in a sort of wedge that held them on their side then had the untra sound and turned over to do the other hip. The room was great, had soft music and a starry lightshow.

  • My h had this on Monday as the doctor suspected a clicky hip after six week check. Very straightforward and quick.. Doctor confirmed there and then that all is well. Hope it goes well for you x

  • Thank you all, sorry, the day ran away with me so I read and ran! Put him in shorts and top following your advice and he was in and out in 5 minutes, all fine :)

    He kept his nappy on but that's so funny about the wee!

    LR That room sounds gorgeous! Ours was fine but functional!

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