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Baby Xmas's Nursery!

I feel like our delayed house move has meant that I had loads of 'nesting' energy that was pent up for ages, and when we moved on Monday it was all released, and the result Is that project nursery went from zero to done in six days!  Well, we still don't have curtains, but will be getting light pink ones.  

The walls are light grey, with some pink and black chalkboard paint, bedding is from the patternology range from mamas and papas (including rug, alphabet stickers, and blanket), boookshelf is expedit from ikea, over door shelf from b&q (Also where I got the chalkboard paint).


  • I'm sure I didn't know you were pregnant?! Very belated congratulations Laugh How is Wispa finding it?

  • Ps nursery is BEAUTIFUL. That's some mega nesting going on there!

  • It's not a secret, but I don't think I made any big announcement. Wispa doesn't know what's going to happen, but I suspect she will love baby very much. And yes, mega case of nesting!! Don't know what I'll do for the next 13.5 weeks...
  • That's really lovely. Well done.

  • That's beautiful :) six days too! Our nursery still isn't really finished and S is 5 months!

  • Love it. Colours I would never have thought of for a nursery but they work beautifully.

  • Looks gorgeous.

  • Thanks!

    Raincloud, I'm not really a fan of the pastel pinks and blues and yellows you usually find in nurseries, so I wanted to do something different.  I very nearly chose teal instead of he bright pink, but caved to gender-stereotyping!

  • Oh wispa that is looking fab, really lovely choices you have gone for there :) I've seen some alphabet wall stickers that we will be going for and doing the same thing like you have with putting them at the top of the walls so he can look up and think "what is that" haha! ;-) The style we will go for have animals interwined with the letter. I also like the growth ruler ones, seen one with a giraffe and other animals and at the top is a hot air balloon, so I'm tempted to go for that too.

    You have done so much already considering you are only a couple days ahead of me, make me feel like I need to get my skates on. Is there anything else you want to do in the nursery other than put up the curtains?

  • LL, don't feel like you have to hurry, there's load of time left!!

    I like the animals intertwined with letters idea, I've not seen those. And a growth ruler is a great idea. I'm not sure I'm going to do much else in the until baby is born. Maybe a diaper pail, and if we get any toys or anything they will go on the shelves.. Other than that we plan to put up baby photos on the wall above the cot and maybe get a mobile.
  • Love it! I really like the grey and pink together, gives me ideas for redecorating my daughter's room. Well done!

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