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Backpack Baby Carrier Recs.

B is nearly 6 months and quite a hefty monster, so we're thinking that a sturdy backpack style baby carrier might be the ticket for walks etc. She's been happy in her more flimsy front carrier (but I don't find it comfy) and never took to a sling.

So...any recs please? Something comfy for her and us (esp. feeble me, so I can walk in the week!), not unnecessarily heavy, fairly straightforward to use. Hopefully such a thing might exist! 



  • I'd recommend a soft buckle carrier like a manduca or boba. I'm presuming from the description that your current carrier is a high st one like a tomy or baby bjorn which are notoriously uncomfortable. The structured backpacks are very heavy and uncomfortable to wear for you both. C went in one twice and that was it. I carry S (who is a good 22lbs) regularly for hours in a manduca on my front because it is so much more comfortable and supportive and I'll be able to transfer her to my back when I'm ready.

  • Thanks LWO :-) Yeah, it's a Mothercare carrier which can only be worn on the front. B likes it well enough, facing outwards though as she's never taken to snuggling when out and about. H is OK with the weight but I find it pulls on my shoulders a lot. I will def look at the Manduca and perhaps discount a rucksack style thing.

  • A proper sling should support her weight and not pull, also back carries are good for nosey babies. The problem with rucksack carriers is they're heavy before you've even put a baby in!

  • I have a manduca and its fab, fab, fab.Totally recommendedl. Am 30 weeks pregnant & used it this morning on a woodlandwalk with my 2yr3mth old in......

  • I second a buckle carrier. There's lots which you can do back carries with. Ergo, connecta, rose and rebellion..

  • Cheers Isis and HF. Sounds like the way to go. Now I know B loves a walk and is certainly very nosey, it'll be worth investing in something decent.

  • Thank you also Missus S. I will look up those. We had a Close Caboo, which was a waste of time, esp as there wasn't a back carry option.

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