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So at the end of next month we will be starting weaning. I really want to do BLW so can anyone offer any tips that might be useful? What's a good thing to offer for a first meal? Also, any recipe ideas will be gratefully received...I remember seeing someone (sorry can't remember who) giving a recipe for porridge fingers which sounded great but I forgot to save.

Thanks in advance... 


  • To start off I would probably go with sticks of steamed veg... carrots, broccoli, courgettes etc and they're easy to handle, along with some soft fruits like mango, avocado, banana (can be slippy so roll in some crushed rice crispies or something for grip). I would also give toast fingers/triangles for breakfast. We stepped it up to 'meals' once she got the hang of handling food and getting it into her mouth which took a couple of weeks probably.

  • Thanks Nenas. Was going to just do one 'meal' a day for a few weeks to see how he goes. Veg sounds like good idea to start with, how long roughly would you cook it for? I'm guessing it needs to be not overly hard but likewise, not overly soft otherwise it won't be easily grasp-able. I'm clueless!

  • What Nenas said. We started with veg fingers and fruit. I think A had broc and cauli florets to start and L was a banana. I peeled the skin half way down and trimmed it, made it easier for him to handle.

    Use your index finger as a size guide for veg.

    The big pasta shapes are good.

    Bread sticks, oatcakes with soft cheese are easy to handle.

  • Thanks. Can you give pretty much everything? Obviously except nuts/honey/cows milk

  • You can give cows milk, just not as a main drink until a year... so in porridge etc is absolutely fine.

    We just steam the veg until its softened. So firm enough to hold but soft enough to smush once they start chewing on it.

  • I did BLW with both my boys, it's fab. I recommend the BLW weaning book by Gill Rapley and a good site is

  • I gave peanut butter from 6/7 months as well. We have no history of allergies/eczema etc. it's never been a problem.

  • We did BLW. I started offering my daughter food at every meal she was awake from at 25 weeks. So she had a bit of food at all 3 meals from the start. We just gave her 1 of everything we were having, although we adapted our diet to be incredibly healthy. Her 1st meal was grilled chicken, steamed long stemmed broccoli, carrots & baby sweetcorn. The following breakfast was a variety of fruit: melon, papaya (a bit slippery), banana (also a bit slippery) & pear quartered with the skin still on. Lunch I think was salad so lettuce, cucumber, peppers in pitta bread & the following dinner was sausage pasta bake. The only things you can't give a baby are honey & whole nuts & try to avoid salt & too much processed food but other than that anything else is fine. The tips I would offer would be too buy a pair of cheap shower curtains, cut them in half & put under the high chair. Then during the meal any food that is dropped (& there will be a lot to start with) can be picked up & put back on the tray so you don't waste much food. Then it can be popped into the washing machine. Also give a milk feed around 1 hour - half an hour before a meal so that your baby is not too hungry & is happy to sit & explore the food. We also gave peanut butter in the 1st month of weaning, my hubby has allergies to fish & nuts but I just kept a close eye on her & luckily we had no issues. Good luck, it's so much fun!!

  • I second the Gill Rapley book, and also the recipe book, its really useful for ideas, and we eat most of the meals in it!  WE started at 24.5 weeksas that was when A was reaching for food, although we'd been sitting him in the highchair at the table with us for a couple of weeks before that.

    We jumped straight in with 3 meals a day, and I think we were very lucky in that A took to it really quickly.  I did actually keep a note of all meals for the first couple of weeks, but quickly gave it up as A eats pretty much anything in sight, except for when he's teething.  We had a lot of people telling us that we should give purees, but we've stuck with BLW and the mantra that 'food is for fun, until they're 1'.

    Like Blackkat said, it's great fun seeing them explore food. you just have to ignore the mess.  Here is A at 25 weeks enjoying chicken arancini!  Oh, and we make porridge fingers by making thick porridge, spreading it on a plate, then leaving it in the fridge to set, and cutting it into fingers.

  • Thanks for all the tips...will definitely be coming back to this thread when the time comes.

    Smashedcrab - love that pic, can't wait to be able to take my own!

    One last question - with the porridge fingers do you just use normal oats or the baby type porridge mixes? I know you can use cows milk but could I mix formula with oats and it would still turn out like porridge?

  • We've always just used Scotts Porrage oats for making porridge/porridge fingers. I don't know about formula but I've used EBM to make the porridge and it's just the same as cows milk

  • As others have said steamed veg, fruit and toast to start off with but we went on to 'proper' food pretty soon. Early favourites were cheesey lentil wedges, lentil burgers, homemade chicken dippers, wedges, pita pizza, beans (very messy!), bolognese, various pasta dishes/bakes.

    I used to use formula with oats and it was the same.

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