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Boxing day 3rd Tri

Well that'll be me on the overdue bench then!
Had a fab day yesterday! So glad I decided not to cook - went to a friends. I was so stuffed after lunch!!
No imminent signs of baby but all good :-)


  • Morning HF! Glad you had a lovely day, and feeling well- baby must be nice and comfy in there!!

    Had a lovely day yesterday, totally exhausting but good fun. Off to the next set of family today! Baby wise not much to report, other than he really feels low down now- feeling movement/flutters around my pelvis/knicker line which surprised me a bit, but I know they can stay down there for quite a while before making an appearance so not too concerned!

  • Hello ladies!

    HF- Hope you don't stay on the bench for too long. My 4 day stay was long enough !

    Rose - have a lovely say.

    Baby custard is so lovely :) she's a feeding pro and does it a LOT! She slept through all of Christmas dinner so we had lunch in peace :)

  • Morning all hope you had a lovely Christmas day

    HF - hope your not on the bench too long.

    Had a very busy day here with eight for dinner! And still got the in laws here today

    Hopefully will get some rest later on, got some great presents and got some money and gift vouchers which I'm gonna use once baby has arrived so I can but some new clothes x

  • Hi everyone. Sorry for being awol for a few days, you know what christmas is like!

    HF I'll be joining you on the bench tomorrow. Lets hope we're not there for long.

    Rose its a weird feeling isn't it? Sounds like baby is just settling down and getting comfortable for the next few weeks.

    Hey custard, sounds like you've got a well behaved one there. Enjoy every second x

    NLH hope you can get some rest later

    Due date for me today but I'm fully expecting to be on the overdue bench tomorrow.

  • Morning ladies!! Just wanted to say happy belated due date HF and happy due date Penny. Glad everyone had a lovely xmas. Now Xmas day is past I'll send all the baby out vibes for whoever wants them!xx

  • Morning all,

    Belated happy due date Horsefan and happy due date Penny!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

    I got a beautiful eternity ring from H, was so overwhelmed! I won't wear it til pootle is here though. Going for a walk today to get out in the sunshine, but it feels like baby wants some sun too as I'm sure he's halfway out already he's so low.

    Another growth scan tomorrow, fingers crossed he's had a small spurt xxx

  • Hi ladies, hope u all has great Christmases! Happy due date for yesterday HF and happy due date penny!

    baby out vibes!! We had a great day yesterday if a little exhausting! Had a day or so of finding feeding really painful but i think we are doing o.k. now. H is amazing!
  • Hello ladies, hope everyone is having a nice relaxing boxing day.

    Happy due date for yesterday HF. Hope baby makes an apparence soon.

    Rose - enjoy your day with family. The lower feelings are strange.

    Custard - sounds like a lovely Christmas with the new arrival.

    NLH - Glad you got some decent gifts. Enjoy your day with the inlaws.

    Happy due date Penny.

    Hi MDD, hope you had a nice Christmas.

    Mrs P - what a lovely present! Hopefully not too much longer until you can wear it. Let us know how your scan goes.

    I had a nice Christmas. Me and H stayed home in the morning and saw my family for the rest of the day. We both have stinking colds today though but I don't mind chilling out in my PJs and watching DVDs.

  • Sorry missed you mrs b, glad first Christmas with the baby was nice and you've got the hang of feeding.

  • Thanks missdeedee, I'll take some of the vibes!

    Awww Mrs P what a lovely present! FX for tomorrow's scan.

    Hey Mrs Bass! Your daughter is so gorgeous, you must be so pleased xx

    LD hope your cold goes away soon

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