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Bugaboo Bee

Does anyone have one? Is it really worth the hype? I'm in need of a stroller for M having sold the P&T but can't find anything I like or that quite has everything I want/need.


  • I have one and absolutely adore it.  I lusted after one as a stroller for Zoe, but as we didn't start using a stroller until 2.5 it seemed far too much to spend.  Instead I tried lots of others none of which quite ticked all the boxes, the best was the Baby Jogger City Micro but only as she was older so I wasn't as concerned about having her rear facing.  

    I got the Bee when Orla was about 4 weeks old.  It is fantastic.  Really really easy to push, even with a tall 4.5 yr old in (yes, I have had to push Zoe around in it).  Super easy to change from parent to forward facing.  Recline function great.  The seat looks quite functional rather than nicely padded so I will probably get a seat liner for it when we are no longer using the cocoon / footmuff.  Easy to fold, pretty compact fold.  Only thing I struggle with is putting it up, it seems I just don't have the knack but it seems to be getting easier.  I am so so glad that I bit the bullet and bought it.  

  • Yes. I've been through 3 kids and about 9 pushchairs. The Bee was the only one that lasted C from birth to now, though he's practically grown out of it now Bawl

    Totally worth the hype IMO.

  • Thanks JB. I asked on a local FB page for recs and it kept popping up. I didn't get on with the Baby Jogger, found it too big and after a couple of weeks it broke on me so I took it back. It seems to tick all the right boxes- I want a single handle bar, decent basket size and something that we can attach a buggy board to for E just in case (although I'm struggling with the idea of another £60 on a blinking buggy board!) I honestly don't like the look of the bee at all but after so many people raving about it I had a look yesterday and thought it was actually quite light, really easy to push. If I do get it, I'll be buying from the UK (cheaper) so won't actually have it until M is closer to 12 months. I need it to last then until he stops using a stroller (is it likely to?)

    I've had a Mclaren and loved it but want something different. I looked at this new BabyZen Yoyo but after the sales person did a demonstration of how easy it is to manouvre and it tipped over with my son in it (!!!!) I've ruled it out.

    Any other recs would be welcomed before we go for it though.

  • How old is C Sshh? I worry that within 12 months M will be too big- he's already long on the scale for his age...

  • I don't particularly like the look of it eitehr, and really wasn't sure about using it for a newborn as it didn't seem very protected, but it really is good.  I have the all black which I much prefer the look of - and of course was more expensive.  We won't be getting a stroller, this is it and I can't see why we would need to.  It fold in one piece, it really easy to push even with an older child in.  It's easier than any other pushchair I've had (and i've had a lot).  I pushed Zoe around in it in London with Orla in the sling.  Ok, she was a bit wedged in there but she's almost 5 yrs old !

  • That's the one we will get too JB. I don't want colours this time. This is also the 'stroller' so I'm glad other people use it for that purpose. Good to know that Z fits in it too Laugh Is the hood big enough? We will spend a lot of time outdoors now and the sun bothers me but M won't let me put any additional sunshades over him now- he kicks them off!

  • my sister has a bee. she bought it in 2009 for her eldest daughter and it still going strong using it with her youngest now aged 2 1/2. she never bought another stroller, but has borrowed a maclaren quest for holidays.

  • Thanks Carole. I have a stroller from Mothercare that we are using at the moment for M which is fine for travelling but not great for everyday use. I'm not likely to want to take the Bee on planes after our Oyster got damaged.

  • Ok, I'm ordering it. WIll blame you 3 if we don't like it Laugh

  • I bet you can sell it on at not much of a loss, especially if they are more expensive to buy over there.  The all black always seems to sell on Ebay for more than the regular ones.

  • That's what iI've told H JB so I hope so!

  • C is 3, and a really tall 3 at that. I know what you mean about it looking too small for them but honestly I never had a problem with it. The only thing that annoyed me was that the straps were quite easily tangled on it, but I have the old version maybe they've remedied that in the new Bee.

  • Thanks Sshh

    I've read lots of reviews and it appears to be a marmite stroller. People seem to either rave about it or hate it. I hope I'm not with the latter when we have it!

  • glad you've taken the plunge and ordered one.

  • I just don't like that I have to wait for ages to get it!

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