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Hi. I haven't purchased anything baby related yet, and I feel like my first purchase might be my changing bag. It seems important but so trivial at the same time.... I think its my way of easing myself in? I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations or anything that is worth considering when picking one? I'm a bit clueless. I've thought about obviously enough space, and a fold-away changing mat, but thats about it as I don't really know what else is needed. I've been looking at Cath Kidston and Storksak bags. I quite like the idea of paying a bit more so that it lasts and I can hopefully use it again in the future... did anyone else do this and feel that it paid off? I don't know if its just stupid and whether to just pick up a much cheaper one from somewhere.

Here are the ones I've been looking at; (Not sure I'm convinced that it looks like it would last more than one baby, but would be suitable for H to use too). (I'd only get this if my friend could use her discount for me, meaning it would be £50 or so less). (Bit put off by the reviews and reports of the insides ripping, but at the same time my SIL has a Cath Kidston changing bag and has had no problems with it).



  • I had a pink lining one, which I loved, and it did me great until we started weaning, so I guess my advice is, think about how much space you need then double it, as when you first start weaning you'll need the same, plus spare clothes, food, beaker, snacks étc. I eventually gave up the change bag and got a backpack which took up much less Space under the pram, could easily be carried if I needed to use under the pram for anything else, and also can be used when I've just got the sling.

  • I got got this one for XmasXmas

  • I love the middle one - looks more like a handbag than anything baby related which is always nice IMO.

    I've got this one, mothercare were doing them for half price recently :

    It's bigger than it seems in the photos!

  • I have an Oioi one this time. Can't wait to use it!

    I had one that matched my pram for A, a Pink Lining one for L.

    I wouldn't pay more than £50 personally. More because I do t think I'd you the same one for subsequent babies, I'd be bored of it more than anything!

    My Oioi was from eBay. I got it for £28, it sells for about £70.

  • I got a pink lining one that came up for offer on bounty at half price.

  • I like the middle one best, in fact I think I love it! But, I'm not sure if get it as it like like a handbag and I'm not sure hubs would be happy using it.

  • Imp, that's why we went with pink lining, hubby wanted something that was obviously a changing bag as he didn't want to take out a hand bag

  • It's tricky isn't it. I think I'd really like two, but I know that's probably not practical! I might get something quite plain, not sure.

  • I want one which looks like a proper handbag...I've found out I have expensive tastes though! I think we'll probably just get H a plain messenger/backpack and keep it stocked for him for when he takes her out alone. I might try and get hold of the freebie boots one as that's nice and plain for him to use.

  • I like the first and third best, but only because the middle one looks like a handbag (though a lovely one) and it might not be something your husband would be willi to walk around with.  I love cath kidston to bits and very nearly got that changing bag, but the negative reviews put me off.  That being said that middle one is a mumsnet best buy!  I always check mumsnet reviews now when I think about buying anything baby related.

    I also bought a changing bag as my first baby purchase, but I went with a less well known brand.  There were a few reviews on mumsnet for it and all rave reviews, so I splurged a little bit and bought this one:

    I love it!  And Ant says he wouldn't mind carrying it when he has baby.

  • I haven't got my bag yet but we snapped up one for husband ages ago in a sale. We'll have one each because we'll be sharing care so much and using separate cars and bound to leave various bits and bobs in 'our' bag. And, as an entirely unrelated and accidental point, it means I can buy a ridiculously fussy one for me without him having to use it Wink

  • I have a cath kidston one and its still going strong nesrly 2 years on, itll easily see me through this baby too. I got a mid blue spot one and it still looks really smart. H was happy with it but then hes not silly about that kind of things and would have happily gone out with a pink flowrry one hooked on the pram if thats what id chosen.  Wouldnt have wanted 2 as it becomes your life line and full of essentials and itd be a pain to have to stock 2/move things about.

  • Great minds think alike Counter ;)

  • Ive got the storksak Elizabeth and love it! Looks much more like a handbag than a changing bag, which is what I wanted! I got mine for about £110 so didnt pay full price for it.

    my hubby uses the free boots one!

  • I used the one that came with my pram.

    We switched to a backpack when weaning, so glad I didn't fork out for one.

  • My H will use the boot one too. If I could afford that 2nd one I'd totes be buying it!

  • Thanks all. All of your advice has been really helpful. I'm just taking it all in really I think!

    Gemini spill, how did you get it for that price? I've seen they go on eBay for about £100 too so if its good enough to sell afterwards you could get back most of what you paid :-D

  • I got a bababing one. Looks like a black satchel. Great for both me and OH. I wasn't forking out for 2. Got it in the sales in boots
  • I got it on ebay. Brand new! I really do love it!

  • I think the middle one is nicest but obviously is much more expensive. I also absolutely love the storksak Sofia but that's even more expensive.

    I don't get the whole issue with men not wanting to use the bags because they look girly. The only time they will have the bag they will have the baby, and it's then pretty obvious it's a bag for the baby.

    H couldn't care less what my changing bag looked like

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