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Cheap double? And buggy boards?

Recommendations for the above needed. Have sold the donkey to put the money towards the new minibus we have just bought Weep but we still need a double - am thinking either baby jogger city mini double, out and about nipper 360 or mountain buggy urban jungle. 

And also buggy boards - I know the lascal is popular, but I'm not sure this will fit nicely on the baby jogger city mini single we have. Any recs welcome. 

(And I'd like to also take a moment to mourn the loss of one of my favourite ever belongings <shallow> Bawl)


  • We had the city mini double,  I loved it

    Buggy board for single city mini,  not sure.  I know they do their own one but the issue with that pram is that the child can't put their head between the handle and pram so you end up having to stand really far back to push it. Makes it awkward and uncomfortable to push.  I tried the lascal on my city mini and it was no good

  • I've got a Nipper 360 double - love it! Light, easy to turn, lots of storage (though the shopping basket is crap and only good for storing the rain cover and small items) and fits through my front door. I'm coming to the meet on the 5th so you could test mine out if you want.

  • Another one with the 360 nipper. As DS said it is really light and easy to use. I actually picked mine up brand new for £150! It wasn't necessarily the double I was going to go for but have no regrets in buying it. I bought it from the Boots Clearance shop in Beckton. There is no guarantee what pushchairs they have in stock but I managed to grab a bargain!

  • I think you are allowed to mourn the loss of the doneky for a moment

    Clearly I have no experience of doubles but I have been eyeing up the oyster max (still quite new but a few pop up second hand ) in case we should need a double, i hear good things about the out and about althout also the phil and ted doubles.

    Have you been to kiddicare, I was impressed by the mumber of second hand buggies they had when we were looking at a second buggy, they were telling us they are all ex display or returns they all get serviced befored they are sold but get sold at a good discount only issue is they only have what they have but it might be a good place for a browse

  • I'm

    Glad you have found the donkey a home. I wish it were with me!! We have decided on the nipper 360 as people seem to love then  

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