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Cloth nappy crew

little lamb have one of their sales on. Really, really cheap and great nappies. 

If anyone's interested in trying cloth, you can't go far wrong with the bamboo nappy kit and the one size pocket nappies. 



    hopefully that'll be clickable. 

    Eta, or not, sorry!

  • Do you use the cloth ones?  How do you find them?  This is what I would like to use when the time comes but I'm a bit scared of them with not being able to chuck them in the bin!  Do they have a liner or something?  I honestly have no idea how they work

  • VT - I'm one handed at the mo, but I'll come back and type a proper reply later, explaining the different sorts. Might be this evening.

    I've used cloth on E since she was around a month old. I love them. They're really easy to use.

    In the daytime I use pocket nappies and at night time I use bamboo nappies with a waterproof wrap.

  • Oops overenthusiastic small boy!

    I've got a bit of time now he's crawled over to play with some cake tins... so will have a go at answering. I'm sure there are many variations but this is how we do it

    Basic kit: nappy bucket with lid, mesh bag, fleece liners, paper liners, lavender oil.

    Basic workings: line nappy bucket with mesh bag. Take off dirty nappy. If newborn, use fleece liner only, and put the whole lot in the nappy bucket with a couple of drops of lavender oil. If weaning age (or using formula?) use fleece liner and paper liner on top (i.e. paper closest to bum). Paper liner goes in bin (or can be flushed) - we use nappy sacks for the paper liners and the wipes. (We don't use cloth wipes but many people do.) When bin is full, take out mesh bag and put it in the washing machine. Do a rinse cycle, then a hot cycle, then another rinse cycle (if you want). Use only a third of your normal detergent and NO fabric conditioner. I add a bit of Napisan too. Wipe down nappy bucket, put in fresh mesh bag and start again! Note: you should wash new nappies a few times to up the absorbency.

    How to do the nappies: All-in-ones are probably the easiest. These come with the 'inserts' sewn in, and a waterproof outer layer. Examples include the TotsBots easyfits, the BumGenius Freetimes (my favourites), the Blueberry Basix. These you simply make sure the inner bits are laid flat, and you can fold them to create extra thickness where needed (at the front for a boy, towards the middle for a girl). Then put on a fleece liner, plus paper liner if needed. Put on bum. Advantage: easy. Disadvantage: can take longer to dry, I find not so many good designs (tend to be plain colours with only a few patterns).

    Pocket nappies have inserts that are not sewn in. They have the waterproof outer layer, and a 'pocket' inside where you put the inserts. Again fold to create extra thickness where required. Do the liners as above. You don't have to take the inserts out when you put the dirty nappy in the bucket, as they should work their way out in the wash. Advantage: quick drying, good absorbency. Can find them very cheap on eBay with big range of designs. Disadvantage: can be a bit of a faff stuffing them all.

    Two-parters consist of an absorbent nappy, then a waterproof 'wrap' on the outside. Good for night-time use. Examples include the TotsBots bamboozles and the Little Lamb two-parters. You do the liners the same as the other nappies. You can add extra inserts if needed for a heavy wetter. Then just put the wrap on top. Wraps can go in the nappy bucket too. Advantage: great for night time or heavy wetters/big poo'ers! Disadvantage: can take an age to dry.

    We use a mixture of all three types. Mostly AIOs or pocket for the daytime and two-parters at night.

    I think I've covered most things there!

  • Fab explanation Saisi. Smile

  • That's a brilliant explanation Saisi! I use reusable wipes (specifically Cheeky Wipes) and they get thrown into the nappy bucket too, when used. Clean wipes are stored in a clip box with water and a little essential oil, but I don't bother with the oil as it was making L's bits red. Wipes can be put into a small wet bag for out and about, whilst you'll need a bigger wet bag to store used nappies in.

    I also use AI2 (all in two) which is like an all in one nappy but the inserts are attached to the outer wrap by poppers, an example being Close Pop-ins. They also make a very good night nappy when you use a night time booster.

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