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co sleeping advice

E does sleep ok in her basket at night until the early hours when it is starting to get light so the last 2 mornings i have brought her in next to me so I can try and get another couple of hours kip, I have laid her on the matress - away from pillows and duvet and the moses blocks the edge of the bed and she has a whole side to herself. Does this sound ok? it's just easier for me rather than to keep getting out of bed but I am still worried about rolling onto her. How do you co-sleep?


  • That's pretty much how we co-sleep too. We took the side off the cot and pushed it up next to the bed, stuffing a towel in the gap, so I don't worry about him rolling out. But when I stay at my parents, I don't let H sleep with us, so it's just me and baby in the bed as I wouldn't feel safe otherwise.

    Roll the duvet so you are lying on top of it and it comes around (facing baby) then back over you... this (feels like it) stops me rolling and makes sure it's not on A.

  • I slept with him in the crook of my arm, duvet to my waist and his blanket over my chest and him. The cot was flush against the bed like a guard. Strangely enough I never moved, I always seemed to be aware of him

  • thanks - saisi thats a good idea with the duvet I will do that.

    missus - did your arm not feel dead after a while? you must have big guns by now!

  • I do the same as MissusS

    Duvet to my waist, she sleeps in the crook of my arm and my arm stops me rolling cos of the angle.

    She's got such a round bottom that she rolls onto her side on her own so I keep a bit of distance.

  • No dead arm as his head is literally on the crease of my elbow. On odd occasions when he's been on my bicep area Iv Had a dead arm.

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