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*** TTC Thursday ***

Morning all - it's almost the weekend - how is everyone?!

AFM - Another temp drop today so FF has changed my ov date to CD12 so I'm only 8DPO today. As I have two temps below the coverline, I don't think that was an implantation dip yesterday - perhaps my cycles are still not quite right after the op.

Hi to all who follow x


  • Morning

    Tayto - ah i thought we were dpo twins. Fingers crossed for u! We're not out til the old witch appears!

    Afm - CD28 9dpo nothing really to report today

    Hi to all that follow xx

  • Morning girls x

    Have everything crossed for you both that we get to see BFP's soon x

    AFM - CD9 and had a high this morning on CBFM which I didn't get until I think day 12 on my first cycle. I spoke to CB too yesterday, just need to sign and return the form now. Only another 20 ish days to go, not that I am counting!

  • Cooper - I find this part almost as boring as the beginning! How long is your LP normally? Mine has never been the same on 2 cycles so I don't know what to expect!

    Mrs-T - Hopefully, that's a good sign and you're going to ov early. x

  • Best get baby dancing! Last time I got one day high then peak and although I thought I knew my cycles didn't do much BD'ing in this stage because I was trying to see what the monitor said.

  • Hi Ladies,

    Tayto - I hope the second dip doesn't mean you're out

    Cooper - Not too much longer to wait now, fingers crossed for you!

    MrsT - Enjoy the good bit lol!

    AFM - H is expecting his SA results tomorrow, I'm so nervous I'm praying so much they are ok. I don't like to ask but would you lovely ladies please keep everything crossed for us as well? I don't know how h will take it if it is bad news xxx

    Hi to all who follow! x

  • Hi All

    Tayto - I'm afraid I don't chart so I don't know what is good or bad but you're not out till AF shows

    Cooper - are you likely to test or wait and see if AF turns up?

    Mrs-T - eek best jump H just in case!

    Lulu - I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. I know that if we end up struggling I would rather the problem be with me than with my H I think I would handle it better.

    AFM - CD14 nothing to report heading into the dreaded 2ww boo!

  • Good luck LuLu, I have everything crossed for you x

    Rosco - Good luck to you too, after just one 2ww I am dreading any recurrent ones.

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