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Crib Help - solid or open ends?

I'm looking to buy my crib and I'm trying to choose between having solid panels top and bottom or having slats all the way round??

Is this just personal choice or is there a good reason to choose 1 style over the other.


  • iv got open bars but i have an air wrap?

    i didnt really think about it too much , i just bought it ? sorry not much help really

  • I think it's personal preference.  We have the Saplings Katie crib which is fabric all round.  

  • I don't know if it affects your view of baby from the bed but its helpful being able to see in at bubs to know if they are awake and grumbling or sleepy grumbling (which F does a lot of and i wouldn't disturb therefore) otherwise its a style and preference issue!

  • Solid for me so you can put feet to foot without poking feet through!

  • Solid ends for us too for the same reason as custard, I wanted a solid bottom so we didn't have issues with feet through the bars. Our crib is right against my side of the bed do solid end makes no difference in terms of view. I was struggling constantly sitting up to lift O up out of the crib with my section scar (it was irritating it and kept making it hurt) so my H took the side off the crib and attached it to our bed, I'm not sure we could have done that with bars all round as the ends are a solid support.

    Plus I do also prefer the look of the solid ends!

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