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Dairy Free weaning

Does anyone have any experience with dairy free weaning who could offer some advice.
R is only 5 months and I'm waiting until he is 6 months so I'm just getting myself prepared. He had a cows milk protein allergy and I need to keep him dairy free until he turns 1. Im being referred to a dietician but can anyone help me or give me some advice when starting out. I feel really out of my depth here and I don't know why.

Thanks x


  • It seems really daunting but I promise once you've got used to what has dairy in its easy.

    A lot of his first foods were he usual veg and fruit, no problem there.

    Then dinners- meat and veg, pasta and sauces. Anything with no butter, milk, cheese etc.

    Ella's kitchen pouches were great in the beginning as the first stage clearly states No Dairy on most of them.

    I use vitalite spread as its dairy and soya free. Most bread is dairy free. Alpro and tesco free from yogurts. He doesn't miss out on anything really

  • Also just be aware of baby rice/cereals/porridge. A lot have milk already in the dried ingredients. I think we had organix baby rice to start with. Now he will eat the cow and gate porridges as they're also milk free. Also weetabix but may need to wait a before them.

  • Just wanted to echo what missus S has said. It does seem daunting but once you start doing it you quickly learn what to avoid.
  • If you're on fb there's a couple of good cmpa pages - ones cmpa and weaning and the others cmpa and recipes/foods. I've been looking on them in preparation as A is also 5 months and cmpi.  I have started her with a bit of puréed fruit and veg (under the advice of her paediatrician to help with her reflux) but we're not seeing the dietician until 6th march so I'm taking it very slowly until then (1 "meal" a day and 1 new fruit or veg a week!)

  • P is 9 months and dairy free and i felt daunted too but its really fine. Typical day - either milk free porridge made with her Nutramigen milk or baby rice made with her milk and fruit puree/mashed banana. Lunch - toast fingers with vitalite and scrambled egg made with vitalite and a splash of nutramigen or jacket potato with vitalite and tuna or beans. Dinner - occassionally a jar (check labels!) But usually something like shepherds pie with mash made with vitalite or chicken casserole. Finger foods, she has all sorts - baby pasta shapes, breadsticks, fruit fingers, soft veggies like brocolli and cauliflower, cucumber, rice cakes etc. Pudding she has a fruit pot or pieces of fruit. Before you know it, its second nature.

    Not sure what milk you are on but you can cook with Nutramigen so you can make things like scrambled egg, pancakes, omelette, yorkshire puddings, rice pudding etc.

    Before i started someone said to me that weaning dairy free babies is easier as their milk tastes so awful they will eat anything and thats definitely been the case here!!


  • MM do you know if you an cook with neocate too? x

  • I am not sure. MissusS might be able to help you on that one. Do they have a website you can look at? X

  • Yes you can cook with neocate. Although, he preferred foods without it! Don't blame him it made everything taste vile. I use vitalite where I can. It's a lot better now he has soya as it tastes lovely in cooking

  • It does separate when cooking but that's normal and doesn't affect owt

  • We got a list of dairy free foods from the dietician. You can buy Vitalite or Pure dairy free but I think Vitalite tastes better. Be careful with baby porridge as someone else said. I think we used Organix. Just check ingredients when you're in the supermarket.

  • Thank you all so much. I never knew about vitalite. So many ideas here too.

    R is on Nutramigen so it's good to know I can cook with it. It's also nice to know I'm not the only one going through this.

    You girls are amazing. Thank you I feel a bit better about this now.
  • I even made his birthday cake dairy free and all his party food! The dairy babies didn't mind

  • Did you make the cake with Vitalite? Very impressive!! X

  • Yeah and it was beautiful! You honestly couldn't tell the sponge and buttercream was vitalite

  • I am definitely doing that for P's birthday! :-)

  • Wow missus a that is pretty impressive!
  • Check out the Pure Spread website. They have loads of recipes on there, and you can tick which things need to be excluded.

    There is the most amazing chocolate cake on there - I prefer it to any other chocolate cake I've made. It's amazing! 

    Just seen this too 

  • And I can only echo, it really is fine. It's the things its in that you would least expect it that always through me. Most, if not all, salt and vinegar crisps have milk in for example.

    I know you won't be giving your 6 month s&v crisps but as they get older...

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